Maintainer - September

Keep it off for 12 months!

Maintainer - September

Sep 13, 2016 - Sep 12, 2017/Game has ended
Hosted by Marcie
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Sep 13



You've achieved your goal - so what's next? Maintain your weight for a year while winning prizes and monthly payouts!



Game Begins

Sep 13, 2016

Last Day to Join

Dec 31, 1969

Last Day to Submit Initial Weigh-In

Sep 26, 2016


13th and 14th of every month


End of each round


Bet $25

per month


your weight


Split pot
every month

Round Goals

The object of the game is to maintain your initial weight for 12 months, with a +2% allowance to allow for daily fluctuations (you can also lose up to 4%). To make that easier, we break the Maintainer into 12 rounds, each with its own pot, giving you regular accountability and incentives. That means if you stay within -4% to +2% of your weight all year, you can cash out 12 times!

Miss a goal for a round? Don’t worry—you can still win the next round and the Grand Prize at the end of Round 12. Half the bets are spread across the first 11 rounds, and the winners of Round 12 split the other half. The goal for each round is the same, though you MUST be between -4% and +5% of your initial weight by the end of Round 11 to be eligible to win the final pot. This is to prevent unsafe sprints at the end.

Rounds 1-10: between -4% and +2%

Round 11: between -4% and +2% to win; within -4% and +5% to qualify for Round 12 (MANDATORY)

Round 12: between -4% and +2% (MANDATORY)

How do we verify your weight?

For all official weigh-ins, you'll be prompted to submit your official starting weight. Our standard weigh-in process involves you submitting 2 photos: one of you standing on a scale in lightweight clothing (no shoes, hats, belts, watches, coats, or outerwear), and another of the scale’s readout with your weigh-in word written on a piece of paper.

What you'll need

  • A scale (preferably digital)
  • A digital camera or smartphone
  • A full-length mirror or someone to take your photo
  1. Privacy FAQ +
  2. How we prevent cheating +

Does this actually work?

Out of 1,044,117 DietBetters, 88.23% have lost weight during their challenges. Combined, they've lost 17,497,241 lbs and won $104,266,887. In other words...yes.

All results shown on DietBet are from actual users. Individual results may vary.

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09/14/2017 8:04AM - via android
I WEIGHED IN AT EXACTLY MY STARTING WEIGHT FROM LAST YEAR! now that's maintenance! (and hard work!)

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Fantastic work, commitment AND validation! Congratulations Robyn!

Julie G.



09/13/2017 7:50PM - via iPhone
My final weigh in has been verified and I had to weigh in at night to make it!! Stayed at the high end most of the year and then lost more weight over the summer. I am 61 and have not weighed this since I was in my twenties and am healthier now than I was then. Thanks to everyone for participating

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So awesome Deb - well done!


09/13/2017 4:49PM - via iPhone
What a wild weigh in! I forgot to do it this morning, and so had to weigh in this evening of course a little heavier just .1 under my max! All the while my scale is losing battery power. Glad that's over!

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Bam - a winner none the less - congratulations!

Julie G.

09/13/2017 8:48AM - via android
Whew, made it under max this morning, and my weigh in was just verified. Such a huge relief to not have to leave it till tomorrow. I'm not slowing down though...would like to lose more (2 more pounds would be awesome) before I submit my initial weight for the next maintainer. Good luck everyone!

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Great job Julie - so fantastic!!! Well done!


09/13/2017 4:04AM
  • Congratulations on a year of maintaining! Even if your journey was bumpy and even if you didn't win the final round, to all of you who went the distance - I am so honored to have played with you and you should feel proud of what you DID accomplish! And if you are a winner of this final round - WOOHOO! The journey doesn't stop here my friends. We didn't end up here because it is easy. As Robyn always says - #thestruggleisreal!

    Thank you for playing and for participating! You have been a great group and I am feeling a tad sad as I write this. See you around dietbet! For anyone who wants it, my email is I wish you all the best of health! And remember, if you focus on your health and think of food as nourishment, good weight management will follow... Cheers.

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Lisa H

Thank you Marcie and everyone. It's been an awesome year. I have decided I want to drop a few more pounds before I join another maintainer, so I won't be in the new one with Marcie, but will be doing a kick-starter or two and then another maintainer. Having the parameters in black and white and monthly weigh-ins has done wonders for me. Hope to see all of you around DietBet. Continued success to you all :smiley:thumbsup

Chava G.

I just wanted to add my thanks to everyone. Last year at this time I was going through a very tough time, and this community has been a great support, both for maintenance and just for life. I'll echo Lisa H's sentiment and wish to see everyone around DietBet and for everyone to have continued success

Joyce W.

09/12/2017 7:58PM
I just checked out my profile and it said "lifetime weight loss: 25.7%." I am literally only 75% the woman I used to be. lol Isn't that crazy?? Whatever happens tomorrow, I hope everyone remembers all the progress they've made in their own fitness journeys!

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Joyce W.

Thanks Marcie and Shari!


09/12/2017 5:52PM
The winner for our final challenge is WalkinWoman - congratulations! If you could message me your email address, I will send you your $25 Amazon gift card!

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09/12/2017 5:38PM
Good luck everyone - final weigh in begins tomorrow! Funny they didn't do the typical post about the round ending at midnight and is time to weigh in - I had to double check the calendar!!!

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09/12/2017 12:12PM
The #1 Habit You Should Have to Lose Weight blog:

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09/12/2017 10:29AM
Perfect timing all, as I am off to Mexico for five days as I won a “get fit” contest!
As some of you know I was in get-fit contest from Jan through April this year. It had darn strict requirements with a series of goals, all of which you had to complete and then a bunch of bonus categories. I met all the basic categories, and won 4 of the 10 bonus categories which put me in 2nd place. (one was highest percentage of bodyfat lost :))
I won 4 days at a high-end resort two hours outside of CanCun!
The timing is perfect as I leave this Friday – which means I am splitting the end of one maintainer and the start of another.

I consider the support I got here to be part of the many ways I have had success in maintaining...and improving! Thanks all.

I have zero association with this program and it only occurs in two cities anyways, but here was the contest for anyone curious – Seattle and Austin only.

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Have a wonderful time Scott! And congratulations.

Julie G.

Oh wow, congrats on the prize! I hope you have a wonderful time!

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