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Carissa C.

03/18/2019 5:55AM in FatGirlFedUp's Transformer - via iPhone
Hi everyone! This is my first transformer!

I joined this because I’m planning on hiking one of the high peaks in the adirondacks in August and I want to lose some weight before then. I’ve hiked a few of the other high peaks but have always struggled because of my weight and lack of muscle.

So I’m hoping this will keep me on track to get my weight down so that the hike will be more enjoyable!

I’m on instagram @carissafitnessjourney if anyone wants to follow along! Good luck and let’s kick some butt!! 💪

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Kelly R.

My first transformer too. Did a couple Kickstarter that's about it lol. Good luck!

Carissa C.

Thanks!! You too!!

Syd Journey

01/15/2019 10:28AM in Syd’s New Year Smasher! WIN A FIT BIT VERSA!!
Good Morning and happy Day #2 ! I hope everyone is having a great day so far! I ALMOST forgot to post the winners of the early sign up giveaway :) Congratulations to Momo and Kelly R. (the one with the profile picture set up). Please email me at sydneytrrs@yahoo.com to claim your $20 Amazon Giftcard! For everyone else: Keep on sharing your food logs! Lets make this game super successful for us all! Go team!!

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Erin F.

Congrats guys!

Christy W.



01/14/2019 4:20AM in Syd’s New Year Smasher! WIN A FIT BIT VERSA!! - via iPhone
My name is Jackie and I live in Dallas.I am 49 years old. This is my first diet bet! I am doing Weight Watchers to lose weight so my knees won’t hurt so bad! Plus I’m pre-diabetic so I’m hoping to change some bad eating habits!

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Dustin M.

Hey Jackie! Good job on the 2 lbs so far! I'm in the same boat and I'm only 21 so I feel like I need to get in shape now before its permanent. You got this! :)

Fleur K.

Way to take back your life!! You can do this!


01/13/2019 10:26PM in Syd’s New Year Smasher! WIN A FIT BIT VERSA!! - via android
My name is manuel, @hndsome_guy_nside_me , i am doing this dietbet to get me started on my journey. Thjs isnmy second week on a weighloss goal. I am from houston,tx. I am trying to lose atleast 20 pounds before the end of the game.

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Dustin M.

Hey Manuel! I just followed you :) you got this!

Fleur K.

Excellent plan! You’ll rock this!

The Logz

01/01/2019 5:43AM in RESOLUTION KICKSTARTER with jordanshrinks - via android
Woke up sick....I don't feel like doing anything but sleeping. I got close to ten hours of sleep last night

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Kelly R.

That sucks man I'm sorry. On days like that I just make sure I keep my food on point if it's obvious that I'm not going to workout. Hope you feel better!

Jenny H.

Focus on clean eating, drink a SHIT TON of hot tea. Light movement sometimes helps me feel better - if you're up to it try some yoga or a walk :)
Kelly R. accepted the challenge.
12/08/2018 4:19PM in Syd’s New Year Smasher! WIN A FIT BIT VERSA!!
The pot is now $1,470

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