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To be healthier!

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Favorite Health Food: banana blueberry spinach smoothie

Favorite Sinful Food: my daughter’s pumkpkin cookies

My Preferred Method of Exercise: jogging

My Approach to Weight Loss: I do best when I calorie count

DietBet Winnings: $1,039.81

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Nicole T.

06/21/2022 4:50AM in Spring Forward Transformer - Win A Folding Treadmill!
  • Just a reminder: we're still better than we were at the beginning of this challenge. We've got this, guys!

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Cristy M.

This is one of my favorite quotes.


06/13/2022 1:06AM in Spring Forward Transformer - Win A Folding Treadmill!
Twelve days ago I posted about dabbling with sugar, my arch-enemy. It started innocently enough. One weekend night I had a table of high-rollers. M is a regular, and a millionaire. He was entertaining, had a huge check, and my 20% tip was $750 dollars. He wrote in an additional $200. Amazing!! I, in turn decided to bake for him and his fiancé, as a thank you. No day-old brownies would do, and each time I made a batch they didn't come in. Finally, the third time I snuck them about 8 foil wrapped brownies, with a wink that they were to thank them, (wouldn't a millionaire appreciate something AMAZING that was homemade?!) but in the meantime I'd started eating the others. I can't handle sugar. My eating has spiraled out of control. Add to this- I have a trip home planned next week, and I'll be at a wedding with childhood friends. Friends I'm always in awe of. There will be photos (probably posted online). The wedding nerves were like gasoline on a fire. When I weigh in this time I may be my original weight. I don't feel good about this, but hope I can continue to log on to the site until the end. For about 12 hours I've had my head screwed on better. I started to journal, and reached out to trusted friends to help me crawl out of this hole. I'm writing this at 4am due to a caffiene and sugar high from some chocolate, but I feel confident I can turn this around.... Good luck to all.

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Morgan C.

Homemade brownies sound amazing and so thoughtful!! I’ve realized I can’t cut out sweets, I like them too much. But I’ve been eating yasso bars or dark chocolate (1 or 2 squares a night) from Trader Joe’s and that really helps me with my sweet tooth but keep overall calories lower. Good luck to you!!

Nicole T.

I know that feeling ALL too well, but recognizing you need a change is the first step! Followed quickly by acknowledging that you CAN change, because they are two different things. You've got this though! Good luck!!

Mollie D.

06/12/2022 8:26AM in Mother Earth Transformer - Win a Glamping Tent!
  • I just spent a few days visiting my cousin from out of town. I didn't stick to my low-carb diet entirely, but I could have done much worse.

    I have a ton of traveling and visiting with family coming up this summer (more than a solid month's worth, if added-up); including a 4-day family reunion with an elaborate 'make-your-own-inventive Smores' station that I am providing!

    I took lots of prepared low carb snacks with me this last trip and that was what kept me from going completely off my diet. So I need to prepare *so many* meals and snacks that I can keep in the freezer to grab and pack on my brief stops back home.

    And I need to constantly remind myself about how sad I would be if I ended this summer further away from from my goals, rather than closer.

    Gotta stay focused!

    Pic of: My son relaxing while we wait for our next train on our trip this week. There will be a lot of this in the next two months.

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Cristy M.

I have been traveling for the last week and I have not been perfect, but I know I have done better than I would have before I started this challenge. I think we can both call our trips a win!

Cristy M.

06/02/2022 8:10PM in Mother Earth Transformer - Win a Glamping Tent!

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Cristy M.

Thanks Eric K! I took a few days off of exercise and will get back to walking/jogging on Monday. I will be on vacation with the family and will enjoy a few meals out, but plan to make mostly healthy choices.

Mollie D.

Great work! :thumbsup:

Cristy M.

06/02/2022 8:05PM in Spring Forward Transformer - Win A Folding Treadmill!
  • I completed 75 Hard today!

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Eli M


Nicole T.

That is quite the accomplishment! You should be so proud of yourself!
Cristy M. has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 3 pounds
06/01/2022 6:05AM in Spring Forward Transformer - Win A Folding Treadmill!

Total weight lost is now 3,024 pounds! Average is 9.1 pounds.

Cristy M.

05/29/2022 10:15AM in Mother Earth Transformer - Win a Glamping Tent!
  • Drove 4 1/2 hours to pick up my daughter from school. I brought healthy snacks which allowed me to save on time, calories, and $

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Good job. Long roadtrips can get you.

Erin R.

Nice job!

Cristy M.

05/27/2022 3:31PM in Spring Forward Transformer - Win A Folding Treadmill!
  • Today I learned what stinging nettle looks and feels like. After walking down and back on this path, my legs and arms started stinging/tingling.

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Nicole T.

Oh no! That sounds terrible!

Cristy M.

Thankfully it stopped at some point during the night. I slept in and feel great this morning.


05/23/2022 4:26PM in Mother Earth Transformer - Win a Glamping Tent!
I’ve had a month from hell. My boss threw me under a bus (a huge bus!) and I decided to resign. It was so stressful. I saw the notifications coming up to weigh in but just had to ignore them and look after the immediate. Now I’m so happy I resigned and ready to start again.

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Cristy M.

Hoping you land(ed) a better position that appreciates you as an employee.


That’s horrible that your boss would do that to you :cry: Good for you for knowing your value & walking away!
Cristy M. has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 1.5 pounds
05/21/2022 6:05PM in Spring Forward Transformer - Win A Folding Treadmill!

Total weight lost is now 2,949 pounds! Average is 8.9 pounds.

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