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WayBetter Kristin

04/27/2023 11:00PM in Make the New Year Magic Transformer - $10,000 in prizes!
  • Congrats on another week down and Round 4 coming to an end!

    Check-in! Tell us how it's going, what you're feeling about this last non-mandatory weigh-in, and what you're up to this weekend!

    Remember, we have an excellent Make The New Year Magic Transformer FAQ page that is worth a look as we come up on Round 5 an 6 which both have mandatory weigh-ins to win the big prize!

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Cara G.


Nicole W.

  • I’m doing pretty well! I am on a big vacation, which is a huge challenge for me in terms of staying on track. I’ve definitely gained. But I was very diligent in the weeks leading up to the trip so that I would have a solid buffer for this weigh in, and it looks like my strategy worked!

WayBetter Kristin

04/24/2023 12:00AM in Make the New Year Magic Transformer - $10,000 in prizes!
  • Another fantastic Motivation Monday quote from our DietBet family.

    This one is from Lori M:

    Excuses make today easy, but tomorrow harder.
    Discipline makes today hard, but tomorrow easier.

    Shout it out and hold yourself accountable!

    What are you staying disciplined with this week (that may be hard) to reach your goals?

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A.M. workouts. I am a night owl, always have been. My brain is active at night, and going to bed as early as 10pm is not easy unless I am exhausted. I was doing my workouts after work at the Y but as my workout schedule became more consistent, my son and I wouldn't get home in time to spend much time with my husband. (He goes to bed early because he wakes up at 2am to study and go to work)

My son is a morning person like my husband, so I opted to move workouts to the morning. That means getting up at 4:30am vs 6:10am so I could take care of pets before leaving for the Y. I prep clothes, lunches, etc the night before so my night owl brain doesn't forget stuff like work clothes in the morning. I live almost 40 minutes away from work/school/gym.

The thing I love about it is that I know I have done my workout. If I do more physical activity it is extra. The thing I hate about it is how early I have to get up to do it. My son and husband will not help me get up early because they have learned not to "poke the bear" when I am sleeping in the morning. It is up to me to get myself up.

Amber H.

Hey Kristin, I have a question. Can you tell me if I submit a member weigh in like on Saturday (or Sunday), does that count as an “official” weight that can be re-used? I know we can re-use approved weights from other games within 48 hours but just trying to figure out if the weekly membership weigh in works the same. Like can I weigh in on Saturday for that and then re-use that weigh in for this game on Monday? Hope all that came out making sense, lol

WayBetter Kristin

04/17/2023 12:00AM in Make the New Year Magic Transformer - $10,000 in prizes!
  • When we shared our favorite inspirational quotes, Riz00 shared this one,

    "Just because it's taking time doesn't mean it's not happening."

    I think this is a fantastic reminder at this point in the game. This is the time when things get a bit more difficult. It's been a few months, life has it's ups and downs, and it's easy to lose sight of that excitement or to get discouraged.

    Please think back to how you felt before you joined this game. What are some things you can celebrate about the person you are today versus the person you were in December?

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Amanda V.

I'm not getting puffed going up a flight of stairs and my physical fitness had gone up another level


I'm struggling with this question. I am surprised at how much weather can affect my sense of loss. I am more aware of my relative inactivity compared to December. I find it hard to get motivated and get back into this game. I didn't even do final weigh-ins on two kickstarters, and it only discouraged me even more. However today I am using this prompt to push myself a bit. Thanks for the inspiration!

courtney b.

04/15/2023 5:44PM in Make the New Year Magic Transformer - $10,000 in prizes!
I am going away for a trip from 4/27-5/4. I don’t want to miss a weigh in but I will be no where near a scale. How can I complete an early weigh in or will I just miss this round ☹️

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Meredith Y.

DietBet is letting me weigh in early this time (April 28) since I’m traveling too!

WayBetter Kristin

There are a lot of good ideas here! You can also contact support@dietbet.com to see if you can weigh in early.

WayBetter Kristin

04/12/2023 11:40AM in Make the New Year Magic Transformer - $10,000 in prizes!
  • The weather has warmed up and I'm heading out for a walk. Anyone else feeling the draw to get outside for a nice walk with the arrival of Spring?

    You absolutely can’t underestimate the benefits – both physical and mental – of a beautiful walk. It’s a wonderful way to easily get your activity in, and this is a great time of year for a walk!

    If you’re looking to get more out of your daily walk there are a couple things you can do.

    1. Walk like you’re late for an appointment. Upping your speed just a little can help you get more out of your time.

    2. Head for the hills. Adding a route with more inclines can work those muscles and increase your stamina.

    3. Pump those arms! Seriously, moving those arms like a speed walker helps up your pace and include a bit of an upper body workout.

    Do you like a leisurely walk with your thoughts or do you like to push it to get a good workout?

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Hannah R.

