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Favorite Health Food: Blueberry coconut smoothie

Favorite Sinful Food: Ice cream

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Weight training

My Weight Loss Program: Tone It Up

My Diet Plan: Tone It Up Nutrition Plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $71.25

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05/25/2020 7:38AM in Say NO To Quarantine 15 with Jens Journey
  • Woohoo!! Finally got the quarantine pounds off that I gained during March and April!

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Julie L.

Amazing! Congrats!

Healy R.

Congratulations!! :heart_decoration:

Jasmin D.

05/24/2020 7:57AM in Say NO To Quarantine 15 with Jens Journey
Praying to the dietbet gods 🙏 I need to lose 1lb overnight to hit my goal. Any tips would be appreciated 😆 I always tell myself the night before weigh in, even if you lose the money you are still a winner by losing the weight! 💪

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You also have until the 26 to submit, so an extra day if you need it!!

Sara B

Drink 120oz of water!! Keep moving

Rachael M.

05/24/2020 7:48AM in Say NO To Quarantine 15 with Jens Journey
Does today’s weigh in, if approved, count as the last weigh in?

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Julie L.

From what i understand, the game ends at 11:59pm tonight so your final weigh in can be taken as of midnight tonight.


No, you have to submit after 11:59 tonight.. so 12:01 am on then 25.


05/24/2020 12:11AM in Say NO To Quarantine 15 with Jens Journey
Get ready for the final weigh in! Once the game ends tonight at midnight PST, you have until 11:59PM PST on May 26 to submit your final weight. If you're a winner, you'll be asked to submit photos and will get a new weigh-in word when you visit the weigh-in screens.

Submit early to make sure your photos are accepted, and remember - don't eat that cupcake until you get an email that your photos are approved! (If you don't get one, check your spam folder.) You must have an approved weigh-in in order to be declared a winner.

The game will finalize 24-36 hours after all weigh-ins have been submitted. Good luck!

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Julie L.

So excited! No cupcakes today FOR SURE :joy:

Melanie B.

05/22/2020 5:08AM in Say NO To Quarantine 15 with Jens Journey
  • After yesterday’s workout!! 💪 any other canucks here?? 😝

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Bailey C.



I’m in Vancouver :ca:


05/21/2020 6:24AM in Say NO To Quarantine 15 with Jens Journey

It's that time of the week when we announce the 14 recipients of the Zero Gravity hammock chair. Congrats! You’ll receive an email from us with details, so be on the lookout. Want a chance to get a prize next week? Become a member today! Without further ado...

Amber A, Audrey HCatana B, Jeff B, JoannaJulie LKatie, L LLindsey BMaureen M, Mikaela, NicholeRachel S, and Shayn C

Next week’s prize is a 1-year subscription to Fit Snack, the monthly healthy snack delivery. Get some nutritional nosh delivered every month. 15 players get this $311 prize. 


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Julie L.

I’m so excited I won!!! Will you be shipping this to Canada?


Congratulations! I really like that hammock, but I LOVE healthy snacks!

Jens Journey

05/20/2020 3:19PM in Say NO To Quarantine 15 with Jens Journey
  • WEEK 4 GIVEAWAY! I can’t believe it’s almost over! Thank you ALL for making this such a fun 4 weeks, full of encouragement and support. I hope most of you truly enjoyed the challenge! To enter the final giveaway, comment below with anything you’d like to say! Either to me or about the game! Winner will be announced on Saturday! ❤

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Thank you for the opportunity to play and get healthful!


The challenge has been great. I am just .7 from my goal but even if I don’t hit it, I am happy with the losses. Quarantine put on 10lbs!

Jens Journey

04/29/2020 5:07AM in Say NO To Quarantine 15 with Jens Journey
  • Who is ready for the first giveaway of this challenge?!

    I truly cannot express just how important WATER is. Not only for a weight loss journey, but just your health in general! You should be drinking a MINIMUM of half your body weight in ounces of water daily. So if you weigh 200 pounds, you should be drinking 100oz of water. This is what your body needs to function properly. It also helps get rid of excess sodium and bloat!

    I can almost guarantee that you will see 2-5 pounds fly off the scale after a week of getting the appropriate amount of water in. It is SO IMPORTANT.

    So for this weeks giveaway, I’ll be giving away a contigo water bottle (my favorite!) along with a few of my favorite water flavor enhancers! I know drinking that much plain water can be hard for some people. Flavoring it helps SO much!

    So to enter this giveaway, just comment below whether YOU are getting enough water in during the day or not! A winner will be announced on Saturday! FOCUS ON YOUR WATER INTAKE THIS WEEK. That is your goal!

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Yoda Honey

Each day have I have drank 100oz and yesterday was 170, the scale is moving for sure!

Laura D.

Working very hard to meet my water intake goal! I have two big 32 oz water bottles I fill with ice and chug each day. I visit the girls room often but it’s helped my skin and weight loss so much I’m going to keep it up!!