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Good Active Health's Spring Fling!

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03/28/2022 5:00AM
  • If you’ve been working out this week (and it’s been a while since you’ve worked out) and you’re not enjoying the experience, just know you’re not alone! Many of you know (and I am sure many of you don’t) that it took me 12 years of fighting and clawing to finally have a baby. The year before I did the treatment that finally work (and the treatment I am hoping to do again in a couple months, fingers crossed it works again), I spent a year losing weight.

    I ended up getting pregnant in the beginning of February 2020 – right before the pandemic blew up (at least in the states). Being isolated in my pregnancy, being on bed rest for part of it, and other life stressors… I ended up emotional eating and gaining a lot of weight. This is not the point of my post though.

    Back to the year I spent losing weight before I was pregnant… I didn’t have the physical ability to do much more than walk on a treadmill. And I hated it. The only way to make it semi-enjoyable was to make the pace manageable enough maintain for 30-45 minutes, and to turn on a show from my phone and do my best to zone out. Like the image below, all my body organs resisted, every workout. FOR FIVE MONTHS. Seriously. I hit the treadmill 3-5 times a week and it took 5 months before I finally enjoyed working out and getting sweaty. My stamina and endurance naturally began to improve because of the weight I was losing. So many people say 30 days makes a habit, but I ready a study that said it takes some individuals (depending on their goal) up to a year to make a habit! So if you feel physical fight every time you work out, give it time! Things will eventually improve. KEEP GOING. These are the things I am telling myself as I work towards my health goals again.

    Also, I'd love to know in the comment section, what is your favorite way (or used to be your favorite way) to work out?

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Candice K.

I prefer the elliptical because it doesn’t hurt my knees the way running does. I would like to get more into lifting weights, but it feels intimidating to do it on my own. I do currently have dumbbells at home that I use, but would love to do more than that someday.


I used to be all about the burn. Go hard or go home…every single day. And after a few years of that, my body literally rejected it. Now my body enjoys walking outside and Pilates or yoga here and there.

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