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lauran l.

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lauran l.

04/12/2019 7:06AM in Pre-Holiday Power Transformer - Win $2000 for your Holiday Gifts! - via android
When you convince yourself all week that weigh in is on Friday and you work your butt off to get to the weight only to discover that it's saturday and Sunday. I had delicious plans!!! Ugh! 2 more days of being good (won't be home tomorrow to weigh in)

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lauran l.

03/13/2019 1:09PM in Pre-Holiday Power Transformer - Win $2000 for your Holiday Gifts! - via android
  • Thanks diet bet

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Great job!

lauran l.

02/08/2019 9:23AM in Pre-Holiday Power Transformer - Win $2000 for your Holiday Gifts! - via android
  • Here is my progress so far! I'm on track to win another round.

    I've really enjoyed this longer, gentler approach to weight loss. I'm good at losing weight quickly but once I'm done dieting I gain it all back. This diet bet has been a wonderful motivator to learn how to balance healthy and unhealthy food choices.

    I'm excited to see the last few pounds come off in the next couple months as well!

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Great job! I’m on track too, I’m .4 lbs under just need to stay there

Marcy C.


lauran l.

01/13/2019 9:59AM in Pre-Holiday Power Transformer - Win $2000 for your Holiday Gifts! - via android
Wow. This was the closest I ever cut a weigh in!

Last Sunday I was only .9 above goal. I'm training for a marathon (and have lots of extra calories but can easily eat more than I burn) and thought it was a good idea to have ice cream and like 6 giant cookies over the course of Sudnay through Tuesday.

I had to really cut calories Wednesday thru Saturday and made my weigh in this morning by exactly .1!!!

I cannot weigh in tomorrow. I have to run 17 miles today and I ALWAYS hang onto 1-2 pounds of water weight for exactly 2 days post long run. It will all whoosh off come Wednesday. Anyway I hope you all who are super close are able to make your final push today! You can do it!!

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Samantha F.

That is awesome that you are training for a marathon! Which one are you doing? Is this your first? I am getting back into running myself and was planning on looking for a race, but was thinking more of a half marathon then will work towards a full. I did do a full marathon back when I was super fit and would like to get back to that point.

lauran l.

This will be my third! I'm running the Little Rock Marathon in March. You should do another half! I love the half distance. I just really want the giant medal you get at Little Rock. It's bigger than your face :)

Also want to add that all the running does nothing to decrease my weight. It increases my hunger by more calories than I burn. Thus the diet bet!

lauran l.

11/12/2018 8:00PM in Pre-Holiday Power Transformer - Win $2000 for your Holiday Gifts! - via android
Super excited to be accountable to myself again. I've let about 15 pounds creep on over the course of 6 months and I'm ready to get back to where I was in 6 more months. Except this time I'm doing this gradual dietbet. I'm hoping I can make healthier habits this way. I've got the physical activity part down, but man do I love food. I'm running my 8th half marathon this weekend, but for real I can out-eat all of calories I burn running. Here is to the next 6 months of accountability! Good luck everyone

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I’m in the same boat! Gained 15 lbs last Winter, now ready to spend this winter getting it back off!