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Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!

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Make more than a wish on your weight loss transformation and play this game to lose 10% in 6 months! One lucky player will win up to $3,000 towards a trip to The Most Magical Place On Earth at the end of round 5.



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Jul 05

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5th and 6th of every month


Bet $35

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Lose 10%

in 6 months


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10% is easier when you break it up, so each round has its own goal - and its own pot to split.
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07/26/2021 6:22AM
  • A little frustrated and worried today. I have a few mental health issues and one of my biggest struggles is with food. It's rare to have an appetite, and a lot of foods/textures are big no-nos, especially a lot of "healthy" foods. So I end up just eating what my body will let me any given day instead if what I planned for.

    Trying to keep my healthiest "safe foods" around and trying to stay hydrated and moving. The lack of control over food just makes it a lot more difficult. Does anyone here have similar issues? I've had it for a long time and have researched/etc and know a lot of the "answers" that should've helped in theory, but if anyone else deals with this I'd love to know what works for you!

    Here's the sunset from the beach last night to hopefully brighten your Monday ????

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Ish Sarah

Lack of control over food is something I’ve struggled with my whole life. And I have a LOT of food allergies/intolerances so it just feels like a battle every day. Personally the one thing that i found that has helped for me is doing paleo/keto. The low carb aspect was key for my body and it’s AMAZING the feeling of being in control of food instead of the other way around. It took a lot of trial and error to get where I am and I still struggle with sticking to it even when I know it’s the solution (thanks to my own mental health issues). But I really really hope you find the answer you need for you! Keep trying! You will find it! I am in your corner!

Hannah R.

I still have some residual issues which still are present mainly when stressed. One thing that has helped me in the past is to remember you are eating to fuel your body, not just because it tastes good. If you are below the 1200 cal daily and struggling to eat enough you just might have to make yourself sit and eat it or be stuck at the table all day. If you can figure out a few healthy things you can tolerate to eat and make it within your macros, sticking to it and just modifying when you get bored may help. I’m on this no dairy thing until after weigh in, it’s been only a few days and I was whining to my mom that my motivation to eat is severely decreased. I found this no dairy protein shake that has some veggies and stuff already in it and while it’s not the Oreo milkshake I saw in an ad today, it was atleast palatable compared to the canned tuna and raw egg protein drinks my brother makes yuck haha. It may have taken close to a hour to drink but I got it down and felt better knowing my body got some of the things it needed :) Also as a side note, if nausea is an issue maybe talk to your doc about some meds or try over the counter antiemetics like chewable motion sickness pills.

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