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Melissa A.

08/16/2019 9:21AM in My Girlish Whims Summer Heat Dietbet
  • I don’t think I’ll win this DietBet but really enjoying the sweat!

Jess , Kathy O. and like this photo.

Ashley M.

Same here!!

Rebecca G.

Hah!!! I'm glad it has been some extra motivation for you!!!

Rebecca G.

08/15/2019 9:06AM in My Girlish Whims Summer Heat Dietbet
  • Saw this today and loved it. It can be easy to get frustrated if the scale isn’t moving quite as fast as we would like it to, but it’s so important to realize all of the other positive improvements to your life and diet that can be made WITHOUT the proof of the scale. I hope this bet has helped you start some new habits, and I hope you take time to celebrate that and be proud!!!

Leslie R. , Kathy O. and like this photo.

Lindsey A.

Omg I love this!!

Ashley M.

Love this!!!

Taunia M.

08/15/2019 6:48AM in My Girlish Whims Summer Heat Dietbet
Finally saw the scale move after weeks of stalling.l! Been working out but I upped my water intake and I guess that made a difference! I never drink enough water. 🙈

Bristel B. , Me and like this comment.

Ashley M.

Water makes a huge difference for me also! :) Great job!!

Ashley M.

08/14/2019 8:31PM in My Girlish Whims Summer Heat Dietbet
  • Progressssss!!!! July 26 to today. I'm not weighing myself again until the very last day for the Diet bet... I was getting too fixated. Instead I'm dialing in my nutrition and am working out every day this week.
    Let's finish strong!! Did anyone else take pictures to start?!

Kathy O. , Ally and like this photo.

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Stephanie S.

great job!!

Ashley M.

Thank you so much, ladies!!!! I'm @chubbygirlchronicles on Instagram, I'd love to keep up with anyone who'd like to after this is over! :blush::blush:

Jacquellyn C.

08/11/2019 6:14PM in My Girlish Whims Summer Heat Dietbet
  • My plateau finally broke! Hopefully thats just what I needed to make this DeitBet goal. I was really worried for about a week now. I have to get down to 193.9 lbs, but that seems doable now😅

Jennifer N. , KK and like this photo.

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Rebecca G.

congrats on breaking through!!!


Best feeling!!!!

Ashley M.

08/06/2019 5:52PM in My Girlish Whims Summer Heat Dietbet
  • Y'all don't underestimate the power of a home workout! My PiYo circuit had me dripping today!

Jennifer N. , Bristel B. and like this photo.

Rebecca G.

woot woot! looks like at awesome workout!!!

goddess krystle

08/04/2019 7:26AM in My Girlish Whims Summer Heat Dietbet
  • Well I suck
    Went to Texas Roadhouse last night:( my husband convinced me to have a cheat day ( not that it was hard) and I ate and ate and ate! I’m scared to weigh myself today. I really do need to get that treadmill out ! Dang it!
    I officially have PBR (post binge regret )

Jennifer N. , Erika A. , Candace C. and Bristel B. like this photo.

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Rebecca G.

you don't suck at all - you just enjoyed a date night with your man. As long as it's one night, it's no big deal! Get yourself prepped to be ready for this new week, and don't worry about it another minute.

Alicia P.

lose negative self talk. be sweet to yourself. it's a journey. i splurge like twice a week which gives the energy tp be good the rest.

Rachael B.

07/31/2019 9:52AM in My Girlish Whims Summer Heat Dietbet
What day do we weigh in during the week?
I thought it was today, but mine is only asking for unofficial weight (that you can track whenever, not the pictures).
I did it a day late last week, so would that take care of this weeks weigh in?

Jennifer N. , Danielle D. and like this comment.

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Rachael B.

Thank you guys it allll makes sense now !!!

Bethany M.

Lindsey - official weigh-ins always require pictures. Try going to your profile, click on membership, and then it should give you the option to submit your progress weigh-in if it doesn't automatically pop up on the main screen.

Rebecca B.

07/31/2019 9:06AM in My Girlish Whims Summer Heat Dietbet
Frustrated that my weight is being stubborn and I currently weigh more than my initial weigh in. I get it, patience... it's probably mostly water... but I think I'm allowed to be frustrated when perfect days equal no progress. Not giving up, just needed a place to vent. Also, think my scale might need a new battery. Doubt that would help, just need to remember to buy a new one soon.

Jennifer N. , Danielle D. and like this comment.

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Ashley M.

Be consistent, I definitely wouldn't drop to 1000 calories... drink more water, make sure you're getting a gallon a day minimum, watch your salt intake and keep at it :)

Cindy G.

Look up the whoosh effect! Maybe fitting for you??

Ashley M.

07/28/2019 4:51PM in My Girlish Whims Summer Heat Dietbet
Anyone else just doing this via diet/home exercise?! My local library has all sorts of dvds and programs so currently I'm working into PiYo by beachbody. Anyone have a favorite home workout?! :-)

Jennifer N. , Angel and like this comment.

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Lauren B.

I highly recommend Fitness Blender! They have free YouTube videos and you can find pretty much any kind of workout you want to do. I love them!

Christina B.

Me! I love the 21 day fix videos.
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