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SPRING INTO HEALTH with Warrior Jessica

Apr 19 - May 16/Game Closed
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For all official weigh-ins, you'll be prompted to submit your official starting weight. Our standard weigh-in process involves you submitting 2 photos: one of you standing on a scale in lightweight clothing (no shoes, hats, belts, watches, coats, or outerwear), and another of the scale’s readout with your weigh-in word written on a piece of paper.

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  • A full-length mirror or someone to take your photo
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05/03/2021 12:36PM
  • Congratulations Lisa E

    Lisa email me At warriorjessicaslashesfat@gmail.com

    Happy Monday and where did the weekend go. I been staying so busy lately but I did take some time out for myself yesterday and got pampered.

    Maybe I should make this week a self care challenge. Especially since Sunday is Mother’s Day. Yes let’s do it. I want you to share your self care moment with us this week. Comment in this post when you do take a picture. It can be anything that is self care to you. We work so hard and we need to take some time for ourselves. A massage sounds so amazing right now. Take that time out for yourself rather if it’s getting your nails done, time to yourself in nature just whatever refreshes you.

    Remember if you had a couple of off meals today is a new day and it’s Monday so a new week let’s get back on track and keep moving forward. It’s not to late and we are half way there. Y’all got this.

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Tina P.

  • Just left the nail salon. Got Astros orange for my favorite team.


Yessss hunny I love it.

Tina P.

05/09/2021 12:09PM
  • I love weekends because I have the extra time to be outside. Especially now that Baseball season is over. Did 3.1 with Charlie.

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Tina P.

  • Someone is worn out


05/09/2021 9:14AM
  • Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mommas and even fur mommas. Y’all are amazing and keep up the great work. Keep fighting for you because you all deserve it. Make sure take some self care time for yourself. Hope you all have an amazing day.

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05/09/2021 7:08AM
  • This is my self care photo!! I’m sleeping ???? in today!! It’s been a very very busy week I’m exhausted and I don’t feel like getting up early! Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful moms and dads who have to be moms 💗

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05/08/2021 9:46AM
  • I saw this on Facebook. Just. Made. It’s delicious

    2 carrots grated then sautéed on a tablespoon of oil 2-3 minutes. Beat 2 eggs with a sprinkle of pepper. Add cooked carrots and mix well. Return to pan and cook covered 2-3 minutes Add mozzarella fold cover and cook another minute or two

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Tina P.

05/08/2021 9:44AM
  • 4 miles with Charlie. Found 2 pennies from Heaven too! I always ask my Grandmother to send a penny on my walks.

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Charlie is so beautiful - what a kind face he has!

Carol R.

Love that Charlie!!


05/08/2021 8:22AM
  • Breakfast this morning I’d 100g of diced sweet potatoes sautéed with some peppers and two eggs and a cup of egg whites so 391 calories. They wanted me to cut eggs out for this prep but it is so hard yall. Last prep I didn’t just did egg whites and I get good. I keep telling them it’s carbs because of my loose skin it will hold on. We are slowly dropping them. This week I was felt the difference in my energy levels. My calories are dropping very slowly. I am 7 weeks out. Finally I got the scale to drop 2 pounds 🙌????

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05/07/2021 4:40PM
Wow it’s already Friday y’all. Remember this week challenge is self care so on the pinned post make sure to post your self care challenge pic to qualify for the amazon gift card.

So we are nearing the end and sometimes the scale will stall. It’s ok keep pressing through. Make sure you are drinking enough water at least an ounce per body weight so if you are 200 pounds then 200 oz a day. Aiming for a gallon to gallon and half is a good way to go also. If you are stuck decrease your calories by 10% not to drastic. What can help is cutting back on carbs.

Also no more cheat/treat meals not even bites at this it’s way to close to cut it. Remember to breathe because you got this.

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Bart a.

05/06/2021 8:18AM
I have been struggling for water intake this week, but today it’s 9:15AM and already sitting at 48oz. of water already. How is everyone else doing with their water intake? Anyone interested in doing a gallon challenge for the rest of this game?

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That’s a great idea maybe I can make it part of next week challenge :clap:

Kathryn S.

05/06/2021 5:05AM
Already passed my goal of 10 lbs & I’m down 14 lbs 🙏 when you want to achieve something you can , just have to give your all 💗

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Woohoo :raised_hands:

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