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09/17/2020 1:11PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 42 #GardenOfEatin’
  • #catfished

    I was doing really well in a Transformer game and thought I could use some extra motivation this month so I joined here. (I love how active all of you are on here).

    I started out the month super positive but then a few days in ended up deciding to have a cheat weekend away on a trip... well the cheat weekend turned into me falling off the weightloss wagon for the last 2 weeks (also been super stressed at work). Last night I went shopping hoping to do some damage control. I'm underwhelmed I remembered these being better but its something quick for when I sleep in and don't have time to pack something. I figured I would just make sure to eat at home until the end so hopefully that will be enough to make my goal (its gonna be a CHALLENGE)

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Julia— :joy::joy:


I love a frozen dinner just not turkey. I hate turkey. Lol.


09/17/2020 10:22AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 42 #GardenOfEatin’

Joy , Jen and like this photo.

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Kirk W.


Danielle S.

Yes indeed!

Mn M.

09/17/2020 9:50AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 42 #GardenOfEatin’
  • Real fatty talk

    I just got an invitation to my cousins baby shower. This cousin is much younger than me, but my birthday buddy!
    Initially looking, was like, hmm, I am not sure. I am actually already doing something that day. & my hubby is working so I would have to ask if I could take the kids.
    I clicked on it and they are naming the baby after my brother.
    I am an absolute mess now!

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Danielle S.

Aww. That’s so sweet! Sending you lots of hugs, my friend:heart:




09/17/2020 9:25AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 42 #GardenOfEatin’
  • #TriggerWarning

    Caution: Big Words Ahead

    It’s not usually a conscious choice when I speak, it’s just who I am. That said, I love big words. I’ve had colleagues say I make them feel dumb. I don’t mean to have that effect. I have a friend who used to try to use big words when she was around me. She’s who they made this joke for, bless.

    Andplusalso, a good vocabulary is sexy, but that’s a different kind of trigger warning.

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Kirk W.

Smiles. The longest word in the English language.


Sara, when my after school can picked me up from kindergarten I told the driver we’d had a prostitute teacher that day. :joy:


09/17/2020 8:13AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 42 #GardenOfEatin’

I am abrupt. My texts, IMs, emails, etc are blunt. Been called out for being too mean in electronic communications.

I am not a writer, I read something and I answer it in the least amount of words with all the pertinent information. Been called rude so many times I had to take a business email writing class and have ppl proof my correspondences.

Second, I only curse out loud if I'm really, extremely, and very angry. You have been warned.

P.S. My characters curse all the time, that is because they are not me.

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Sara I get it, if I got emails like I send I would overthink it so much!

Amanda W.

09/16/2020 6:38PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 42 #GardenOfEatin’
  • #weird What is that? I could write a book on that, but no one would ever read it.

sugarshorts , ChuckyD and like this photo.

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I was thinking human too :joy::joy::joy:.


I totally was thinking human. Hahahaha


09/16/2020 6:04PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 42 #GardenOfEatin’
I know I’m weird but apparently I’m not self aware enough to tell you why lol but here are a few things that might qualify.

I have a dimple (like people have on their faces) on my stomach. I’ve always had it, look for it on my #bbm.

Double jointed elbows

Super freaked out by moths. Fucking hate them.

I still don’t get how fax machines work. Must be witchcraft.

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Cathy M.

Omg I don't mind moths but am terrified of butterflies!!!!


Now I want someone to fax me a pizza. Thanks, Breezie!

Mn M.

09/16/2020 5:45PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 42 #GardenOfEatin’
Weird Wednesday

I did an experiment tonight.
I’ve been tracking my steps with my phone.
But it takes forever.
Turns out it’s because Apple health is 30-40 percent inaccurate.
I wore my hubby’s Fitbit for a walk tonight.
Fitbit he said got over 3000 steps.
My phone 1000.

Kirk W. , Thomas and like this comment.

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Hahaha .79 whole cents off. Wow. :joy::joy: Which one are you looking at?

Mn M.

He has a watch one but that was too heavy. I didn’t like it. My daughter has an inspire. It’s small and cheap. He says it has less features but all I need is the steps

Danielle S.

09/16/2020 4:46PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 42 #GardenOfEatin’
  • How’s this for #WeirdWednesday?

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This is epic!!! I'm crying!!! :joy::joy::joy:




09/16/2020 4:12PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 42 #GardenOfEatin’
I have no problem embracing my weirdness. There is so little about me that is normal 😂
Trying to think of things I haven't shared too much. This will likely come as a shock to people in here, but I DESPISE being the center of attention. So much so that I never had a wedding or renewed my vows because I cant stand the idea of everyone watching me. I have no problem goofing off and making people laugh as long as they are looking at me for being silly and not just looking at me.
I have such a fear of being on camera that I am currently on a leave of absence from my doctorate program because they said that I would have no choice but to lecture via video because Covid. I also will not use self check out lines because of having to see myself on the screen, and I actively avoid social events where videoing is likely.
Other random weirdness: when I was a kid i personified everything (i played school with crayons as the students, i lined up spices to judge me as i cooked and cleaned the kitchen, etc), I create storylines for everyone while I'm stuck in traffic, I go absolutely nuts when I see a mastiff, I chew my fingers until they bleed (soooo sexy), I don't have a favorite color, I am now legally blind in one eye, and if I could be anything in the world I'd be a mermaid 😁

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I get the center if attention thing. I too will act goofy if I am a speaker. I perfected the goofy professional speaking plus wearing garish colors and loud clothes helped. When people are looking at my outlandish outfit, they ignore me.


Im waiting, Marissa!!!

Yes, Tickette! I just started singing or dancing ridiculously, even in the middle of presentations, so people aren't paying attention to me, just the ridiculousness.
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