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Brittany W.

05/16/2021 7:08PM in Instant Loss Spring Into Summer
  • Week 4 IN IT TO WIN IT Challenge
    Let’s push into the last week with an In It To WIN It Challenge!
    Can you believe we are already in the last week of the game? I want y’all to know that you guys totally killed last week’s activity challenge! Now it’s time to push through it and get in it to WIN it!

    Whatever your goal is right now I challenge you to get serious (and get in it)! Whatever meal plan you are following, stick to it! Whatever exercise program you are doing, crush it! As we are getting to the end of this challenge remind yourself why you started, keep the promise that you made to yourself, and remind yourself that if you get serious this week YOU CAN get results! Log your food, your exercise, your water intake, etc. EVERY day for the next 6 days (Mon-Sat)! Winner will receive a copy of Instant Loss On A Budget!

    Winner will be announced next Sunday! Keep the promises that you made yourself!!! You can do this!!!!! Let’s get in it to WIN it together!!

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Lori V.

  • Really pushed it this week!

Milli Q.

Do we submit our log in this post?

Chris D.

05/16/2021 7:47AM in Instant Loss Spring Into Summer
  • When you wake up craving salad, you have salad for breakfast, topped with chicken sausage, (not croutons). YUM!

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Looks so good!!!

Jennifer Z.

Totally looks like croutons

Brittany W.

05/15/2021 1:48PM in Instant Loss Spring Into Summer
  • Tell me a something you did this week that you’re proud of! #activitychallenge

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Andrea J.

My muffin top fit in my jeans

Vanessa K.

Ran a 10km!

Jessica S.

05/12/2021 4:32AM in Instant Loss Spring Into Summer
Hit my goal weight yesterday and under today! Hope everyone else is crushing their bets too!

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When is the official weigh in date? The 23rd or 24th?

Mary P.

Great work!

Brittany W.

05/02/2021 2:39PM in Instant Loss Spring Into Summer
  • Ready to start week 2 challenge!? This week let’s eat our vegetables! Maybe try something new! Aim to eat at least one vegetable with every meal this week, log your progress and then come back on 5/9 to share how you did!
    This challenge runs 5/3-5/9 One winner will receive my favorite spiralizer!

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I joined and life got in the way! So.even though I missed the water challenge, imchlaaenong my self. The new veg I’m trying is a purple artichoke.


My new veggie has been cauliflower rice. I make a “rice” bowl topped with 4 - 5 oz. of grilled chicken.

Aimee S.

04/27/2021 1:56PM in Instant Loss Spring Into Summer
Brittany, do you always have a DietBet going? This is only my second one and I’m just curious if you have one every 4 weeks?

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Jennifer Z.

I’m pretty sure she doesn’t host them that frequently

Stefani R.

I don’t think she always does, but this my third one with her this year!

Brittany W.

04/27/2021 7:39AM in Instant Loss Spring Into Summer
  • Water check! Let's see those water bottles! Do you like a insulated cup, sports bottle or just the classic glass? No matter what you prefer just keep downing that H2O!

    Where are you at with your hydration today?

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Mimzy Lilly

  • My gallon bottle. My husband loves to wake up at tell me I'm already behind based on the time. Ha. I always catch up though. Water intake is not a huge difficulty for me. I actually crave plain room temp water

Sarah M.


04/27/2021 2:32AM in Instant Loss Spring Into Summer
This is my 3rd DB and in a row- I have not been successful in loosing weight- will try this again. A friend told me yesterday that I haven’t gained so that is an achievement! Made me feel better never thought about it from that perspective. I hope I can do it this time. 3rd time is a charm!

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Brittany W.

Not giving up is half the battle!

Jennifer Z.

I’ve never one one either. But this is our time!

Brittany W.

04/26/2021 8:22AM in Instant Loss Spring Into Summer
  • Proud of y’all who have made the decision to start!

    Comment and let me know what inspired you to get started!

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Maggie C.

First timer here. Hoping this will motivate me to stick with it!


I started a Diet Program the end of August, lost a total of 16 lbs., but took a break and unfortunately lost the motivation to get back on track. I'm hoping this diet bet will give me the incentive to get back on track to lose the next 16 lbs. for my goal!

Brittany W.

04/25/2021 8:42AM in Instant Loss Spring Into Summer
  • Week 1 Water Intake Challenge
    Welcome to all our new and returning members! I am super excited to have you here with us! Throughout the game I will be hosting fun (free, you do not have to pay the $5 membership fee to participate) weekly challenges where you will have an opportunity to win some awesome prizes!

    This week 4/26- 5/2 I challenge you to track your water intake every day. I challenge you to drink a minimum of 80 ounces a day this week Mon.-Sun.! I have tracked my water intake throughout my journey by writing in my planner, but you can use a tracking app, notes in your phone, whatever method you feel will work best for you!

    Submit your tracking by the end of the day on 5/2 to a check-in thread that I will post the morning of 5/2 to the group. The winner will be announced on Mon. 5/3! This week’s winner will get a $25 Amazon gift card! Let’s do this!

    Comment and let me know how you plan to track your water intake!

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Jordan F.

Using MyFitnessPal

Jennifer M.

I’ve been writing it down. It used to be easier in my office but struggling a bit at home!