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Amy U.

03/02/2021 5:58PM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
When I submitted my weight, I got this message. It was approved but...

“Please note: Your progress weigh-in does not automatically count as a final or monthly weigh-in. Refer to your game page to make sure you have submitted for your game.”

Where do I look to confirm?

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Courtney B.

You might have missed the monthly weigh in, so maybe it is counting towards your unofficial progress weigh in, which you can submit at any time but don't count as official??

Lisa P.

You have until midnight -- click on the weigh in - it will likely ask if you want to use progress weigh-in. Since you are a member and hadn't done the progress weigh-in yet -- it likely defaulted to that.

Mary R

03/02/2021 7:44AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
  • Whew - I made it! It was really tough for me this month, so I’m nervous for the next couple... My body really wants to hold onto weight right now it seems. But I’m going to keep at it. I feel stronger and more toned, and my clothes are fitting better. The scale isn’t always kind, but I’m better for it! And it’s going to be more than a wish to reach my final goal weight - I’m planning (and working hard!) to make it a reality.

    Let’s keep it up!!! Plan it out, stick to the plan, and push onward! 💗💪💗

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Courtney B.

Don't forget the first couple months you have more weight to lose, as you get closer to goal, its less weight each month (although a bit harder to lose bc you have less weight overall, I still say first month can be hard) you can catch up and still rock the last few months AND the final pot!!!!

Mary R

Thanks, Courtney! :heartpulse:

The Deej

03/02/2021 7:00AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
Gotta triple down my will to cut down the pounds I think! Too many things I let slide this month. Did trim down physically tho, so I'm willing to bet (literally) the pounds will come off if I just keep to the plan instead of letting things like 🍷win me over. Little things add up!

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Lisa P.

:wine_glass: can be so seductive :grinning: i track calories in and out - I allow myself wine when I have calories left and can still hit my deficit. Had to do without most of the last two weeks so I'd make goal.

Courtney B.

If every other meal is acheat meal it adds up, which is why I started diet bet lol. Keep it up, try adding a intermittent fast if you can, I find it can kick start my metabolism :)

Lauren V.

03/02/2021 5:35AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
Still need to lose 0.8 by the end of the day! I’m pretty proud i got to this point because i joined this diet bet a week late. But I’m drinking lots of water - Any other tips?

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Suzi H.

Oh boy do I understand. I weighed at 5am and was .2 over. I got back up at 6am and I was still over. When my alarm went off at 7am for work. I weighed one more time and I was .1 under! I took the picture as soon as I could. Omg I was freaking out being that close!
Good LUCK. I sure hope you make it.

Courtney B.

Intermittent fast extend through the morning keeps me away from baked goods.. so I don't est 7pm-12pm. Still eat the calories I should, just during a smaller window. Cut yourself off 3 hours before bed, then try at least 14 hours fasting. Much easier if majority is while you are sleeping lol.

Courtney B.

02/09/2021 1:04PM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
Joined late, but better late than never!! :) last time I was out of cell phone service on the date for submission when I did a bet 2 yes ago :( but at least I lost the weight!! I'm down 60 lbs from my pregnancy so far, need to lose the last 20 lbs!! Woohoo!!!

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Cattleya D.

Wow! That’s great! Good luck to you!

Paige L.

Wow that's awesome