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for my health and a chance to live life without limits cause by my weight! One of my major goals is to ride a rollercoaster again.

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Favorite Health Food: eggs

Favorite Sinful Food: no foods are sinful!

My Preferred Method of Exercise: crossramp, c25k

My Approach to Weight Loss: calorie counting

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: FitBit

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04/25/2019 11:49AM in SPRING TO YOUR GOALS W/ FRANNY - via iPhone
any good low carb meals anyone is willing to share?? & not something that tastes like asss lol

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Try Pinterest!!!

Chicken salad, I also wrap turkey in lettuce and eat cheese and cottage cheese on the side, also pork rinds are carb free!
I also make Fried bologna and eggs , sounds gross but it’s good!
Pinterest has a lot though :)

Lori F.

Chicken buffalo dip with celery/cucumbers
Zucchini noodles w/ Raos marinara sauce & kielbasa
Yummy egg scrambles w/ meat/veggies or both
Cheese sticks wrapped in turkey


04/19/2019 11:13AM in SPRING TO YOUR GOALS W/ FRANNY - via iPhone
  • Just got done with a 60 min cardio workout! Super happy I came to the gym today and pushed myself to do the 60 mins👊 I was unable to get a work out in yesterday so I doubled my time today to make up for it! I usually strive to do 30-40 mins 6/7 days a week at the gym. Feeling so good about myself💪Endorphins are no joke! I could live on a gym high forever.... Doesnt matter how much u weigh or the limits u think u have...I’m 266 lbs and i keep showing up. Anyone can do this, you just gotta fight like hell for it. Loving the motivation this dietbet with Franny gives me & all the posts from everyone! We got this people!!!!! Rooting for you all!!!

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Odette O

Great post! Great job! You...awesome!

Green Eyes

I’m with you girl, way to go!! I just made it to 261 yesterday and I’m all about daily gym life now!


04/16/2019 2:42PM in SPRING TO YOUR GOALS W/ FRANNY - via iPhone
  • Giveaways this game will be as follows:

    (4) $20.00 Amazon gift cards - These will be randomly given to 1 person each week. To be entered to win you must participate in at least 1 of the workouts I post each week. Just comment in the workout post thread that you completed and you will be entered into a random drawing! Winners will be announced on Sunday evenings - if you win you must email me to claim your giftcard.

    (2) Free entries into my next dietbet game in May - I will choose these winners based on who is most active in our game. Those who comment, life and encourage one another will be entered to win. These 2 winners will be announced at the end of our game.

    (1) CutDaCarb Flat breads - You guys these are amazing I use them frequently on my IG page so I asked them if they would be willing to sponsor a giveaway for this game and they agreed to giveaway 1 lucky winner a 48 pack of their flat breads! This is such a great prize, this will also be given away at random and announced at the end of the game!

    (1) Withings body composition scale - this is the scale I personally use and LOVE. This will be a random winner as well and also announced at the end of our game.

    For the random drawings I put the names of everyone who participates in a random name picker. The more active you are in this game the better chance you have to win :) The only ones I will personally pick will be the free dietbet entries into the next game.

    Week 1 challenge winner: Tammera (done)
    Week 2 challenge winner: Norma T (done)
    Week 3 challenge winner: Shana O. (done)

    CutDaCarb Wraps: Bethany T. (done)

    Week 4 challenge winner: Stacey C (done)
    Free dietbet entry: SoCalBeachMum (done)
    Free dietbet entry: RiverChicDee (please email me)

    Withings Body Comp Scale: Bethany K (please email me)EMAIL - ISFRANNYFITYET@hotmail.com

    If you see your name on this thread as a winner in the coming weeks it is your responsibility to email me to claim all prizes :)

    Good luck to everyone!

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Bethany K.

I’m so dying to win that scale!!! I want a fancy one but can’t justify the spend right now.


Hi Sylvia not sure what you're talking about the winners for week 1 and week 2 have been listed in this post. Week 3 winners will be posted today.. You don't have to go anywhere to see the winners but here.


04/15/2019 12:25PM in SPRING TO YOUR GOALS W/ FRANNY - via iPhone
Heyyyyyy gurlll (or guy) lol My name is Shannon and I’m 24 years young! This is my first dietbet with Franny & I’m super pumped. She is probably the most motivating person I follow on instagram. I am 50 lbs down from my heightest weight...it hasnt been easy & the journey has been slow BUT extremely rewarding. Decided to join dietbet to give my ass the extra push it needs! I am currently down 7 lbs since April 1st & am determined to keep pushing. Its insane how much excess weight can hold us back. I remember when i weight 310 lbs and couldnt buckle my airplane seat or how I havent been to an amusement park in years bc I was too big to ride the rollercoasters. Well, 2019 is my year & while I can now buckle my airplane seat with no problem I still havent returned to an amusement park bc I still think I wont fit in the seats for the rides...but once I hit my goal of 200 lbs you best believe this girl is heading straight to an amusement park! I know this dietbet with Franny will help me get closer to my goal💪 Insta: @myfatsfuneral

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I’ve also been nervous about going to an amusement park even though I LOVE roller coasters! We’lol be back there soon!


we got this!!!!!!!


04/15/2019 11:36AM in SPRING TO YOUR GOALS W/ FRANNY - via iPhone
  • Everyone feel free to drop your IG names below in this thread so we can follow and encourage each other there as well!
    My IG accounts are @isfrannyfityet and @isfrannyfityetdietbet

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Beverly A.