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01/15/2021 6:53AM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
  • This is the first DietBet that I signed up for, and I signed up right at the beginning of my 2020 weight loss journey. We had family pictures taken in a park just before I started concentrating on losing weight and getting healthy. I was in a ton of pain and was having trouble sleeping. The pain in my back and hips has significantly improved and I feel so much better. I even found pictures where my face was completely broken out prior to losing the weight. My skin now has been better than it has in years!

    The before picture is from July and my after picture is my weigh out picture. Please ignore my super messy bathroom!! I lost over 70 lb! Thank you all for being there throughout the journey. I'm just about at my initial goal weight but now I'm planning to continue to get even healthier.

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dana d.

You look great!

Jennifer S.

Oh my goodness, you are an absolute inspiration!! I’m so happy for you and your success! The reduction in pain and the clearing up of your skin are such remarkable examples of how our bodies adapt to the lifestyle changes we make! Thank you for sharing! Are you on IG? I’d love to follow your journey. :relaxed: @fitwithmejennyd


01/15/2021 3:04AM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
  • 2020 has been a challenging year for me. As a front line healthcare worker I have endured a level of stress and anxiety that I've never experienced before (and I have 7 kids so I live in a constant state of stress..lol). I turned to alcohol in March to cope. I quickly realized this was not a good decision and started to turn things around. Diet bet has been one of those key factors in changing my habits. During this time I've learned that I am not super woman and it's okay to ask for help. It's okay to admit I'm not doing well. I still struggle with anxiety and panic attacks (which just started in December-????). Exercise and eating healthy have helped me get through this struggle, as well as support from family and friends. Thank you dietbet for this platform and thank you fellow diet betters for your encouraging posts these past 6 months!! I can see the light at the end of this dark tunnel! Stay safe and stay strong in 2021!!

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Thank you so much for sharing and for all your hard work during this pandemic! I’m staying safe at home for people like you.

Jennifer S.

I have to echo what others have said. Thank you for your dedication to the health care of others! :two_hearts: And amazing transformation both physically and mentally! With such tough stressors in your life, it’s incredible that you were able to course-correct and make such wonderful improvements. You should be so proud!! Congratulations!


01/14/2021 8:03PM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
Only got it by .6lbs. Like to be a couple pounds under but will take it. Going to sign up for a bunch more contests in the next few days. Good luck to everyone!

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dana d.

Congrats on making it!

Claud O.

01/14/2021 6:09PM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
  • Wow! I can't believe we are at the end of this bet already! It's been a long journey full of ups and downs especially over the last year, but was well worth all the pain and sweat! I'm so grateful to have met you all and to receive all the love and support from everyone, I can't thanks you enough!

    Congratulations to everyone that made the commitment to join this diet bet, despite how many wins/ loses you may have! Making the choice to try and lose and put yourself first is always a win! Good luck to everyone on their health journeys, stay safe and remember to speak kindly to yourself! Love you all!

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dana d.

I loved reading your posts. Girl, you look amazing!

Jennifer S.

Dang, girl, you are rockin that suit! You’ve done an amazing job and look fantastic!!


01/14/2021 9:17AM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
  • Down 23 pounds from starting weigh in the game and grateful for all your support. Keep on pushing ... still have a few hours more to make weight ...

Jennifer S. , Dave and like this photo.

Ashley R.

Congrats!! I'm down 24! Feels awesome!

dana d.

Woohooo. Congrats!

Lindsey P.

01/14/2021 5:27AM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
  • What a ride it's been. Congratulations to everyone who played this game! Even if you didn't win any of the rounds you still made the attempt and took a step forward! My journey wasn't as dramatic as some, I lost 18.5 pounds during this game and 46 pounds since I gave birth to my daughter in May. Keep up the momentum and don't stop here! ❤💪

Wendi G. , Claud O. and like this photo.

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Marisa M.

Your transformation is amazing! Great job!!!

Claud O.

Great job Lindsey, looking great!
Don't underestimate your achievement, this is your race and your win, way to shred the pounds!


01/13/2021 7:59PM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
  • I can't believe this has come to an end! Although it wasnt smooth sailing in my personal life, I refused to give up my dream. Successfully lost 41 pounds this game, and won 6/6 rounds!!

    I am nowhere near my goal so I started the next (very big!) dietbet. If everything goes well, I'll be VERY close to my first goal by the end of that game.

    Thank you to EVERYONE who cheered me on, and to those who really did help me during my time of need. I hope you know how genuinely appreciative I am for having you there when I needed someone to talk to. Please keep in touch...add me on here, Facebook or Instagram.

    "If I can do it, so can YOU!"
    IG: @reducingrenee622

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Jennifer G.

Great job!!

Claud O.

Wow Renee, you look so different! Way to stick with it especially with the 2020, you had! I know it wasn't easy for you, but you're a much stronger person to have lived it and made it through! Way to go gurl, I'm so proud of you!

dana d.

01/13/2021 4:53PM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
  • 61 pounds down this dietbet. Over 70 since I started my other one in June. Here is my pic from May of 2020 and my weigh-out pic today. I never in a million years thought I could do this after years and years of struggling. Thank you guys so much for your amazing support!

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dana d.

Thank you, ladies!

Claud O.

Wow Dana, you look fabulous! Great job hunny!

Taylor C.

01/13/2021 2:08PM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
  • Here’s my before & after: 21 lbs down! I only won 3/6 rounds and 2 of those rounds I was only a lb or so off! Definitely annoying but glad to bounce back.

    More to lose, so I joined the Game Changer Transformer to take me into summer.

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dana d.

21 pounds is awesome. Way to go!


Amazing job!


01/13/2021 1:31PM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
  • Glad I am not this guy anymore. After a year of focused determination I have dropped over 115 lbs. Thanks DietBet for providing these challenges to encourage me to stay focused.

    I'll be weighing out tonight with another WIN!

Kaylaa , MJ C. and like this photo.

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Danielle S.

Hey Thomas, I remember seeing your post in a fattycakes game. Are you still fasting until the scale drops, eating, then fasting again til a loss? Did I get that right?


Danielle, yeah sort of like that. I call it FIN 2 WIN, where I will Fast If Necessary to WIN.

My spreadsheet details out what I need to lose 4.2% per 4 weeks
so I can win the Kickstarts. I weigh each and every day and enter that number in my Spreadsheet. IF I am NOT at or below where I want to be for that day I will FAST for the next 24 hours (for a total of 32 because I just slept 8). Then I will eat the next day (16 hours); this should be done within reason, but I've also allowed myself some fun stuff to eat too. Then I repeat the process. For me this has turned into a IF (Intermittent Fasting) Plan that looks like 32 Hours Fasting: 16 Hours Eating, or an every other day Fast. I also continue to Exercise a BUNCH. Most of my Exercise has been on my bike in the basement on a Trainer. Last night I cycled 2:40:00 for a total of 41 miles, while at the end of my Fast yesterday.

I gotta do what I gotta do to lose the weight. And now to MAINTAIN, I will continue to FIN 2 WIN. After I get rid of the rest of the body fat that I want to drop I hope to introduce weight lifting to add upper body muscle. I'm shooting for 5 - 10% body fat, if I only knew how to measure it.

By the end of this I doubt I will get an offer from the Chiefs, but ya never know.
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