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Laurin’s Belle of the Butterball Challenge

Nov 09 - Dec 06/Game Closed
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Maria S.

12/04/2020 9:00PM - via iPhone
I went up a little after Thanksgiving but got back on track and am trending in the right way again. I am going to be cutting it close but I think I can still do it!!

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Fawn L.


Brian L.

12/04/2020 6:27PM
On the homestretch! Im farther away then I would like to be but Im going to make it!

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Fawn L.

You’ve got this!


12/04/2020 3:42PM
0.9 pounds to go. I need to be super focused!!!

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Fawn L.

You can do it!

Rica Patricia S.

12/04/2020 9:35AM
.80 kg :) this weight will go

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12/04/2020 7:59AM
I open the fridge to get milk for my coffee & there is the low fat turkey garlic sausage I ate a BIG piece of last night, calling my name. Mmmm protein right? Will skip my smoothie & have THAT instead for my snack😊👏..ohh it smells so good 👍- excellent choice to have with my coffee😊☕👏


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YES ... so true -- I have been tempted so many times this morning to just have a little .. my famous saying that ALWAYS gets me into trouble. BUT with official weigh-in right around the corner and I'm so close I have resisted : )

Fawn L.

And salt leads to water retention, so good choice!


12/04/2020 7:03AM
2.8 lbs. still to go to hit goal -- lots of smoothies for the next few days and lots of walking or 💃dancing.

Does anyone know the weigh in window time on December 8 .. says December 7 - 8 PST.

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Dwight C.

Weigh in starts at 12:01 am on the 7th until 11:59 pm on the 8th Pacific Time.


Perfect .. thank you !
.....doing an 8 a.m. weigh-in normally - so will have the last weigh-in on December 7 at 8 a.m.

Now that has made me even more focused .. 3 more 8 a.m. weigh-ins to go as I'm going to get on the scale every morning now, until the challenge is done .. TX !


12/04/2020 6:59AM
2.5 pounds left 😱

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Gina L.

12/04/2020 4:20AM
Still 1.3# to go 😬

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You can do it!

Kim F.

Me too!

Janeris M.

12/03/2020 2:00PM
  • 3 days left and I got a cold. Hoping that this chicken soup doesn’t make me retain water. 😬 I’ve made progress regardless

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You can see a lot of progress. Good job!


Yessss!! Love this!!!

Stephanie S.

12/03/2020 7:55AM
Finally push!!! A few strategies for keeping myself on track: drink more water (3/4 Gallon every day), lower sodium, lower alcohol, more/consistent cardio, and keep measuring all my calories.

What strategies are other folks using to cross the finish line?

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Yes ... 2 lbs to go (or more if I can do it) by keeping moving & no little of this or a little of that food


Keep moving as much as possible and know in your mind that your tired of being tired! Love your mind, heart and soul!

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