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Amanda F.

04/28/2019 4:36PM in FatGirlFedUp's Transformer - via iPhone
  • If I do a progress weigh in and I’m over my first goal weight am I going to be penalized ? I hate shark week!!! Also, I just ran 2 miles for the first time because of whoever posted about running 5 miles for the first time earlier! I wanted to give up but I thought of your post. Thank you!

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I third the going back up after round 1 due to shark week situation. I’ve started to level off and go back down finally, but it was really frustrating for a few days.


Way to go on the run. As a fellow person who is notrunner that’s a big accomplishment! I’m feeling the pain of the weight difference during


04/28/2019 4:29PM in FatGirlFedUp's Transformer - via android
  • NSV... When the CreepyGymGuy who tells all the women they're "lookin' good today" FINALLY says it to you... not sure if I should be proud, or take a hot shower!!!??????

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Nadina D.

Hahaha! I shouldn't laugh it's wrong but I get it.


Enjoy the compliment and then take a hot shower.

Torill R.

04/28/2019 2:15PM in FatGirlFedUp's Transformer - via android
  • Went hiking today!

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Laura J.

Great work!

Lindsay J.

04/28/2019 9:59AM in FatGirlFedUp's Transformer - via iPhone
  • Have you ever cried during a run? It happened to me this morning. I sobbed like a baby when I hit that 5th mile. I have been running 2-3.5 miles steadily for months now but never have I done 5. And to have held a 12:30 the whole time? Lord have mercy I came undone. I was proud of myself in a way I had never experienced.
    It’s been almost a year since I started this journey and I’ll never look back, I’m not going that way.
    Happy Sunday, friends! ✌????

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Lindsay J.

Thank you all! Y’all are why I’m here, why I didn’t give up, this tribe gives me strength!


Inspiring! Thanks for sharing. Who knows what you will accomplish by games finish in September. :athletic_shoe::athletic_shoe:

Amanda B.

04/26/2019 4:32PM in FatGirlFedUp's Transformer - via android
  • These are delicious! And they have 5g of vegetable based protein! A nice crunchy savory snack that I won't feel super guilty about

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Amanda B.

I found them in the deli section of my grocery store

Laura J.

How many carbs? How much fiber?


04/15/2019 8:13AM in FatGirlFedUp's Transformer
Y'all I'm really worried I am not going to make this bet. I'm worried if I lose this round it will be extremely hard to catch-up next round. Ugh! The struggle is real. Guess I'll be incorporating a TON of water and keeping sodium to a minimum. Maybe I'll throw a longer fast in the mix tomorrow. Good luck to everyone that still has some weight to lose this round, and congratulations to those that have already met or exceeded!

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I'm in the same boat! I need to lose 5 pounds by Wednesday/Thursday!

Jodi S.

Stick with it, and even if you’re just over the mark on weigh in, you’ll be more likely to be under the mark a week later. Now if I can just listen to my advice, cause I’ve been stuffing myself today. Right now I’m going to get up out of this chair and hike with my dog. Shake off this crud feeling. :two_hearts:

Laura J.

04/12/2019 1:38PM in FatGirlFedUp's Transformer - via iPhone
Y’all are my heroes. ❤

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04/12/2019 12:11PM in FatGirlFedUp's Transformer - via iPhone
  • Took two years but did it and I’m never taking it back!

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Biking Syl