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Autumn Calabrese

01/01/2024 6:03AM in Give & Take with Autumn Calabrese
Happy New Year!!!!! Alright yall, here we go, day 1. Let’s kick this off right. I hope you watched the welcome video from me on the private Vimeo link & checked out all the materials. What are you most excited to dive into?


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Amanda M.

The link isn’t working

Erin P.

I'm looking forward to getting my sleep and nutritional times consistent.

(I'm also looking forward to running a few days a week, and finding my running groove more often.)

Krysten T.

01/01/2024 5:20AM in Make the New Year Magic Transformer - $10,000 in prizes!
Good morning and Happy New Year! Going to be starting off slow this week by just getting some walking in. I was sick right before the holidays and haven’t been doing anything for the last 3 weeks. Next week I’ll pick back up with a workout program and really get myself back on track. Good luck in this game!

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Holly P.

Battling the left overs of the flu right before Christmas. Everyone I know is sick too

Krysten T.

01/01/2024 5:17AM in 2024 Commit to Me Mega Transformer - Win a Bowflex Treadmill!
Good morning everyone and Happy New Year! I was sick right before the holidays and haven’t been doing much of anything for the last few weeks. Going to start off slow this week by just walking, working on nutrition, and getting my water in so I can get back to my regular routine. Then next week I’ll start a new workout program. Good luck!

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It's all about the small wins. You can do it!

Krysten T.

01/01/2024 5:07AM in Give & Take with Autumn Calabrese
Good morning everyone and Happy New Year!

I was sick right before the holidays and completely fell off track after that. It’s been 3 weeks now of being lazy, not working out, and eating whatever.

Going to start things off slow this week to get back into my normal routine. So I’ll just be doing week 1 of Autumn’s walking challenge and focusing on cleaning up my nutrition and getting in all of my water. Good luck to you all!

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Autumn Calabrese

Glad you’re here & feeling better. And I really like that you’re giving your body a chance to get back into the routine without crushing yourself.

Amanda R.

01/01/2024 2:04AM in Give & Take with Autumn Calabrese
Hi all! So excited to start! Does anyone know the final weigh in time (PST) on the last day? Thanks!

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Krysten T.

I could be wrong, but ai think it’s 11:59 pm. It will appear at the top of the game feed though once weigh in approaches.

Cait S.

12/31/2023 9:35PM in Give & Take with Autumn Calabrese
Happy New Year Everyone! What workout does everyone plan to do while doing the DietBet? And does anyone have their year or a few months planned out? See my plan below. :)

Jan 1 - Jan 21: 21 Day Fix Real Time
Jan 22- Feb 11: 21 Day Fix Extreme
Feb 12 - Feb 16: A Little Obsessed
Feb 17 & 18: REST DAYS
Feb 19 - May 8: 80 Day Obsession
May 9 - May 12: ACTIVE REST DAYS
May 13 - May 19: A Little More Obsessed
May 20 - June 8: Healthy Obsession

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Paula F.

I’m starting with the 21 Fay Fix Real Time.

Yulia C.

I do want to start 80 days obsession… That is the most motivational one. But I’m almost in the middle of just bring your body. So I have to finish my current one. But if I’m to start from a blank page I would kick it with 80 days obsession.

WayBetter Kristin

12/31/2023 9:00PM in Make the New Year Magic Transformer - $10,000 in prizes!
  • Happy New Year and Day 1 of the magical 6 months to come! 🎉

    I’m so excited you all are here! The community component of these games is my favorite thing and the part this is most likely to help you reach your goal.

    Be sure to share, comment, and stay involved in this game and I guarantee you will have an amazing experience! I will be cheering you on and posting tips and all sorts of fun stuff, but it's the absolute best when you share with each other!!

    💌 Don't forget, you can use the button up top to invite your friends. Players can join up to Day 14. Let's grow that pot and our support system!

    Tell us what you're looking forward to in 2024!

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Kate G.

This is the last year of my 30s. I’m exited to continue my weight loss journey and get fit so I can go on more adventures with my family.

Kara B.

Getting healthy, drinking more water, losing weight.


12/31/2023 4:41PM in Give & Take with Autumn Calabrese
I will officially weigh in and start tomorrow and am looking forward to the challenge!! What program is everyone working on? I'm thinking 4WFE with walking on off days.

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Krysten T.

Healthy Obsession.

Autumn Calabrese

Love it!

Cayla M.

12/30/2023 3:42PM in Give & Take with Autumn Calabrese
What nutrition, plan is everyone doin? Portion fix : counting Marcos … plate it .. 2 b mind set?

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Krysten T.

Portion Fix for me.

julianna R.

Portion fix


12/30/2023 12:57PM in Make the New Year Magic Transformer - $10,000 in prizes!
  • Has anyone signed up for a kickstarter as well?? Thinking of starting out with 2 games at once!

    Walking loops at work :)

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Krysten T.

I’m doing 2 transformers and a kickstarter.


Oh wow!!! 2 transformers is really going to motivate you!! I never thought of that!!
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