The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,...

Lose 10% in 6 months!

The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!

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Our biggest game of the year is here. Make 2021 your game changer, and lose 10% in 6 months! We're giving away a total of $12,000 in prizes along the way, with fun prize giveaways each month.



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- Slim -

07/20/2021 2:57PM
  • This could only happen to me, I was halfway through Sunday’s 40 mile bike ride when a goose ran / flew (incredibly fast) into my bike (I was cruising about 15 mph). It happened so fast I didn’t even get to touch the brakes.

    When the goose hit my front wheel, it instantly locked the front wheel up, like sticking a handle in the spokes. It ejected me over the handlebars and I landed head, back and left arm hard on the concrete.

    The ER visit turned into an overnight stay. Seems I managed to break my left arm (at the elbow joint) several ribs, clasped lung and neck and back trauma and of course, world class road rash.
    I just got home. Popping oxy’s like M&M’s. Be careful out there my friends!
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Luis E.

Sorry to hear that Slim! How is the pain level now and recovery going?

- Slim -

Recovery is going very slowly and a bit painfully.
Finally being referred to a specialist to look at
the nerve damage. Thank you Luis!

- Slim -

07/16/2021 1:55PM

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You're hard to keep up with!!! Great job and another puzzle-worthy picture Slim!!! Only 588.47 miles left to go!

- Slim -

07/14/2021 11:30AM

JLynnW and Elizabeth like this photo.

- Slim -

07/13/2021 10:05AM

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Great job! 650.11 left for 2021!!! Hope you got dry!

- Slim -

The temps weren't that warm & the rain
was rather cold, wasn't fun! But I got my
20 mile minimum in!

- Slim -

07/12/2021 11:24AM

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07/11/2021 5:17AM
Keith - I want you to know that you really influenced me positively (in many ways), but especially with your "oh well" thought. I'm bringing your "oh well" into the Disney Transformer, because there have been a couple of oh wells confessed on the message boards already.😂 Thank you for the perspective!

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- Slim -

07/10/2021 7:19PM
  • As I was pedaling along on today’s bike ride, I came upon this group of cyclists. So I stopped and asked; “what are you”? They are riding from Austin, Texas to Canada for cancer awareness & fund raising this summer. As we talked, they answered my million questions & offered me some of their lunch!

    They average 90 miles a day, and are on their return ride back to Austin (in 34 days). When I got ready to leave, They asked me if I had someone affected by cancer. I told them yes, I lost my brother Adam to colon cancer, he was only 45 years old.

    It brought tears to my eyes when they informed me that they were dedicating today’s ride to Adam. They then wrote on their arms & legs Adam’s name. I can’t tell you what this meant to me. I told them I would pray for them, I did and I will be. Thank you “Team Smoky Mountains”

    These amazing college students were simply delightful to talk with and blessed me beyond measure. These beautiful people are my Heroes!

    Find out more about Texas 4000 at:

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This is awesome! It's nice to see the positive parts of our world!!! Thank you for posting. I'll donate to their cause when I get to my pc (the donation link is blocked on my cell). Great job continuing toward your 2K goal too: only 691.95 miles remain!!!

Luis E.

Wow. That’s pretty neat that they dedicated that days ride to your brother! Keep riding Slim! Hope all is well!

- Slim -

07/08/2021 6:26PM
  • We're doing a step challenge over at the FB DietBet group....

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- Slim -

07/08/2021 6:25AM

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Christen P.

07/07/2021 8:54PM
Can someone help me… I submitted a final weigh in and my profile now shows 13 lbs more than I am! What is happening?

Keith A.

Send an email to and they can help you.

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