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fallon d.

about 3 hours ago in Franny’s November Game
  • Very excited to weigh in! I think this might be the first holiday season ever where I am in control, I feel great and my New Years Resolution doesn’t have to involve weight loss because I’m kickin ass!!!! Take that 2020!!! Congrats to everyone and good luck! Happy holidays <3

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Lisa J.

about 3 hours ago in Franny’s November Game
  • Beginning of June until now... down 25 pounds! This is my second Franny dietbet! Looking to maintain my current weight at this point or possibly drop one or two more pounds. So happy to have found dietbet!

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fallon d.

U look awesome!


11/22/2020 8:16AM in Franny’s November Game
Question. If we do our weigh in today, is that the final? Or will we get another notification to weigh in the 25-26th?

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fallon d.

I read it that way too at first lol

Giulia M.

We have to weigh in anytime after midnight tonight right?

fallon d.

11/15/2020 5:24PM in Franny’s November Game
Anyone have any riced broccoli recipes they’d like to share?

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Never tried it like that! I mostly do riced cauliflower :)

fallon d.

I buy it frozen, love the cauli but I need to switch it up!!!


11/11/2020 12:19PM in Franny’s November Game
  • Boxing tonight ???? ????

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I use to like running but can’t run anymore it knackers my back but I love boxing

fallon d.



11/11/2020 9:31AM in Franny’s November Game
Good Morning team & happy Wednesday! Two weeks from today we will be getting ready to weigh-out for this game. That also means two weeks until thanksgiving and I am looking forward to it. I know food can cause us to feel anxious and overwhelmed sometimes but one day of enjoying ourselves is not going to ruin our progress. Yesterday on my IG story (@isfrannyfityet) I talked a little about how at times we can be super frustrated with the scale and that there maybe times where it won't move at all or it moves in the wrong direction. During those times it's important for you to evaluate your routine. Are you doing everything in your power to achieve the results you deserve? Are you in deficit? Are you drinking your water, getting your steps and workouts in ETC? If you are doing everything IN YOUR power that should be enough to ease your mind away from those feelings of defeat. Look at it from a perspective that are in a healthy lifestyle. That you are moving your body and eating foods that are good for you. If you feel better than you have ever felt physically YOU CAN NOT ALLOW DAILY fluctuations to cause you to get off track. Yes, I say this every game. I know we are all in this game to meet a weight goal and, again, if you are doing everything right you should be losing weight. But, there will be those frustrating days that you have to get through in order to get to that goal. You can not get upset if you get on the scale and you are up 1 lb., 2 lbs. and throw all of your hard work away because of it. That is self sabotage. Its a vicious cycle that will land us all back to our starting point which we have all worked so hard to get away from. It's so important now through the holiday season that we do our best to stay positive and remember that as long as you are showing up for yourself everyday YOUR RESULTS WILL COME.

Keep positive guys. I'm so proud of everyone of you!

Challenge 3 & 4 will be posted later this evening. Stay tuned.


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Irmalinda P.

Definitely what I needed to hear! Was feeling down the last 2 days and missed out on the gym. Thank you for this.


  • Trying to close my rings and keeping myself accountable. Been walking to work, at lunch and home. Did an extra long walk after work today. I will continue to work for it.

Allison H.

11/11/2020 6:42AM in Franny’s November Game
I’ve seen a lot of people posting about how frustrated they are with the scale / their progress so far this game. If you haven’t already, I suggest watching Franny’s stories from yesterday. I was feeling so defeated because I’m up 2 lbs and am just not seeing the scale move even though it feels like I’m KILLING myself in the gym. Franny reminded me how important it is to focus on the bigger picture. I’ve lost 50 lbs, why am I so worried about gaining 2?! It’s all about your perspective!

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Yes 100% so proud of you Allison!!


Her story and the part about realizing how far we've come, really did resonate with me.


11/08/2020 4:47AM in Franny’s November Game
I looked in the mirror today and its hard to believe I've already lost 31 pounds since this summer. With my weight loss its hard not to still see myself as a big girl. Diet bet has really helped jump start my progress. This journey will be now considered a lifetime choice not a diet (I'm so used to that word because it implies something temporary). Your post and my bariatric doctor suggestions have been inspiring. I take notes with my notepad and try out these ideas. I'm proud of everyone because at least your not talking about doing it. You are working hard for every pound like I am. I don't beat myself up if I gain and realize there will be imperfect days but there is always tomorrow.

Ivonne M. , Gillian M. and like this comment.

fallon d.

Get it girl

Angelica G.

31 is amazing!! You got this.

Ashley C.

11/07/2020 8:45PM in Franny’s November Game
So my brother is coming over for dinner tomorrow night and he likes to eat low calorie meals (as do I) We are Italian so Sundays are always pasta night. Aside from zoodles does anyone have any suggestions on low calorie pasta dishes?

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Jessica M.

Hearts of palm! The consistency and texture are great. A few brands are Palmini and Natural Heaven. Super low calorie. Delicious!

Ashley C.

Thank you for all of the suggestions. He ended up rescheduling for next week, he has a stress induced stomach ache :(


11/07/2020 7:22AM in Franny’s November Game
Was doing so well since this DietBet started, but just got some bad news yesterday, our 4 month old kitten suddenly passed away😭 it’s my kids first pet and we are all having a hard time dealing with it, and I’ve definitely fallen into some crappy eating habits. Today’s a new day and going to try to not eat my feelings. Getting in a workout today , and need to try and track all my food and keep it together. Wish me luck!

Gillian M. , Lisa R. and like this comment.

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Rebecca C.

I completely understand. I'm an emotional eater. Just stay focused. You got this!!!

Gillian M.

So sorry x
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