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12/23/2018 12:50PM in Spooky Slimdown Transformer - Tons of Healthy Treat Giveaways! - via android
I have royally fallen off the wagon! Have no will power when it comes to the holidays it seems, even though I had the best intentions this year. Think this month is a write off unfortunately but I shall make up for it next month. Happy holidays everyone!

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Me too!! Today I made candy and cookies for Christmas Eve and did far too much sampling, with wine no less!

Lynn D.

Me too!

Linda F.

11/30/2018 7:31AM in Spooky Slimdown Transformer - Tons of Healthy Treat Giveaways! - via android
Please verify my weight!! I'm needing my coffee this morning! Lol

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I weighed in at 4:30 am and didn’t get verified until after 11! :open_mouth: and it was used by a weight that had already been verified for another game yesterday! Hopefully yours was faster! Enjoy your coffee!!


My photos were AWFUL because I always weight in pre-shower hahaha. My wet hair adds like 4oz. Hope you got your coffeeeeeeee on :heart_eyes:


11/30/2018 3:54AM in Spooky Slimdown Transformer - Tons of Healthy Treat Giveaways!
Weight loss gods are toying with me. I weighed in after my shower as a check-in, thinking I would wait until tomorrow for my official weigh-in. Bam! .5 pounds under my required weight. I ran upstairs, checked in here to find the weigh-in word, grabbed my phone, and headed downstairs. "Ha, got you!", laughed the gods. ,1 over!

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Courtney K.

This happens to me all the time...I think my scale hates me


In the end, I fasted and snowshoed enough to bring it down to goal weight. Close call though!


11/27/2018 7:18PM in Spooky Slimdown Transformer - Tons of Healthy Treat Giveaways! - via android
Is it kosher to do roll call? We're in this together for the next 5+ months, might as well be friendly 😉. I'm Leslie, 34, from MN. Wife and mama to two girls, 2 and 5. Trying my best to balance family and working FT. My win this month: I've made it to the gym 10x (so far!). My biggest opportunity is accountability/motivation. I know what needs to be done, but I'm always promising to do better "tomorrow".

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Coby S.

Coby from Wisconsin, always overweight, basically I've spent my entire adult life in a cycle of diet failures. I've done a bunch of DBs over the last few years, this time around I'm doing as many bets as they allow at the same time to try to add motivation. I've left my winnings in my account between bets, when I reach my goal weight (in 50-60 lb) I'm going to cash it out to put toward a tummy tuck! I'm down 12 lb in the last month which is feeling really good! We recently moved to a really small town with no starbucks, no drive through, no one to deliver us food at work (one of my fave things to do in my last job) AND we set up a home gym in our new house (never had room for this in the past). For the first time in my life I think I have a real chance to make healthy lifestyle changes into something permanent, and I'm determined not to let this opportunity pass me by! Best of luck to all of you!

lindsay b.

I’m Lindsay from California! I’m a 37 year old drama teacher and mom of a rambunctious 2nd grader. I was doing well until the double whammy of smoke from the fires and Thanksgiving... trying to get back in line but thinking I’m missing the mark on this upcoming weigh in. I hope to be more active here in the next month!