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Goal Getter Transformer - Win a Home Gym!

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Jun 14



Go after your goals like never before and lose 10% of your weight in 6 months! We're also giving away a Bowflex Home Gym at the end of round 3 to one lucky winner. Come on, goal getters!



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Jun 14

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Jun 27


14th and 15th of every month


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10% is easier when you break it up, so each round has its own goal - and its own pot to split.
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Rebecca H.

about 31 minutes ago
Jessica Smith Dance Walk = 30 minutes aerobics.

Easing back into exercise. I stopped pretty much exactly a month ago, ever since the Iowa State Fair on Aug. 22. Can't beat yourself up for being sick, but the hardest part of weight loss is HABITS - breaking bad ones, making good ones. Picked one of the easier, fun workouts. Have to take another shelter cat to the vet tomorrow, so we'll see if I have time to work out, maybe a quick one.

Anna D.

about 38 minutes ago
  • I want to see your sweaty selfie! I absolutely love working out with a mask, I feel like it helps me with my breathing?

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Anna D.

about 39 minutes ago
  • It’s your mid week reminder to get moving!

Megan L.

09/21/2021 4:50PM
  • 2nd day of the "Final Countdown," and I biked so far I reachedvthe end of the road! Lol

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Rebecca H.

09/21/2021 7:21AM
We ordered Chinese food from a new place yesterday and they gave us a free order of donuts as a thank you! Who knew Chinese donuts were a thing?? Unfortunately, they were fantastic. :P They just tasted like regular donuts but the shape was a little different. Didn't have holes, a bit like Munchkins, only slightly bigger and flatter (and FRESH, OMG). I kept trying to pawn them off on others, but ate too many (and logged them).

My "back on track" plan yesterday and today was to skip breakfast, so I did have a *little* bit of a calorie cushion for the unexpected treat. I always go back and forth on whether it's better to skip breakfast or have it. Do the Intermittent Fasting thing to have a calorie cushion for later, or have the breakfast so you don't wind up eating more later 'cuz you're starving.


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Rebecca H.

Like, yes, the surprise donuts were fantastic, but I DO think I was possibly extra hungry from skipping breakfast. Hmm.

Emily R.

Ohhhh yes, those donuts are the best!

Megan L.

09/20/2021 7:38PM
  • Today is the first day of my last days with the company I have been with for 5 years.

    I am resigning to stay home and take care of my Grandmother. It's going be her 95th Birthday this October! I moved in with her last September but was able to stay working from home. I hope to return to the same company in years to come but for now this is where I am at.

    Today I realized this is the final count down!!! *que famous song* It motivated me to do a garage workout each night after work until my last day. So my own little goal for myself :)

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Jen S.

That’s such a wonderful thing for you to be doing for your grandmother. Enjoy your last week and your new chapter

Rebecca H.

09/20/2021 3:50PM
  • Still pretty quiet up in here, not much to report. Last weekend I volunteered at the Thomas the Tank Engine event at the scenic railroad. I was at the will call table for people who already had tickets and passed out maps and little Thomas activity booklets for the kids. Didn't have to deal with money and if anyone had an issue with their ticket, I referred them elsewhere, so pretty low stress.

    After getting so sick after the Iowa State Fair, I was like, "y'all do what you want, but *I* am wearing a mask." (And of course, hardly anyone did). So, there's my health related spin on that.

    Didn't eat great. Back at it today. *Hopefully* back to exercise this week. I've had varying levels of motivation on this latest weight loss "journey" since January, but I refuse to completely give up. I keep thinking, "I mean, are you just gonna sit around getting fatter and fatter?" I have to see the off plan/too sick to exercise days as a normal part of the journey to be accounted for and not as giving up.

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Biking Syl

09/20/2021 6:54AM
OK, time for a new project: I will do my back strength exercises daily for 3 weeks from now on. Oops, I said it. Got to do it now!!! Getting started tonight!
What's your project this week?

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Vegan Dad

This week I am going to get back into yoga. Need to work on my side crow

Alice B.

My project is to consistently use those breaks in between classes to exercise by walking the steps on campus.


09/19/2021 9:40AM
  • When you can finally wear your Christmas pants!!! (I call all red pants Christmas pants because of a friend!) haven’t worn these in years but here I am fitting into these bad boys! I still am not in my origin jeans but these are a great step in that direction! I missed jiujitsu all last week because of work but went to a free roll yesterday and fought an hour straight, felt great!
    Hope y’all are having a great weekend!

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Biking Syl

Whoohooo, big milestone!! Congrats!!

Vegan Dad

Congrats, Merry Christmas!

Emily R.

09/19/2021 7:58AM
Oooof. Yesterday was ROUGH. I didn’t sleep well the night before and didn’t feel well and…wow. I ate waaaaaaay too much.
I’m trying to not stress on it today. My historical pattern would be to throw it all away and keep eating today. But I’m here just like all of you, trying to undo old patterns and habits.
So I ate a good breakfast and am lacing up my shoes to go for a walk.
Here’s me committing to cooking the food I planned to make today instead of giving in. Here’s to forging new paths and building new habits.

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Biking Syl

Way to go!! Keep on keeping on!!

Vegan Dad

sound like you got it figured out. To new habits!

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