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Brittany W.

about 2 hours ago
  • Week #2 Activity Challenge
    In addition to staying diligent with your eating goals, this week I challenge you to increase your activity! If you’re sedentary, pick a couple nights this week to go for a walk after dinner or take a beginner workout class on YouTube, if you’re very active put a little extra oomph into this weeks workouts or turn it up a notch by adding something new you don’t normally do!

    Track your activities and report back next Sunday! This challenge will run from 9/21-9/27. I will post the thread that you check-in on 9/27 and the winner will be announced 9/28.

    For my sedentary friends, aim for 2 to 3 days of activity.

    For my active friends aim for 5 or 6!

    This week you are playing for my favorite spiralizer! Three winners will be chosen via random draw.

Sophia A , Nikki R. and like this photo.

Ashleigh S.

Can’t wait! Trying to get back into running, so this will be the push I need to just get out there and start this week.
- about 1 hour ago

Cristina S.

Awesome, just started tracking my movement/steps again this past week aiming for 10k daily!
- about 1 hour ago

Brittany W.

about 2 hours ago
  • Sorry I’ve been MIA the last couple days! We were staying with family in an ultra rural part of Oklahoma and I’ve had zero cellphone or internet access for the last 48 hours.

    Please use this post to share your tracking from this week and two winners will be announced on Monday morning!

Sophia A , Robyn B. and like this photo.

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Alexa F.

- about 27 minutes ago

Rebecca H.

  • Tracking helps but it is a tough commitment. Need to up my water....
- about 19 minutes ago
JeweLz ChristiNe , Sissy , China W. , Ben B. and 4 others accepted the challenge.
about 9 minutes ago
The pot is now $39,445

Kristin K.

about 38 minutes ago
We’ve been remodeling our kitchen and every meal has been eaten out since July. Hopefully I will be cooking in my new kitchen by Wednesday and ready to climb back on that wagon... didn’t do so great this first week.

Jennifer B. likes this comment.

Kayla C.

about 2 hours ago
The next couple of weeks are going to be a bit more of a challenge than I realized at first. Wednesday is my birthday. I'll be 30. Yesterday we had two friends over and celebrated, I personally feel that the foods that made up my diet were acceptable and in acceptable portions, but I made them and had control. I also have both of my parent's birthdays coming up. A trip to see my aunt planned. And the one big thing I have in common is that everyone in my family celebrates everything with food. I am hoping that my portion control plan is able to get me out of some of the tight spots. My brother is already planning to order food from our favorite restaurant as carry out. I normally order extra rice at Hibachi, but I plan to order extra veggies this time instead.

Jennifer B. likes this comment.

Kate N.

about 2 hours ago
When do we post our official weight in? Do we do it weekly or end of the four weeks?

Karen L. and Kristin K. like this comment.

Brittany W.

At the end on October 11-12.
- about 2 hours ago

Liz H.

about 3 hours ago
I joined this group on a whim. The scale had been stuck for WEEKS. I weighed in literally the day of my own “whoosh” effect, SHOCKED. It’s like when you throw a ball up in the air, it stops for just a second before it falls back down. I had stopped, and now it’s falling back down. It’s been a long time coming, and seeing the scale move and feeling better makes a HUGE difference! So thankful for this group! If you’re stuck just KEEP GOING!!

Jennifer B. , Darcy F. and like this comment.

Gillian A.

09/19/2020 10:03PM
Hey everyone. I don’t know how posting works here, I’m a newbie, but need to get some support, so here I am. I’ve been doing great, and plan to keep it up, but had to leave my fam to drive to stay with my sister’s 18 year old autistic son because my brother in law had surgery yesterday that goes messed up and had to get fixed today and is now critical. So my sister hadn’t been home for 2 days by the time I got here. Their lifestyle is super unhealthy, so I packed as much healthy food as I could grab and my workout clothes. But as I lay here finally settling in at midnight, I’m fighting going into the kitchen and eating some of the comfort food they have. So I know it will be a challenge the next few days. It’s also pouring rain here and predicted through Wednesday. Any ideas for how to balance my needs with taking care of my sister and her son’s needs? Thanks in advance! Peace and hugs!

Karen L. likes this comment.

Gillian A.

The good news is that since visiting me recently she got the 2nd cookbook and an insta pot... so tomorrow I can see what’s here food wise and cook some meals for me and my nephew. Small miracle, right?
- 09/19/2020 10:14PM

Emily K.

I don’t have any advice because I’m an emotional/stress eater too. I just wanted to say hugs to you for helping your sister.
- about 3 hours ago

Maria P.

09/19/2020 9:05PM
Monday- BREAKFAST-avocado toast, LUNCH- veggies, DINNER- vegetable soup, SNACK- peanuts. 40 ounces of water. 20 minutes of stretching. 10 minutes of weights
TUESDAY-BREAKFAST avocado toast, coffee. LUNCH sauté MUSHROOMS, onions, spinach in sourdough toast, 16 ounces of water. DINNER SUSHI ROLLS, 8 ounces of water. SNACK PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY SANDWICH. 20 minutes stretching.
WEDNESDAY BREAKFAST EGG & bacon sandwich, coffee. LUNCH 1 1/2 grilled shrimp tacos, pinto beans, ice tea, fruit drink. 24 ounces of water. 15 minutes cycling, 15 minutes stretching.
THURSDAY- avocado toast on sourdough 8 ounces water
LUNCH-3 shrimp tacos with bell pepper and onions. 8 ounces of water. DINNER- steak and salad. 8 ounces of water. SNACK- bananas, strawberries with coconut whip topping.
FRIDAY-omelette with onion & jalapeño, sourdough toast.
LUNCH- loaded beef stew
With garlic bread. Snack biscotti with coffee. 32 ounces of water. No exercise. Effort was poor this week. A lot going on with me.

Jennifer B. likes this comment.

Emily B. and April D. accepted the challenge.
09/19/2020 7:42PM
The pot is now $39,165

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