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Nina S.

11/28/2021 8:48AM in The Countdown Kickstarter - $1000 Pot Bonus!
Lost my last bet by ounces but, I’m back for more. Have you guys to hold me accountable, send through the friend requests! I’m trying keto / low carb + gym 3-4x a week for this challenge. My weakest area being drinking enough water (it’s a real thing for me). Goodbye leftovers and Good luck everyone!

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Andrea K.

Yessss to the straw comment! My OB years ago said that it’s a proven fact if your cup has a straw in it that you will drink more!!!!

Nina S.

I DO drink more water with straw!!!

Ref Colleen

11/27/2021 9:14AM in The Countdown Kickstarter - $1000 Pot Bonus!
  • Hi, everyone!

    I'm Colleen, and I'll be your host during the game. Welcome!

    November 27 is the first day of the Initial Weigh-In period. You have until December 12 to submit your Initial Weigh-In, so it's ok to join or submit a bit late. Please keep in mind that you will still have the same Final Weigh-In dates no matter when you submit, though, so it's best to submit your Initial Weigh-In early.

    Please comment with your favorite emoji, gif, or photo, and introduce yourself. We're all on this journey together, and it'd be great to get to know everyone!

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Leah s.

  • Forgot to share my pic. Maybe not my favorite but relevant and makes me proud. NOW I need to get back to the pic on the right…I’m probably in between the two at the moment.

Stephanie T.