Sarah W.

Short answer is I want to live long enough to watch my daughter grow up. I want to be able to safely have more kiddos. I want to live life to my fullest. I'm fedup with my weight holding me back from doing what I want to do.

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Sarah W.

02/24/2021 1:35PM in Franny's February DietBet
  • One positive is I weigh less than I did 5 years ago!

    For lunch I had 1/4 of a Broccoli crust Mediterranean style pizza, Spinach and Spring mix with ranch and baby carrots 335 Calories

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Also congrats on the low :tada:


That looks amazing!


02/23/2021 7:52PM in Franny's February DietBet
  • Sharing a different kind of Transformation Tuesday post!
    Yes, there is a weight difference here, but that’s not the point today.
    The point - My Posture! Look at it! I have sat all day and all night for years, my back is curved, my posture sucks, I have a pelvic tilt and hip flexor issues, and it’s all caused knee issues. But moving my body every day has fixed these. I haven’t focused specifically on fixing this, even though I knew it was an issue. But it has improved just by MOVING.
    Now that I see this difference, I’m definitely going to include more exercises to help it!

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Sarah W.

That is so awesome! Way to go Shelly. :heart:

Becky G.

That's awesome!!

Ashley O.

02/22/2021 12:05PM in Franny's February DietBet
My workout is not up to par today. But I still showed up.

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Sarah W.

Way to still show up for yourself. That can be so hard sometimes. You should be proud.

Sarah W.

02/22/2021 11:08AM in Franny's February DietBet
  • I still have along ways to go, but this is a big moment for me.  I'm finally at where I weighed 5 years ago. I remember hating my body so much at that point. After I posted that weight on my fitbit I stopped wearing it. That is when I gave up. I believed I was never going to succeed so why try. I believed I was a failure, unlovable (Even though I have an amazing family and husband who love me) and not worth it. In the last 5 years I have gained 61.8lbs. Which means I've now lost 61.8lbs! 🙌 I'm  definitely not where I want to be yet, but I'm going to love myself and enjoy the process of making my body stronger and healthier.

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Molly W.

You are so awesome!!!

Brenda L.

You are awesome!! Congrats!!

Sarah W.

02/20/2021 5:24PM in Franny's February DietBet
  • 💯 YES! Self love is something I will always preach about. Sorry not sorry. ❤

    I have always been overweight and I don't remember ever liking my body. Honestly I hated myself for along time, my weight and looks were part the reason. I have tried fad diet after fad diet over the years, but everytime I ended up gaining more weight. I never felt like I was worth the hard work. I finally realized I love myself enough to change. God knows I'm far from perfect, but I'm worth the hard work. September 13th I woke up heartbroken I started my period again. My husband and I have been trying for another child since Dec 2018.  For some reason I decided to also step on the scale that day. That morning was my breaking point. I realized that I'm killing myself. I was 352.8lbs. I also realized that I love myself. I want to live. I want to play and live life to the fullest. This weight loss journey has been so different from any other time I tried to lose weight. I believe the reason why is because I'm not doing this out of hate, I'm doing this because I freaking love myself.

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Sarah W.

Kolina I'm sorry you can relate. It is so hard. I definitely still want more kids. For now I'm finally focusing on my own health and happiness. I hope that this lifestyle change will help, but even if it doesn't I'm worth the hard work.


You are amazing. Thank you for realizing your self-worth, hopefully at any size.

Becky G.

02/20/2021 2:17PM in Franny's February DietBet
  • You guys! My trainer came in this morning! It was on backorder but it arrived and my brother helped me put it together. He said he's never seen somebody so excited to exercise 😂

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Kolina K.

How do you like it?! I’ve been thinking about investing in one myself but wasn’t sure how well they work

Becky G.

I'm liking it! I live in Michigan and can't get out to ride in the winter so this is perfect! I was interested in the smart trainers but wanted to make sure I'd use one before I made the investment, so this one is basic but really sturdy.

Maria V.

02/17/2021 11:42AM in Franny's February DietBet
  • Well due to diet bet ive lost 22 pounds since Jan 1st... so with newly regained confidence ive been making tik toks about working out ...of course one went viral 😊lol... i got bullied by someone in the comments and did the best clap back. He thought that saying i should hang a burger in front of me to motivate me would hurt me lol well he was WAY wrong! I gave him exactly what he requested. Lol love yourselfs dont let ANYTHING OR ANYONE TAKE YOU AWAY FROM LOVING YOU! Add me on tik tok of you want @maluvellasco

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Sarah W.

I'll never understand people like that, but I love you attitude. Awesome response to such a troll. Keep up the amazing work. You got this girl. :muscle:

Jordan W.

Love this!! You are amazing! :raised_hands::heart:


02/17/2021 8:58AM in Franny's February DietBet
  • Morning everyone and happy Wednesday enjoying the last day of my birthday vacation and heading home today. Looking forward to getting back to some regular meals and workouts. I was able to squeeze in one workout while I’ve been in Tahoe but that was followed by lots of relaxing and enjoying the snow. I hope everyone has had a great start to our 2nd week.
    Is everyone nearing their halfway point with your weight goal? Would love to hear some updates from you all below in the comments. Also looks like we can upload images again YAY

    Here are the challenge winners for challenge 2 and challenge 3 Ladies please message me on IG or send me an email you’ve each won a box of my favorite protein built bars 🎉 please send me your full name, email, shipping address. I will also post this on our IG account as well!

    Challenge 2 winners
    Kelsie M
    Rebecca B

    Challenge 3 winners
    Kortni S

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Amanda B.

55% there...but the weight loss has slowed down :pensive: Hopefully will be able to change things up a bit and continue the progress :pray:

Lisa R.

70% there. Hoping I don’t stall out the next two weeks.


02/17/2021 8:41AM in Franny's February DietBet
I don't usually share much personal stuff, but felt compelled today. I have been on this current weight loss journey since Jan 2020 (truly a life long battle for me). It started slow, then sped up in the spring and slowed way down at the end of summer and fall. I never gave up and just kept trying. I am finally back on a roll and it feels great. This morning I hit 70lbs lost from my highest last Jan. I still have more to lose and muscle to gain, but I am thrilled with my progress and proud I didn't quit when I was feeling disheartened.

For everyone who is struggling, just keep going! It takes time and consistency. If you don't give up, you will accomplish goals and feel great. Best wishes to everyone.

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Candina H.

Thank you so much for sharing. This is very inspirational


Thanks for your support everyone.

Lisa R.

02/16/2021 7:38AM in Franny's February DietBet
  • Transformation Tuesday! Almost 5 months and 40 pounds. 5 DietBets with Franny! I’m excited to finally see my biceps again. Working on triceps! 💪

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Becky G.



Such amazing work!
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