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11/18/2020 8:35AM in Franny’s November Game
  • Anyone else been STRUGGLING? I’ve just had no motivation lately. The workouts are usually the easy part but I’ve had to drag myself to the gym lately! I haven’t been eating BAD, just probably a little too much 😂 my weights been hovering the same 168-172 which I’m okay with, but I also want it to move so I know I need to get my butt back into gear 😅

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I was fine the first week then week 2 and start of 3 I stayes the same weight but i put more focus into my nutrition than my workouts and I finally had my breakthrough


This one has been tougher than ever, I’m literally at my goal weight I haven’t been anywhere near it for about 15 years. I’ve been working longer hours the last few weeks which isn’t helping. This weekend I’m gonna get extra walks in plus the gym and watching the calories. We can do this :muscle:


11/07/2020 12:39AM in Franny’s November Game
  • The top one popped up on my memories so I had to share 😂 I have COLLARBONES NOW?! 😂 (ignore my neck I had an allergic reaction LOL)

Gillian M. , Becky R. and like this photo.


11/06/2020 11:53AM in Franny’s November Game
  • Who else loves the stairmaster?! Cardio has always been IT for me, and seeing how much I’ve improved in the last year has me ???????? this time a year ago I could barely do 20 minutes and my heart rate would be in the high 180’s. Yay for heart health 😂

AJ , RowdyRhonda and like this photo.

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Irmalinda P.

This is so good!

Kellie P.

Awesome job!! I love your name!! I wanted to name our last baby Chandler (she’s a girl), couldn’t convince my husband though.


11/03/2020 4:09PM in Franny’s November Game
  • September 2020 and July 2019. Just over a year, and seeing these pics side by side makes me realize how far I’ve come, because often I can’t notice the changes. Still a ways to go, but been a year of consistent exercise and making healthier choices. Feeling sooo much better now!

Kassandra W. , Sara M. and like this photo.

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You look great! Congrats


Fantastic achievement, well done :clap:

Megan K.

11/03/2020 2:57PM in Franny’s November Game
  • Nov 2018 vs nov 2020. Some times I feel the same, like I look the same but when I look back at old pictures I think "damn I have worked hard!" Good work to all of you!

Kassandra W. , Sara M. and like this photo.

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You look amazing!


Amazing achievement :clap::clap:


11/03/2020 12:02PM in Franny’s November Game
  • Raise your hand if you are the laziest cook and eat a birds eye vegetable mixed in with chicken like 4 days a week ✋

Kassandra W. , Lisa B. and like this photo.

Mila E

Looks good

Sarah W.

I feel deep in my soul! I'm so not a cook. I'm trying though.


11/02/2020 11:55AM in Franny’s November Game
  • Happy Monday team!

    Day 6 of 28 - almost 1 full week down & I still see people joining us which is exciting! Keep in mind time is ticking and we need to stay 100% dedicated the entire length of our game in order to be successful. Someone posted a few days ago that they are not here because they hate their self or their body but more so because the LOVE themself & want to improve their health. I love reading things like this from you all. It’s so important that we lose weight for the right reasons. Improving our health, embracing a new lifestyle and just generally being happier. I will be the first to say that I am 100% happier now than I ever was. I was 100% happier even before I had my loose skin removed. One common thing I hear from a lot it people is their fear of weight-loss due to loose skin.. it’s hard to even imagine this thought process for me because my loose skin was never an issue.
    Was it annoying for me occasionally? Yes!
    Did I wait almost 3 years before I even considered getting it removed? Also, yes.
    But I never once thought about NOT losing weight because of it. All I could think about was how good my body felt as I lost the weight and how excited I was to actually be making progress for once. It’s natural for our bodies to change shape. We have stretched our bodies out & it’s only natural for them to retract and be left with stretched skin. It’s normal. It’s going to happen. Don’t let that aspect of it stop you from becoming the healthiest version of YOU! Cheers to Monday & a new week here are the two winners for challenge #1


Stephanie L. , Chandler and like this photo.

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Irmalinda P.

Congrats y’all!




10/31/2020 11:26AM in Franny’s November Game
  • Lunch/dinner was birds eye pasta w broccoli (literally anything birds eye is so good!!) with grilled chicken that I added. When I work at night I usually eat most my calories before work so I’m not compelled to eat there! (I work at a restaurant) 😅 but seriously if you don’t have birds eye products in your life for quick meals, you’re missing out

Kassandra W. , Laura and like this photo.

Sara M.

I have never had birds eye pasta. Thank you for the suggestion. I am going to try it.

Lidia M.

Mmm :yum:


10/30/2020 11:21AM in Franny’s November Game
  • I planned on skipping this one but then ended up joining anyways Bc these games are the best 😂 if you need incentives to make sure you always enter the challenges here I am in the Nike hoodie I bought from winning the $75 giftcard in the last game, now let’s do this ppl 💓

Kassandra W. , Lidia M. and like this photo.

Jen L.



That’s awesome, thanks for sharing!
Chandler accepted the challenge.
10/30/2020 11:17AM in Franny’s November Game
The pot is now $19,005

Laura , Lidia M. and like this accomplishment.

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