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Goal Getter Transformer - Win a Home Gym!

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Go after your goals like never before and lose 10% of your weight in 6 months! We're also giving away a Bowflex Home Gym at the end of round 3 to one lucky winner. Come on, goal getters!



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Biking Syl

11/25/2021 10:37PM
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Emily R.

You too!!!

Emily R.

11/25/2021 7:18AM
To the other Americans celebrating today: Happy Thanksgiving!!!

My mom is ill and can’t have visitors so we are going out to breakfast and are hitting the road for an adventure to Mammoth Cave National Park!

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Biking Syl

Mammoth Cave is wonderful! Enjoy!

Emily R.

11/23/2021 8:43AM
  • My work gave me a Blue Apron gift card and I finally cashed it in!

    I’ve never had a watermelon radish before but roasting it with carrots was INCREDIBLE!!! Now I need to find where I can get them locally…

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Wow doesn't that look great,vwhat a great side dish that would be for Thanksgiving


Beautiful plate...yummy

Anna D.

11/22/2021 12:59PM
  • Monday’s are always the hardest!

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Emily R.

But you got it done! Nice work!!!


11/20/2021 9:31PM
  • Ruck and run this morning, lots of outdoors time today and a nice flank steak for dinner! It was a pretty good day!

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Emily R.

Awesome work!!!

Jen S.

11/20/2021 12:20PM
Lovely American friends, talk dirty to me. Tell me all the foods you’re either going to treat yourself to over thanksgiving or really wish you were eating if you’re being good and sticking to plan. November is dreary over here so I need some cheering

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I am going to smoke a turkey maybe spatchcock style, I will be avoiding stuffing, cheesecake, anything sweet or not meat! This is my first thanksgiving as a carnivore! Gonna be pretty strange

Jen S.

@jimmieD do you literally only eat meat? :scream:

Emily R.

11/20/2021 7:46AM
  • It’s bierock making day!!! Every year a girlfriend and I make dozens of bierocks (a German meat pie of sorts) and freeze them to eat through the year. I’m excited to keep the tradition alive and am trying to enjoy the moment rather than just thinking about shoveling all of this yumminess into my face!

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Emily R.

  • Whew! It’s done and I’m ready to put my feet up!


Meat pie sounds like something super delicious!

Emily R.

11/18/2021 7:33PM
I put on a pair of pants that used to be tight and was pleased that they’re loose. In fact, I had to keep pulling them up as they felt like they were falling down. What a great feeling! Hopefully Thanksgiving doesn’t take that away…

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Keith A.

Colder weather brought out my winter coat, and it must have expanded since the last time I wore it. It was getting looser then, but now I'm swimming in it! It's a good feeling - congrats on your big pants!

Emily R.

Such an amazing feeling! Congrats to you all on your achievements, too!!!

Stephanie C.

11/18/2021 1:54PM
Am I the only one who eeked out making the last goal? I was super motivated for the first couple of rounds, lost motivation in the middle somewhere and now have that "light at the end of the tunnel" feeling going into the last round!

It hasn't been easy at all, but I have to say I'm proud of myself for making my goal every time! This is the first game where I ever made a goal, let alone all of them!

If you're still here, that's something to be proud of!! You may not always meet a goal in every round, but I have learned that persistence pays off! Keep at it and you'll eventually get where you're going! Accountability will help too. Stay focused on what your goals are, including those that are more than numbers on a scale!

Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment for small victories too because a lot of little wins eventually make a big difference!!
Good luck everyone! You've got this!!

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Way to hit your goals even when motivation is low. We are definitely almost there!

Keith A.

You are certainly not the only one. I decided to gain 20 pounds back before the round 5 weigh-in and had to scramble to get back under goal! Back on the right track now, and using my previous success as a motivational tool moving forward.

Rebecca H.

11/18/2021 5:37AM
Welp, I kinda disappeared on this game and stopped checking in and participating. Not proud, but not beating myself up, just "whatever." I'll be back in the New Year.

Someone I know was giving me a hard time about eating dairy if I have sinus problems. "I used to have sinus problems and they all went away with a change in diet!" I told her I asked my ENT doc about it and he was like, "Nope. Makes no difference. Eat all the dairy and cheese you want" so I ran with that.

But she's hardly the only person I've heard that from. Sure, a doctor has an impressive degree, but they still have personal biases and disagree about s*** like that all the time. I still feel miserable, even with allergy drops. I figure it can't hurt to tweak my diet, might help manage weight.

I don't know if I'll be one of those super hardcore folx taking a magnifying glass to an ingredient list, like, "This has TRACE MILK PROTEIN! Are you trying to KILL ME???" But I figure I can avoid obvious stuff like cream cheese on bagels, pizza, get oat milk or cashew milk for coffee, etc. We eat so much mediocre pizza that that doesn't feel like a huge sacrifice at the moment. Or maybe pizza could be a special occasion thing as opposed to regular diet staple.

My mood right now is just tired of feeling like garbage. I'll get into a good groove of working out 4-5x a week and really kickin' ass and then a sinus infection will drain me of all energy. I mean, I can still work and whatnot, but the lack of energy means I have a hard time getting traction on any goals, be they fitness related or otherwise.

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Biking Syl

I had the worst sinus issues for years. Most dentists had no clue. But finally one figured out that I had SEVERAL root canal infections under a few dead teeth. Didn't feel them because the nerves were dead from previous treatments. But the lingering infections were next to my sinuses and messed them up badly. I also had no clue I was clamping my teeth down HARD in my sleep because of stress. Another factor that causes root canal and then sinus issues.
Some dentists don't believe in that, some do.
Now I wear Aqualizer-type cushions over night to distribute the pressure more evenly. Many root canal treatments removed the infections. No fever, no sinus infections, the insane pain and pressure are gone!!
During the worst times, I found that drinking LOTS of fluid and taking Aleve Sinus and Cold was the only temporary relief. But that's not what you want to take long term!!
Just ask your dentist if you have mysterious sinus issues. Or several dentists!!
Good luck, hope you feel better soon!

By the way, meat and dairy make the body more acidic, which makes inflammation worse. Try skipping meat and dairy for a while and go for veggies/veggie juice. Not what you wanted to hear? :) Might help, though. Try recipes from Deliciously Ella plus veggie juice or try Joel Furman recipes (supplements not necessary, just do his recipes to get started). Enjoy!

Biking Syl

Hopefully a good doctor can help you. For me, it was an endodontist.
YOU WILL MAKE IT OUT OF THIS HELL! Keep believing! Hugs!

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