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02/13/2019 9:50AM in Syd’s Candy Crushing DietBet! FitBit Giveaway - via iPhone
Hi everyone! My name is Danae (@Danae_fitness on IG) I am from Orange County, CA and this is my first DB with sydney. I’ve been following her on IG for a while now. I found her because I do BBG also. She’s very motivating and fun to watch/follow! I want to be friends with her in real life lol. My plan for success this time around is to practice intermittent fasting, calorie tracking and getting 10,000 steps in everyday! How do you plan on achieving your goals? What’s your IG HANDLE? Let’s be friends :)

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So far my goals have been to drink a cup of water before every meal and then put on my workout clothes every day after work. For me, it's more about taking that first step!! I also eat a ton of the frozen veggies from Trader Joe's every day, and have a piece of fruit for a midday snack. My theory is that if I eat a whole plate of veggies and I STILL want that pizza, well, at least I minimized the amount of pizza I was going to inevitably eat!!


Welcome!!!! So glad to have you here! I achieve my goals by tracking and sticking to portion sizes. I measure everything out with a food scale. :heart_eyes: My Instagram handle is @KikiKatFit
Danae accepted the challenge.
02/11/2019 10:47AM in Molsinspire's Summer countdown
The pot is now $29,785

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Welcome to the game Danae


02/04/2019 8:07AM in Molinspires JANUARY JIGGLE - $2000 in prizes! - via iPhone
How do you get your picture on the scale if you don’t have someone to take it for you?

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Alyssa G.

Self timer and lean my phone against something on top of my laundry hamper




01/23/2019 11:08AM in Fatgirlfedup's Year of Transformation Kickoff - via iPhone
Since the end of 2018 I have lost 12 lbs. which is a lot for my body (5’3) I don’t really see it in my body but I feel it in my jeans!!! We hand thanksgiving in November, then I went on vacation to Kauai for 10 days, Christmas holidays, my birthday, New Year’s Eve/day. Before I knew it I was 3 lbs away from my highest weight ever! Then I decided I need to reset and drop a few lbs. in January I decided to join a few diet bets, stop drinking alcohol, move more and eat less/practice better portion control. Once your mind is in it, your body follows. I’m feeling good :) thanks for listening

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marjan r.

Good for you!!!

Chloe P.

01/20/2019 5:50PM in Fatgirlfedup's Year of Transformation Kickoff - via iPhone
I’d love to follow everyone on their journey! Follow me on Instagram @theketogenicmillennial

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Kimberlee P.

01/20/2019 6:33AM in Fatgirlfedup's Year of Transformation Kickoff - via android
I've been working out all week while being sick. I wanted to push through.However, last night I couldn't take the pain in my chest anymore from coughing!! Went to the ER at 3am. I have bronchitis! 😷 any tips for still losing weight while sick?! Helppppp

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Just focus on your nutrition. I've been sick most of this month, and still been losing. Like Danae said above, nutrition is everything, exercise is literally only like 10%.


As everyone else has said, focus on your nutrition first. I’d take a pause on any workouts that are going to increase your breathing and make things harder on your lungs. If you want to stay active, switch to some easy walking or stretching. It’s better than nothing, but won’t be taxing on your breathing.


01/20/2019 1:52AM in Fatgirlfedup's Year of Transformation Kickoff - via android
Hey Guys

Just curious to peoples Instagram handle so we can follow up each other and keep supporting each other once the bet has finished

Mine is @stronglikesteele

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Tracy T.



01/14/2019 9:12AM in Molinspires JANUARY JIGGLE - $2000 in prizes! - via iPhone
Just bought a groupon for 3 weeks of unlimited spin classes at a local studio. I even roped my friend into buying it with me :) I’m excited to try something new.

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Bridgette F.

Awesome! So good to keep each other accountable!


Good for you for trying something new. And so nice to have a friend join in too!


01/03/2019 5:08AM in Fatgirlfedup's Year of Transformation Kickoff - via iPhone
I would love to follow peoples Instagram pages! Let me know your page name! I’m @droppingweight2019

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