Megan W.

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Favorite Health Food: Blueberries and avocado

Favorite Sinful Food: Pizza rolls

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Kickboxing

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Lose It!

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $242.02

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Maya C.

Best tips for not late night snacking? I am so good with staying within my points all day and then from 8pm on I struggle so much

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P D.

My doctor had me increase my protein in my three meals. And also make sure I have protein included in my snack. I no longer have cravings at night.

Desiree M.

I have the same problem! I usually eat grapes with cool whip or an orange then some hot tea. Then I brush my teeth!

Sarah L.

01/17/2021 5:23PM in 2021 Fat Blast with Joel & Breanne
  • Whoo hoo!! ,, so 3 boxes & boost came today... Think I'm good for a month? 😆🔥💪

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Megan W.

I love Built bars! I eat at least two a day haha :joy:

Sarah L.

Lol well I was gunna till I saw the carb count! I only take 66g of carbs lol but they're rich!! :heart:

Megan W.

01/11/2021 7:58AM in Fatgirlfedup's 2021 Resolution Jumpstart
Any smoothie drinkers on here?
I’m in need of new recipes to try!
My go to has been almond milk, spinach, blueberries, and a little frozen mango which is good but I want to try others!

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Tabitha Lee

I do the same as April except I use frozen blueberries instead of cherries.

Melissa C.

Greek vanilla yogurt, spinach, blueberries, banana, and a splash of water. It’s my fave and my picky picky eater drinks them right up. If I don’t have yogurt, I’ll use vanilla protein powder and more water.

Strawberry blueberry is really good too.

Pb2, plain Greek yogurt, banana, spinach, water.


01/11/2021 7:29AM in Fatgirlfedup's 2021 Resolution Jumpstart
What is everyone’s favorite time to work out? I used to be a morning person but now I prefer 8-10 PM!

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Michelle M.

I work out every day around 11 - that's been my way since I started working from home. My husband was already working from home (for 5 years) and that is when he worked out. When I got moved to WFH due to the pandemic, I moved to his routine. I missed working out with him and its been great!

Melissa C.

Mid morning! Stay at home mom with a distant learner, so I get my workouts in during his lunch break.


01/10/2021 1:56PM in Fatgirlfedup's 2021 Resolution Jumpstart
Are you rewarding yourself for staying on track? 😊 I would love to hear what the rewards are and which goal is coupled to them! 😍
Right now, I feel like I am not creative at all. My end reward will be a nice dress that I will wear for the wedding of my best friend. But as for smaller rewards, I always tend to think about food which is not what I really want.

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Megan W.

I’ve done facials and more self care things than anything else but I try to get myself a new top every 10 pounds or so. Sometimes I’ll do new makeup


If I reach my goal this diet bet, I’m going to schedule a Stitch Fix box.

Emily R.

01/10/2021 11:24AM in Fatgirlfedup's 2021 Resolution Jumpstart
Yesterday, I slipped up and order a burger, fries, and a shake. I was upset and I’m an emotional eater.

Normally, this would set me back weeks, but this morning, I got up had eggs for breakfast and downed some water.

No more excuses around here. 💪

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Megan W.

Good job!!! Never punish yourself! I’m an emotional eater myself so I understand the struggle of having bad days


Tara J.

01/10/2021 11:07AM in Fatgirlfedup's 2021 Resolution Jumpstart
My legs are so sore today! I did squats yesterday for the first time in MONTHS! I love that hurts so good feeling. 😊 I'm so grateful for this body of mine and all the things it can do.

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Megan W.

Lol I love the sore feeling after doing squats! Good job!

Katie s.

01/08/2021 3:23AM in Fatgirlfedup's 2021 Resolution Jumpstart
So frustrated! Working out every day, cut back my snacking and decreased portions and more veggies. Got on the scale yesterday and I am up 4 lbs. I am trying not to let the scale bother me but let’s be honest it does.

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Jen M.

Two things to think about prioritizing are drinking more water and getting enough sleep. We need extra water to break down the fat, and a lot of it gets processed while we're sleeping and expelled as carbon dioxide in the breath.

Megan W.

Same here!

Megan W.

12/31/2020 5:48PM in Fatgirlfedup's 2021 Resolution Jumpstart
I did 5 back to back DietBets and won all of them so I decided to try 3 bets at once! Taking serious action on my health this year. Good luck to everyone!!!

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Abbi Zaboo

:clap::clap::clap: bring on 2021!

Karen Z.

I joined two. I will join another that starts in two weeks!

Stephanie W.

I'm so excited to get started! This is my 1st, and probably last diet bet. I'm so close to goal. Only 20lbs left! I need this game to get my booty in hear and to stop toying between the same few lbs. I've been following Felicia for about 2 yrs now, and love her journey. Can't wait for the next year if possibilities! We can do this!

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Scott N.

Best of luck in achieving your goal. The end is in sight ! Happy New Year

Megan W.

I lost my first DietBet and was super disappointed but my 2nd-6th bet I won and I’m still going. I was super skeptical at first but it really does help!
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