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05/30/2020 6:39PM in Fatgirlfedup's Summer Start Off
  • With no reopening date for gyms in my state in sight and after trying to run no matter how much I hate it, I finally caved and bought a bike! It won’t be here for about a week, but I’m really excited!

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Biking is a super fun form of exercise! Hope you love it as much as I grew to love it during these past few months :)


05/30/2020 5:54AM in Fatgirlfedup's Summer Start Off
I need new recipes that my very busy family will enjoy!! Can yall please overload me??

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Arin G.

1 lb ground beef and bags of fresh coleslaw mix , garlic and a bit of soy sauce. Super easy and taste just like stir fry

L i L i

Frozen salmon and asparagus in over 12minutes.


05/07/2020 6:13PM in MOLSINSPIRE'S Lose weight - get paid
  • Ate a square of this after dinner. It’s super dark chocolate so I don’t really even want more than a square. And it’s sweetened with stevia so it has fewer calories than a traditional chocolate bar. Highly recommend for those of us with a wicked sweet tooth!

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Yvette M.

I love Lily's, they have good PB cups too :)


I got it at Harris Teeter, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them at the bougie grocery stores as well - Whole Foods and The Fresh Market.


05/06/2020 6:55PM in MOLSINSPIRE'S Lose weight - get paid
I’m interested in doing 75 Hard but there are some requirements that don’t really fit what I’m looking to improve on. For example, I really haven’t read much at all since I finished grad school, so I do count it as a victory if I listen to an audiobook or read an actual book, even if it’s fiction, and I can commit to doing that every day. On the other hand, 75 Hard doesn’t have requirements for some of my goals like becoming more organized, following a morning routine, etc. I know the whole point of 75 Hard is to do everything, no cheating and no skipping steps. So my question is, should I modify 75 Hard to include some of my other goals and allow for any kind of reading, as long as it gets me to read something other than emails, even though that might kinda defeat the stated purpose? Or does anyone know of any similar challenges that have fitness/health goals as well as other types of personal growth goals?

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Yvette M.

I decided to do 75 Hard because it fit really well with my current goals and habits I was already building. Also, I liked that it was an established challenge with a tribe that would help to motivate me, keep me accountable, and cheer me on. But it doesn't incorporate everything I want to work on, like getting to bed on time, getting and staying organized, etc. I think we need to do what works for us and though some challenges may seem intriguing if they don't fit what we're trying to accomplish then they could just end up being frustrating. There are so many great tools out there for building habits: books, blogs, vlogs, apps. Find something that fits with your goals and gives you the tools you need to really establish them, whatever that may be for you. Good luck and congrats on taking steps to build good habits :)


Thanks, gals! You’re totally right


04/22/2020 5:04PM in MOLSINSPIRE'S Lose weight - get paid
I started a new job a few months ago, and I let it take priority over my workouts, which I LOVED before that for so many reasons - feeling better physically and emotionally, looking better...Before this job, I was a full time grad student and part time instructor in my department, so I actually worked much more than I do now (~80 hrs/week), but I could always fit a workout in in the middle of the day when there was nobody at the gym. Now I prefer to go in the mornings because it’s just not enjoyable at 5 pm when I have to modify my routine or wait ages for equipment. Anyway, all of that’s to say that I had already gained about 5 lbs from my lowest before corona, and I’ve gained 5 more since then. I’ve been dialing in my nutrition and trying to get in more walks with my puppy. I also have a few things at home, but I can’t wait until the gyms reopen and I’m able to hit the ground running (metaphorically of course - I’m definitely more of a weights person!).

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Wow! You are so friggin busy!! I give you major props! You've got this! :muscle::fire:


04/20/2020 3:45PM in MOLSINSPIRE'S Lose weight - get paid
  • Tracked my cals today for the first time in a long time and came out at 1275! After eating large portions for a while, I am hungry, but I had half a kombucha instead of a snack before dinner. Then dinner was this Amy’s pizza!

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Kari S.

  • If you find yourself continuing to be hungry- try adding more fruits and veggies to your diet. This visual has helped me


That salad looks amazing!