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Heidi n Chris Powell

01/11/2019 5:39AM

Yay! It’s the weekend! A lot of people go out to eat or attend parties or get togethers on the weekend, and it can be tricky to stay on plan when you’re eating away from the comfort (and carefully purchased foods) of your own kitchen. The best way to not let these meals totally derail your goals is to plan ahead! Many restaurants have their nutrition info online, and even if they don’t, with a few tips, you can leave that restaurant or event with your nutrition plan totally on track. Here are a few posts from the blog with some awesome tips and options for navigating that tricky eating-away-from-home nutrition maze:

Heidi-Approved (& Macro-Friendly) Fast Food Picks
Prep, Plan, and Party: 4 Tips for Diet Success At Every Event
Healthy Choices on Board
Ask the Powells: How Do We Handle the Holidays?

What are your best tips for eating out and for off-plan-food-filled social gatherings? Please share below!

And don’t forget about our prizes! Every player who gets at least one person to join the game by Jan 20th will be entered to win a prize (all you have to do is click the “Invite Friends” button at the top of the page and invite, invite, invite!):

Grand Prize for our MVP—the person who gets the most people to join the game, a dream Transform pack:
• 2 containers of the NEW Chris + Heidi Meal Replacement Shake (winner chooses the flavors)
• Resistance band
• Blender bottle
• Signed book
• 1 year on The TRANSFORM App
• 15 minute Skype call with us!!!

2 Runner Up prizes for two lucky winners:
• 1 container of the NEW Chris + Heidi Meal Replacement Shake (winner chooses the flavor)
• Resistance band
• Blender bottle
• 6 months on The TRANSFORM App!

Have an awesome weekend!

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Toni M.

I think going out can be tricky but with practice it's not so bad. There is a place nearby my husband and I like to go that has a lot of different types of gourmet burgers. I order mine without the bun or the option for the lettuce "bun" with coleslaw or sweet potato fries. (I only eat about half the fries and only on a big workout day. Otherwise I stick to veggies or coleslaw.) There are actually a lot of options when going out but you just have to think outside the box a bit sometimes. This may sound silly but I have kind of made a game out of seeing how many healthy options I can find in the menu or different ways things can be ordered to fit my nutrition needs. I used to be intimidated by it but now it's actually fun.


Well I haven't eaten out this year. Just trying to stay home and cook whole foods. It is really hard when you have to cook for others, especially my Mother. Doing the best I can, but the weekends are OK for me.

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