I like a leisurely walk, but my dad and my dog were pushing the pace when we went for a hike yesterday so I got more of a workout then I anticipated!

Meredith Y.

I love being intense but love a good walk as an evening way to get steps in

WayBetter Kristin

04/10/2023 12:00AM in Make the New Year Magic Transformer - $10,000 in prizes!
  • What do you do for work?

    Are you sitting at a desk or able to walk around and get some activity in?

    I found a fun article with some great ideas for exercises at your desk! Some of my favorites that can be done while sitting are:
    - Oblique twists
    - Seated bicycles
    - Leg lifts
    - Glute Squeeze
    - Seated leg extensions

    Do you do anything in particular to get in some extra movement during the workday?

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Lera C.

I try to take a walk outside during lunch for some extra steps!

Ash F

I’m a full time student and a CNC machinist. I’m on my feet a lot! I do get in at least 25-30 minutes of lifting or cardio each morning.

WayBetter Kristin

04/07/2023 7:33AM in Make the New Year Magic Transformer - $10,000 in prizes!
  • Weekend Mini Challenge

    When people think about the psychology of weight loss, three main themes come from a behavioral psychology perspective: goal setting, self monitoring, and social support. The funny things is, we're already doing all of that here!

    Your mini challenge for the weekend is to pick one of these and share it with us!

    Set a goal - large or mini - and hold yourself accountable by putting it in the comments.

    Focus on self-monitoring. Track your water or food for the weekend, track workout details, monitor your mood or environment before food cravings hit, etc... Whatever you need - and then tell us about it!

    Social Support - give it or look for it! Encourage your fellow players with comments and cheering or comment on the game feed reaching out for social support.

    Do one or a combination of any of these as your weekend mini challenge and report below in the comments!

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Alisha S.

I'm tracking everything even over Easter I will have a treat here but i'm not throwing in the towel because I'm trying to consciously track and eat well overall

Tracy J.

My goal is to workout 5 days!

WayBetter Kristin

04/05/2023 8:35AM in Make the New Year Magic Transformer - $10,000 in prizes!
  • Are you Team Fan or Team No Fan when it comes to sleep?

    I'm having a lot of fun today with this question in our Sleep Better, Feel Better game on the WayBetter app, so I thought I'd ask it here too!

    Studies show that poor sleep is one of the strongest risk factors for obesity, as it’s linked to an 89% increased risk of obesity in children and 55% in adults. In fact, sleep loss can release a hormone that will make you feel hungry when you’re not. Sleep loss also increases fat storage.

    Losing weight can help you get better sleep because it can help with sleep apnea, how comfortable you feel, and insomnia that can come from depression related to your weight.

    Do you feel you get enough sleep? Share any tips or struggles below!

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This is why I cringe when I see people getting up at 4:30 to work out. Impressive dedication, but usually not a net gain in the long term. Sleep is a valuable weight-loss tool!

Nicole T.

I 100% do not get enough sleep. I have a little girl who just had her first birthday, and she still wakes up at least 2 times a night and it is EXHAUSTING. It is so hard to have the energy to work out or even eat healthy when I'm getting 5 hours (give or take) of sleep a night.

Also, team fanz all the way. I didn't use to be, but my husband liked the noise and now I can't sleep without it!

WayBetter Kristin

04/03/2023 12:00AM in Make the New Year Magic Transformer - $10,000 in prizes!
  • How was your weekend? ...and how was the weigh-in?

    Here's a little Monday Motivation reminder Delali shared at the beginning of the game - and many of you shared similar motivation...

    "If you quit now you'll end up right where you began. And when you began, you were desperate to be where you are right now. Keep Going!"

    Share with us where you're at now and why you're going to Keep Going!

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This weekend I started seedlings for my garden with my three kiddos - this is one of my favorite hopeful times of the year when winter in Wisconsin gives way to spring and new life! :seedling:

April M.

I really struggled this past month. I'd lose a few pounds and then would gain it back. This weekend after not making the weigh in I decided that enough was enough. I joined this dietbet to give me the motivation to get under 200 for the first time in probably 20 years. So hitting it hard this next month!

WayBetter Kristin

03/29/2023 8:00AM in Make the New Year Magic Transformer - $10,000 in prizes!
  • Just days away now! How are you feeling about the upcoming weigh-in?

    In case you missed it, our Round 3 bonus prize winners were announced Tuesday. Congratulations to our winners of a 64oz Yeti Rambler (Amy L, Gail T, Victoria F, Aaron W, Karen P, Jonathan M, Jeff T, Elise L, Jennifer F, and Erin L), Ember Mug (April), and $100 Whole Foods Gift Card (David W and Marge)!! I hope you all enjoy your prizes!!

    With just days to go, and halfway through this 6-month game, let us know how you're doing! Comment with one word below!

    Every single one of you are amazing and deserve to feel amazing! Keep it up!

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Melissa V.

Fantastic! :grin:

Tiffany S.

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