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Amanda I.

12/09/2020 7:12PM in The Countdown Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus!
Would like to start up kickboxing again - but my caloric intake has been low . I’ve been focusing on what I eat and not exercising besides a walk everyday.
Looking for suggestions of what to add to continue progress and also not starve myself.

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Blend oats in a protein shake!! I have this twice a day

Elizabeth M.

When I workout a lot I need protein (i.e. eggs, chicken, fish, etc) vegetables, fat (for me olive oil, and I like to have a little butter, cheese, yogurt because it is just delicious) and I try to keep carbs low but honor my craving for them. Like one piece of bread a day is better than denying myself everything and then binging. I've found using a calorie app on my phone helps me track what works for me along with listening when I feel hungry to what will satisfy me. It gets easier with practice. If I'm not doing much I can get away eating 1250 calories a day but need like 1750 to work out daily. Or eat less a few days per week and then eat 2000 the other days. I've lost 20 lbs this way

Kellie F.

12/09/2020 6:01PM in Thankful to End 2020 Strong - Ilana Muhlstein
  • I spent two hours at the end of the work day having an internal struggle over whether or not to order pizza...made chicken cashew stir fry with veggies instead!

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Christin M.

Yeah girl! Winning one day at a time!


It is SO hard sometimes to eat healthy when you're craving something that's not so good for you! Great job :clap:

Aileen O.

12/09/2020 6:01PM in Thankful to End 2020 Strong - Ilana Muhlstein
  • Was craving Cuban food, made Vaca frita! With cauliflower rice and arugula salad with balsamic reduction as an accessory 😋

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April E.


Amanda I.

This looks so tasty