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Discovering Cindy

10/16/2020 10:56AM in Jillian Michaels Fall DietBet
Does anyone count flavored water (no calories... flavor drops, Crystal light etc.) as water count ? I started added some no calories flavored to my water to break it up but didn’t count it as daily total oz. I was wondering if people did and if was okay to do so?

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When I want something other than ice water, I drink sparkling water with lemon and/or lime :)

Laura Q.

Make your own flavored water - add fruit and herbs or spices if you can't drink enough plain water. Strawberry & mint, cucumber & jalapeños, watermelon & basil etc Get a big jug and keep in fridge. Eat or toss the fruit at the end of each day though. Can get a dedicated jug from Bed Bath & Beyond or similar with an ice holder section - fill that bit with your flavors to make it a neat/tidy pour

Jillian Michaels

10/01/2020 11:49AM in Jillian Michaels Fall DietBet
it's day 1, squad! what are you doing today to kick off your challenge?

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6 mile walk through the forest in the rain

Larry R.

Hi Jillian! I'm trying a new diet/exercise program called PB&J 90-X.

Ilana Muhlstein

09/09/2020 8:00AM in Fall into Weight Loss Mode w/ Ilana Muhlstein
Here is just a little something to get you over the week and to start you off right. In my book "You Can Drop It!" I talk about setting up your Environment for success. The goal is to get your space set up so it's extremely inconvenient to gain weight, and extremely convenient to lose weight. For example, ask your spouse or housemates to keep their junk foods and tempting snacks in an opaque container on a very high shelf, and cut up some fresh fruits and veggies so they are the first thing you see in the refrigerator. Use the rest of the week and weekend to set yourself up for success, go and buy what you need- Veggies, lean proteins, waters, etc and comment in this post and let me know what you did and how you did it. You Got This, You're Going To Make It Rock!! #Wednesdaywisdom.

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Larry R.

No bread or sweets in the house!! Only meats, cheese, eggs, nuts, whole milk, and vegetables. And my soda-stream for low calorie drinks. ("Don't drink your calories.")


Grocery shopped at the beginning of the week to set myself up for success! Lots of fruits and veggies and my “go to” healthy lunches to keep me out of the cafeteria at work.