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Carlos R.

  • Tried something different. Sausage with onions and green peppers on a bed of slices of eggplant 🍆.

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mols inspire

this actually looks so good!

Carlos R.

Thanks Mols


  • Making dinner for family and me. Do you cook always separately or you just eat the same things as your family?

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mols inspire

growing my my mom would always cook herself and me healthy meals and everyone else had not so healthy foods because they hated what we ate lol

Lucy T


mols inspire


    Here is my new podcast recommendation for the week!

    Dr. Jolene Brighten - Beyond the Pill
    By Mind Pump

    This one was a very interesting topic! It talks about the effects of birth control on womens health (and men) as well as its impact on the bodies ability to lose weight. It also touches on the topic of how negative self-talk impacts your health.

    I currently am not on birth control and haven't been for a while. I found it really effected me on a mental and physical level in ways that were far from positive. My energy was down, I gained weight, and found I had very low libido.

    I'm curious to know what everyone else experience with birth control is like in regards to their health?

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Emily V.

Same!!! But I just had a baby 11 weeks ago and I refuse to get pregnant any time soon so I’m on BC. Low libido. Blah moods. Hard to lose weight.


Listening to this podcast was an amazing suggestion, I’m going to buy her book. I recently stopped taking hormonal birth control after 8 years of use because I found out I had lesions in my liver, which through scans they said are benign. I’m 99% sure they are from taking hormonal BC. Thank you for posting this, I think reading her book is going to make a huge impact on my life.


How do y'all stay on track when you have company/visit people? We've had my MIL here for four days... And even though she knows I'm trying to be healthy and lose weight she keeps buying shitty food for us and making shitty meals. I keep saying either I'm not hungry or I straight up just tell her no, I don't eat that. But I always end up feeling guilty and just eat a little. I know it's not her fault. It's all about self-control...which is my biggest hurdle to cross 😬😩 How do you deal with stuff like that? Also,when you go visit others?

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I'm not sure if it would work for you, but I'd suggest making a dish that you can eat and then just take one bite of whatever she makes. She may make 3 dishes for a meal, but if you make one dish too, you can eat the bulk of your meal from your own cooking. She and the rest of your family members can eat from your dish as well as your MIL. Don't feel bad, you are doing what is good for you...doesn't mean it has to be for everyone else.

mols inspire

I just continue to eat the way I like to eat and the way I know I need to.
I try not to let others sway the way I know I should be eating in order to get to my goals .
I stopped feeling bad for being that odd one out


Damnit, my scale went UP this morning. Only a little but not cool. Maybe it was too much protein because I definitely stuck to low carb. Does anyone else on keto/lchf have trouble with chicken being so.much.protein? It's like a tiny piece fills up my protein macro :( It's ok. maybe it was too much salt? I don't think I had more than normal, but I'll avoid it today. I have a weigh in on June 5/6 and need to lose about 2lbs for it.

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Yep, lots of water today and lower sodium today too, plus more fats. I finished logging everything and fats were only 60% instead of 70, so good advice! thank you

mols inspire

its totally normal to fluctuate I just always suggest that before the final weigh in your limit salt and carbs for the 2 days leading up so you dont have a fluctuation!!! I wouldn't worry about it though!!!

Amelia C.

06/01/2019 7:52AM in MOLSINSPIRES - THE LAST CHANCE FOR SUMMER - via iPhone
Cheat day was yesterday, I cheated a little more than I’d like. Just because you reach your goal doesn’t mean you get comfortable, it means keep going!! Back at it this morning with my 4 miles in before work 💪

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mols inspire

omg when I went to Vancouver this week I went insane and im feeling sooooo fluffy from it now!!! time to get back to the grind!


This is me every weekend


06/01/2019 7:50AM in MOLSINSPIRES - THE LAST CHANCE FOR SUMMER - via iPhone
Anybody know any low intensity workouts? I have an auto immune disease and I get fatigued reallllly easily and my joints suffer if I’m too hard on my body.

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Try looking up LISS - low intensity steady state cardio. I like incline walking, but if your joints are bothering you, swimming might be your new best friend.

mols inspire

I would definitely focus more on things like walking and hiking and then shorter workouts maybe twice a day at home for strength!


It's funny how different my brain feels after I actually cut the junk, sugar, too many carbs, out for a few days. I'm slowly but surely digging myself out of the funk I have been in (for understandable reasons). Something happened to a friend recently that really highlighted how far I've come, mentally. So I may not be great at this all the time, I may be up 15lbs from my lowest a couple months back, I may not update my IG daily (or even weekly sometimes. whoops), but I am living my best life, my best version of me, and constantly reaching to be healthier. I have to let go of the fear that I will be different. I will be, because I will no longer be "the fat friend" (and all that goes along with those labels). It's crazy how we sabotage ourselves because our entire identity can be wrapped up in being a certain way.

anyway, thank you for the inspiration everyone! Mols' games have been my co favorite out of all the ones I've tried :) Little under 2 weeks to go. Time to get even more serious.

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I like Stacy/Losing for Health's games but I'm not sure if she's doing another one for a while. I think it's a little hit or miss and depends on who decides to join. If a group of us all signed up for the same one and continued to post, that could be good.

mols inspire

awe thanks babe I love hearing that you guys like them!!!!

Leslie K.

05/29/2019 2:45PM in MOLSINSPIRES - THE LAST CHANCE FOR SUMMER - via iPhone
Random question ... wondering if anyone’s tried creams/lotions/home remedies that have actually helped with the appearance of cellulite? I know it’s kind of one of those things that’s unavoidable but figured I’d ask lol .. Thanks!


I’ve heard skin brushing helps, but I don’t do it consistently enough to notice a difference.

mols inspire

I've done everything under the moon and I haven't had any MAJOR changes in my cellulite.
I've sort of just accepted it

danielle w.

05/27/2019 9:54PM in MOLSINSPIRES - THE LAST CHANCE FOR SUMMER - via android
  • Good old salad. Needa start running tmrw! No exercise yet lol

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danielle w.

Thank you gal!

mols inspire

this looks so good!
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