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Goal Getter Transformer - Win a Home Gym!

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Go after your goals like never before and lose 10% of your weight in 6 months! We're also giving away a Bowflex Home Gym at the end of round 3 to one lucky winner. Come on, goal getters!



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Jun 14

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Jen S.

about 6 hours ago
Vegan dad! I made the soup! Having only been to the Olive Garden once when I was about 15 (many moons ago) and knowing 15 year old me would have likely ordered the lasagne, I had nothing to compare it to. But it was very tasty

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Anna D.

about 7 hours ago
  • I can’t tell if I am losing weight and gaining muscle or just getting more tan? ?

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Emma D.

Very relatable thoughts :joy::joy:

Anna D.

If you cant tone it, tan it! 

Anna D.

about 7 hours ago
  • Good morning! I hopped onto the treadmill today and ran without a mask and guess what..still the same speed and just as difficult

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Rebecca H.

about 9 hours ago
  • Another weigh-in, another "I will prep lunch AND DINNER next week"...

    Did some Jessica Smith deep cuts today:
    Tone & Flow = 30 minutes weights
    Barefoot Cardio Core = 30 minutes cardio

    Tone & Flow was one of those "high reps, light weights" workouts. It's one of the workouts with lots of standing on one leg balance moves. I'm much stronger on the non-injured foot, obviously, so I always feel like I'm not doing it right or getting the full benefits. I was proud that I could do more than I thought I could, though, so it would probably be good to throw this one in the regular rotation to keep progressing. There was one move where you're standing with your arms straight up and one leg is up at a 90 degree angle with the foot straight down, moving from your midline to your side - whoa! (Does that description make sense? I tried so hard, heh...).

    I had this moment of, "Is this about you getting an A on the workout, or the workout benefiting you?"

    I mostly did Cardio Core because it was also barefoot and I didn't wanna stop and put shoes on. Not as intense as my usual cardio but I did work up a sweat. Lots of twisty ab moves that kinda reminded me of that Figure 8 workout (at least what I've seen from the commercials). I can't be the only one bombarded with Facebook ads for workout and diet stuff.

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Vegan Dad

about 9 hours ago
  • We use a lot of dried split peas and lentils and while I was picking those up, I saw a dried bean mix with 16 types of legumes, it said “16 bean soup” and I thought wouldn’t it be fun to make a 16 bean chili, or 16 beans and rice, or 16 bean soup. The packages always say to rinse your legumes and inspect them for rocks. I’ve done this hundreds of times and never found anything… until now! I was eating my 17 bean Chili (I added a tofu crumble for texture (OK it was so I could up the bean count)) and all of a sudden, I felt something “rock” hard between my teeth. You guessed it, it was a rock, but this rock would be impossible for a rookie 17 bean eater like me to pick out of the bag!
    It’s pretty easy to pick out of a line up though… or is it? Lets play a game look at the photo of all the beans and the rock today. Guess which one is the rock, if you want to play on expert mode you can try to identify a few extra (technically they are not all beans, some are lentils, and peas).

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Emma D.

I wanna say 10?

Diane M.

Ouch! I love that bean mix and thanks for the reminder to always inspect your beans

Anna D.

07/28/2021 8:22PM
  • Halfway through the week! How are we all doing?

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Vegan Dad

Just finished my Thursday workouts and I'm doing really great! Not as active as you, but who is!

Anna D.

Haha, I’m trying!!

Biking Syl

07/28/2021 7:09AM
Just in case someone has the same question:

If you paid all rounds upfront and got the free month you can't quit, except with a doctor's note (medical issue or pregnancy).

If you pay monthly, you can quit monthly. Contact support @ waybetter . com
as Vegan Dad recommended.

Even if you miss a few rounds: The biggest pot is round 6. If you lose 6 percent to be allowed to move from round 5 to round 6, then win round 6, you will usually win more than you invested.

Select ROUND - ALL (top right corner of the app) to see the pot for each round.

Why is the pot of round 6 so much bigger? Because half of your monthly bets go there!

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Anna D.

Thank you for this!

Vegan Dad

07/28/2021 6:43AM
  • My wife and I used to go to Olive Garden a lot, in fact our first date was there. Ahh those were the days back when unlimited bread sticks sounded like a good thing! Her favorite was the Chicken Gnocchi Soup, this was before we were vegan of course. She decided to try to make a vegan version and it was great. think it is better than the one at Olive Garden! We are definitely adding this recipe to the binder!
    1) We have tried this recipe with and without the Instant pot, I think it's the same, my wife likes it better in the regular pot.
    2) My wife did not use Butter or Oil per my request and it still came out amazing!

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Rebecca H.

The other day I saved a "just like Olive Garden" vegetable soup copycat recipe. I'll share if I can find it.

Rebecca H.



about 7 hours ago

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07/28/2021 12:28PM

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