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Jun 10, 2021

Non-scale victory of the week!

I was on vacation with my family I stayed active and the scale went up a smidge but it’s already down past where I was when I went away tracking is key!! I’m super focused and it feels great to see the scale go down!!

What do you feel you could have done better this week?

It’s been so crazy at work that I didn’t work out in the morning this week. But I did it this morning so I’m back on track with that too.

How many days did you exercise last week?


How would you rate your diet last week?


What are your goals for the upcoming week?

Water!!! Exercise every morning Or at least 30 minutes. That will get me back on track. And then next week I’ll go back to five or six mornings a week.

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May 31, 2021

Long-term goal weight

165 lbs

What do you find most challenging in reaching your long-term weight loss goals?

not eating late in the day after I get off work

How many days per week do you exercise currently?


How many days per week would you like to exercise?


How would you rate your current diet?


What are your goals for the upcoming week?

lots of water and avoiding sugar because I’m going on vacation!

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