Lynne B

It’s time to get in shape so I can chase my active 4 year old around and look good for my sexy husband!

Quick Facts

Favorite Sinful Food: Nachos

My Preferred Method of Exercise: 9 round

My Approach to Weight Loss: Eat Clean and Exercise

My Weight Loss Program: Weight Watchers

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: I don't use any apps

Fitness Devices: Apple Watch

DietBet Winnings: $488.42

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TIME PERIOD: All 60-Days 30-Days
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-1.7% Since last weigh-in
-3.1% 1-Month Change
-22% Lifetime Change

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Leila C

02/16/2021 8:55PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
Is anybody planning on a mega reward for themselves once they hit their ultimate goal?

I have something in mind for myself (a bit too embarrassed to mention what it is) but would love to hear about these gifts ya’ll have in mind for yourselves.

Inspire me, I absolutely love hearing all the dreamy ideas! It keeps me smiling.

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We have a family vacation planned for mid-July, hubby, me, our two sons, their beautiful wives, and our 4 gorgeous grandkids. My big reward is having professional vacation photos taken of our family... and the best part is that I won't cringe at the thought of having my photo taken!


I'm getting my boobs done too, just opposite direction. I have wanted a reduction for a long time, but I wanted to try weight loss first. As I get fitter though I just want it more, because they hurt a lot when I work out. I'll give myself a year to maintain my weight loss, but then after that I'm finally going to do it!

Christine H.

01/06/2021 2:39PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
  • So I did a when I started to now picture u couldn’t see the difference and a bunch of people pointed it out. Weight loss is a process and it has been super challenging for me. this is a relaxed body photo.

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Sally L.

You can definitely see a difference in your face especially. You are doing great!

Monica R.

You can really see the weight loss in your face and upper abdomen. Great job! So inspiring.


12/30/2020 7:00PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
Just weighed in. HIGHEST EVER 😭😭😭😭😭

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Karen M.

I’m exactly the same, I was lighter when I was 9 months pregnant :see_no_evil:


Thank you. Karen, I am also heavier than I was full term. It's so sad :disappointed: But I HAVE to do this. With everyone cheering us on, we can all do this.


12/30/2020 6:58PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
Hello! My name
Is Jenny and I’m highly motivated to lose after a bummer 2020 where I gained over 25lbs on a body that was already in serious news to weight loss. I am 10 lbs over the weight I was when I went in to the hospital to deliver my children 2 decades ago. The time is now to begin a life where I focus on me, my health and my weight loss. I’m ready! Let’s go!

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My baby is 20 and I'm trying to finally get down to my goal weight. I've gone up and down through the years (mostly up) but I've never gotten close to my goal. We can do it.

Cassie C.

You can do it! Stay motivated


12/30/2020 2:16PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
Wondering if there are people like me that have 100+ pounds to lose, who might want to be buddies. I have about 170 to lose 😩 I have lost large amounts of weight before, but the older I get the harder it is. Due to my health I REALLY NEED to lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF!! I’ll take all the support I can get and very willing to help others if I can ( even if you don’t have 100# to lose!) I’ll admit in the past I’ve tended to be more about looking better than really being healthy. Now I have metabolic syndrome, and as a result my body just loves to make FAT! I also have fatty liver disease, gouty arthritis, osteoarthritis in my knees, toes, shoulders and neck.

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IF+keto is a strong combo, and you can always go from less hours to more if you don't feel hungry (12:12, 14:10, 16:8, 18:6, 20:4, 23:1/OMAD). If you haven't done keto before i'd highly recommend to talk to your physician first due to your medical history. IE: gout and bacon/organs in general can cause huge pain, talking from experience.


Thanks for the note about Keto diet. I’m vegan, so most of the bad foods are already off my list :grin:


12/30/2020 12:36PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Double Your Winnings!

The pot for the 2021 Game Changer Transformer is now over $370,000! With 2 more days until this game starts (and $8,000 in additional prizes), the possibilities are looking endless. Join today.

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When is the cut off to join? What date?

Mary K.

I think we can join up until the last day of the refund, which, I think is 14 days into the game. I’ve done that before- the only problem is you still have to lose 3% in first round so joining 2weeks in makes it really hard to meet the first round goal weight. I’ve found that the games I join late are more stressful because I always feel like I’m playing catch up.

Lynne B just invited 1 friend to join this game.

12/30/2020 10:35AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!

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Manda R.

12/29/2020 6:53PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
How does the “Double your winnings” aspect work? Is this just a randomly selected person chosen after the game ends?

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Theresa P.

I was curious about that too. I’ve never seen a post on here explaining it

Lynne B

I thought that I read that they randomly select five people to double their bets at the end of this.

Lynne B

12/29/2020 11:19AM in The WayBetter Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
I just signed up for the 2021 Game Changer Transformation Diet Bet, starting in 3 days. I NEED these tranformer challenges to keep me motivated and on track. I've lost about 45 pounds this time and I'm looking to lose at least another 20 more during the new challenge.
I know I can do it. And I'll get that CASH MONEY! Join me there!

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Anita K.

I need to do another one, but I'm getting close to goal after 106 lb lost. It gets harder each time as my loss slows. I am still undecided.....

Lynne B

FANTASTIC WORK Anita!! You should be SO VERY PROUD of yourself!!!

WayBetter Kristin

12/28/2020 7:28AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • Hey everyone!!

    I'm so happy you're all here and committed to living a healthier life! It's so fantastic that you've put your faith in yourself to make these next 6-months game changing!

    I'm Kristin, and I'll be your host and biggest supporter through the next 6 months!

    I’m a WayBetter fan and DietBet player since way back in 2013. I love this community! I have a background in Applied Behavior Analysis, and helping people change their habits has always been an interest of mine. I’m truly passionate about supporting you in the best way possible and helping you all succeed! We can accomplish so much together!

    I would love if you’d tell us a little bit about yourself and what helps keep you motivated. Let’s do this!

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Hello all! My name is Kim and I am from MN. I have participated in DietBet’s previously and had some successes and some not as successful. After hitting a hard plateau and loosing all motivation, I gave low carb eating a try and have finally started seeing results again. I decided to join this DietBet to keep up the motivation. Wishing all a very happy, healthy and successful New Year!!!


I'm a junk food junkie and I hate waste, so if it comes in the house someone will be eating it, unless it goes bad. That someone is usually me, or the dog. We're both gaining weight. Me mainly because I'm eating everything, and him mainly because he doesn't have as much free space to run around and explore.

So, I took the plunge to try and do better this year. I even tried out the dreaded meal planning. It's not so bad, but there are still growing pains. I need all the help I can get, so I jumped into this game too. Why not use that stimulus to help motivate me to drop the weight? The math figures out to roughly $5/lb I need to lose, and if I don't lose the weight, I'm paying that per pound to keep it. It'd be like an anti gym membership where instead of paying to use the equipment I'm paying not to use it. Lol I'm hoping by using the dollars for lbs thought process, that I can stay on track and keep the numbers going down. My main motivator this far, though, has been avoiding numbers. At first it was 250 I didn't want to see on the scale, and I haven't since I made that decision. Unfortunately, I only changed the number once, and I'm quickly approaching and threatening to surpass that threshold again. So, I think it's time to set that number in stone and set a new goal weight level.
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