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Fatgirlfedup's Start of Summer Slim Down

Lose 4% in 4 weeks!

Fatgirlfedup's Start of Summer Slim Down

May 28 - Jun 24/Game has ended
Hosted by Lexi







May 28





Lose weight with our tribe, share tips/recipes, giveaways and more!



Game Begins

May 28

Last Day to Join

Jun 10

Final Weigh-In

Jun 25 - Jun 26


Bet $30

to start

Lose 4%

in 4 weeks


Split the pot

How do you verify the weight loss?

For all official weigh-ins, you'll be prompted to submit your official starting weight. Our standard weigh-in process involves you submitting 2 photos: one of you standing on a scale in lightweight clothing (no shoes, hats, belts, watches, coats, or outerwear), and another of the scale’s readout with your weigh-in word written on a piece of paper.

What you'll need

  • A scale (preferably digital)
  • A digital camera or smartphone
  • A full-length mirror or someone to take your photo
  1. Privacy FAQ +
  2. How we prevent cheating +

Does this actually work?

Out of 759,785 DietBetters, 98.72% have lost weight during their challenges. Combined, they've lost 13,015,064 lbs and won $62,263,235. In other words...yes.

All results shown on DietBet are from actual users. Individual results may vary.

Don't take our word for it


06/27/2019 4:28PM

Fabi , Samantha S. and like this photo.

Ivanna V.

Amen !! :raised_hands:


06/27/2019 4:24PM
Congrats to our giveaway winners! I will send you and email as soon as I get your contact info from dietbet!

Tees: shabutie84, Vannecriss
Skype with me: Abbycadabby, Rebekah W.
Airfryer: Kristin P

Dont forget our next game starts 07/15 and i'm giving away prizes there too! I'm also giving away up to $1500 at the end of this year to the biggest transformation in 2019!!!!! EXCITED TO KEEP OUR THIS JOURNEY TOGETHER and to show July who is boss! If you didn't win the giveaway or the game just remember you are trying and you can only fail if you give up! Love our tribe and have some exciting things to share with you all coming soon! I've been personally working behind the scenes with dietbet and we are about to offer some really cool tools to help you stay even more accountable to your goals and aswell as help me to personally be even more involved with helping you in your own journey more directly. Thank you all for being here and i'll see you soon! Love you all!

Fabi , Kalie A. and like this comment.

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No me, but i only won a t shirt


Did anyone get their presents?


08/14/2019 7:20AM

Keep the momentum going! A new game has been set up for all players starting on Aug 19, 2019.

Good luck!


07/10/2019 7:18AM

Keep the momentum going! A new game has been set up for all players starting on Jul 15, 2019.

Good luck!

Adeline N.

07/02/2019 4:27PM
Haven’t been paid? Can you help? My pay pal account is $0


07/01/2019 9:05AM
How do I get this game to disappear from my current games?

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06/30/2019 10:08AM
When will we get paid? I put it to PayPal but haven't been paid yet

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Rebecca J.

Gerarlt, I checked: it took Waybetter just 12 mins to convert the points and have them appear in my Paypal as money. That’s pretty much ‘immediately’.


I had an issue with my PayPal account but they got it taken care of immediately!

jean b.

06/29/2019 2:48PM
How many people won the fatgirl slim down bet??

Fabi , Lightlis and like this comment.

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jean b.


joanne w.

Over $50’000 went to dietbet in profits.

Molly E.

06/29/2019 8:05AM
I won this bet and it's been longer than 24 hours but I haven't received my winnings in my account yet? Has everyone else?

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Y'all should email customer support, because I received mine on the same day it was finalised

Molly E.

Thanks Freedeebee!


06/29/2019 4:11AM
  • I need to vent. When you see someone in real life that you assume, “makes bank” do you ask them how much they make? The answer to that is probably no. If it isn’t, you need to re-evaluate.

    The other day, my neighbor pulled up in a brand new gorgeous Audi R8. I know those cars are well over $100,000 but never did it cross my mind to ask how much money he makes or how he paid for the car. I was happy for him. Simple as that.

    I see a lot of you saying some pretty harsh things and making some out of line assumptions. Yes, she didn’t post that much this time around. But, there were a LOT of people here to motivate you and keep you on your toes. A lot of nice people and hopefully we all walk out of here with friends and followers to join us along our own weight loss journeys. I know I have.

    If you don’t like it, maybe you should host your own diet bet. Bank in.

    And please just remember we don’t know what anyone is going through. So please be kind. It’s so rude to ask how much a person makes or how they paid for something. How would you feel if someone asked you that? Always try to be considerate when asking people questions that you wouldn’t like to answer.

    It’s 4am and I’m rambling. But it was bothering me. We all came here because we saw something special and awesome in someone. Don’t lose that. She’s a human being like you and we all deserve kindness...especially in this community. Rant over, I hope you all have amazing days. 💕

Samantha S. , Sue L. and like this photo.

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I think a lot of people out there are counting on her for support and motivation so she has an obligation when she decided to host this to be there. I can see how so many are disappointed

Beanie G.

How do we communicate this to Lex? I agree most joined for her leadership and motivation.

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