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Larisa L.

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Favorite Sinful Food: Anything with ranch or cheese

My Approach to Weight Loss: Keto

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

DietBet Winnings: $227.32

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Larisa L.

04/03/2019 6:11AM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame25 #DearlyBeloved - via android
  • #Welcomewednesday I believe this is my 4th same game!

    1) Born and raised in north florida. So blessed to call this home. With that being said, I haven't traveled much. I've never been to a big city, I've never been on a plane, and I've never seen snow.

    2) I like a more holistic way of living so I reach to food to help with swelling, head aches, anxiety, whatever might be going on with my body that day, Instead of medicine. I was prescribed very high dose of xanax for a while but I recently stoped taking it and replaced with meditation, CBC, green tea, and breathing exercises and I've never felt better.

    3) I'm paranoid of chemicals. From the fertilizers on my food to the flame retardant they spray on your clothes in the factory. I use organic or all natural everything. Shower products, laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, makeup, dish soap, cleaning products, ect. I'm a total freak when it comes to this.

    4) My 'dream job' has always been to open an animal rescue with a water view. So when people ask me something I want to accomplish in life, this is always my answer.

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Larisa L.

04/02/2019 12:16PM in Jessica’s Spring Time Sweat Down - via android
  • Easy and simple meal before work! I use a little olive oil, salt, peper, garlic, and onion powder for my brussel sprouts.

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Ursula H.



Hard boiled eggs are one of my favorite snacks/meals!

Larisa L.

04/01/2019 5:07PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame25 #DearlyBeloved - via android
  • #BBM Laying in bed not feeling well and remembered "Oh hey! Its bare belly monday!!"

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We are all so glad you remembered!!!


And how are you sick and sexy at the same time?


04/01/2019 4:46PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame25 #DearlyBeloved - via android
  • Belly Fett is pleased he has the Solo.

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Good thing it's not Jabba the Gutt!


If I don't stop going backwards, it could be! Hahahahaha

Larisa L.

03/31/2019 6:50PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame25 #DearlyBeloved - via android
  • Missed a couple games but I'm back now!

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Welcome back lady!!!
Larisa L. accepted the challenge.
03/31/2019 6:45PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame25 #DearlyBeloved
The pot is now $3,300

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Welcome to the ShameGame everyone!!!