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09/20/2021 7:49AM in Syd’s Fall DietBet Game!
  • Hello everyone and welcome! Today is the first day of our fall DietBet game and I’m super excited to be your host for these next 4 weeks 😊. If you are new to my games please make sure you are checking the DietBet wall for my weekly challenges and giveaway posts so you don’t miss out. My prizes are worldwide so everyone has a chance to win something. Before we get started with our first weekly challenge, here are the winners for the $10 Amazon gift card Introduction giveaway:

    - Gwynn from Greensboro NC
    - Jamia from Missouri
    - Lyssa from Texas
    - Katee from SD

    Congrats friends! Please go ahead and email me at to claim your gift cards! Thank you so much and congrats ❤

    Our first weekly challenge is one that I always do and truly love! The Weekly Workout Challenge! Here is how you can win a $10 Amazon Gift Card while also staying accountable for activity this week 😊:

    Complete 4-5 workouts this week (of your choice) for at least 30-45 minutes long. If you aren’t sure what workouts to do I recommend either walking daily or checking out the free YouTube channel called Fitness Blender. They have some awesome low impact cardio videos. Once you finish a workout please share it on this thread, the DietBet wall, or the Facebook Group page. You can post a sweaty selfie, a screenshot of your fitness tracker, or comment a simple “I did ___ today for my workout”. I’ll go ahead and announce 2 winners on Monday 9/27. Let’s all have an awesome first week everyone!!!

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Dave C

  • Walked 5 miles today! Woohoo!

Mary P.

  • 40 minutes on the bike and a 5 minute stretch

Sarah G.

09/19/2021 6:31PM in Syd’s Fall DietBet Game!
I weighed with my Apple Watch on this morning. I never take it off so I forgot about it. Will this disqualify me? Can I resubmit my pictures??

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Megan M.

Your photo shouldn’t be disqualified due to that. I leave my watch on also


09/11/2021 3:43PM in Syd’s Fall DietBet Game!
  • Hello and welcome everyone to our fall DietBet game! My name is Sydney and I’ll be your host for this 4 week challenge. I’m super excited to be here with you all and can’t wait to get started! There are a ton of extra prizes you can win from me. The prizes and giveaways are worldwide so everyone has a chance to win!

    To kick start this game please go ahead and comment your name, where you are from, and one goal you plan to keep for this 4 week challenge. For example: My name is Sydney, I’m from San Diego CA, and my goal is to workout 5 days a week and track my nutrition. Once you comment below you will be entered into winning a $10 Amazon Gift Card! I’ll go ahead and announce 4 winners on Monday 9/20! Very excited for this! Let’s all have fun :) !

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Jessi Y.

Hello! My name is Jessi. I’m from northeast Tennessee but currently living in Indiana. My goal is to complete my 30 day workout program and try to eat as minimally processed as possible. 3 months postpartum second go around is proving much harder!

Mari O.

New to the game - how often do we submit our weight?