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Kat N. has weighed in at 129 pounds
07/19/2021 12:05PM in Syd’s Strong Summer DietBet

Total weight lost is now 268 pounds! Average is 0.8 pounds.

Alyssa K.

07/16/2021 6:13AM in Syd’s Strong Summer DietBet
What is one win you had this week? Mine is staying on track with workouts and keeping my days in check with 80/20 eating!

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Kat N.

Nice win!
My win-making it to the gym all week. It would have been so easy to stay in bed.

Alyssa K.

@kat way to go! I like to workout in the morning as well! Sets good intentions for the day!

Stephanie T.

07/15/2021 6:53PM in Syd’s Strong Summer DietBet
  • Day 4- back to baby walking! Steps and exercise goal met :).

Stevy , Charles F. and like this photo.

Shelby S.

So sweet :blue_heart: love the amber necklace!

Kat N.

Your little is not having it, lol

Maggie M

07/13/2021 1:33AM in Syd’s Strong Summer DietBet
  • Feeling 😖 ill today! But starting the day with a healthy breakfast: omelet with veggies and curry spices + coffee.

Stevy , sandra t. and like this photo.

Kat N.

Looks yummy

sandra t.

Omelet looks awesome

Shu J

07/13/2021 12:20AM in Syd’s Strong Summer DietBet
  • Hey everyone, I did a Zumba class after a year and a half! I wasn't able to do all the moves as gracefully as I used to, but I'll get there again. Let's get out of this pandemic funk together. (Sweaty selfie from car post-workout)

Stevy , sandra t. and like this photo.

Kat N.

I love Zumba. But I have no rhythm so I never look graceful.

Jennifer S.

07/12/2021 8:01PM in Syd’s Strong Summer DietBet

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Kat N.


Stephanie T.

07/12/2021 7:06PM in Syd’s Strong Summer DietBet
  • Baby wearing walk workout. Day 1 :)

Stevy , Rhonda and like this photo.

Kat N.

Amazing :thumbsup:
Kat N. accepted the challenge.
07/11/2021 12:46PM in Syd’s Strong Summer DietBet
The pot is now $5,145

Kat N. , Stevy and CPU like this accomplishment.

Syd Journey

07/07/2021 11:39AM in Syd’s Strong Summer DietBet
  • Hello everyone and welcome to our next DietBet game! If you are new here then welcome! I’m excited to have you here with us for this 4 week challenge 😊. And if you are joining again then congrats! Last game our players won $56 which is amazing 🎉. Let’s all work hard this game and win some money together!

    Before we get started I want to do a gift card giveaway. Please comment your name, where you are from, and what your goals are for this game 😊. I’ll go ahead and pick 4 winners for a $10 Amazon gift card on Monday 7/12!

Kat N. , Stevy and like this photo.

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Rosell Marie

My name is Roselle, I am from the Philippines and I am here for I have been bullied for my Physique. I have nothing against it as I know I am beautiful whatever shape I have and it is the personality that matters. Although I wanted to prove to myself that I can be better by making myself healthier by losing some weights not only for myself but for my family as well.

Stephanie W.

My name is Stephanie, and I’m from Massachusetts. My goal is to kickstart my weight loss again! I won my last dietbet and then went on vacation and gained all of that weight back.