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Veronica T.

06/11/2019 8:56AM in Self Care = Self Love with Cristinadown100
So excited!!! I met my goal plus two pounds!!!! I was so nervous I wasn’t going to make it since my new moon is right around the corner. 🔴

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mols inspire


    Here is my new podcast recommendation for the week!

    Dr. Jolene Brighten - Beyond the Pill
    By Mind Pump

    This one was a very interesting topic! It talks about the effects of birth control on womens health (and men) as well as its impact on the bodies ability to lose weight. It also touches on the topic of how negative self-talk impacts your health.

    I currently am not on birth control and haven't been for a while. I found it really effected me on a mental and physical level in ways that were far from positive. My energy was down, I gained weight, and found I had very low libido.

    I'm curious to know what everyone else experience with birth control is like in regards to their health?

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Emily V.

Same!!! But I just had a baby 11 weeks ago and I refuse to get pregnant any time soon so I’m on BC. Low libido. Blah moods. Hard to lose weight.


Listening to this podcast was an amazing suggestion, I’m going to buy her book. I recently stopped taking hormonal birth control after 8 years of use because I found out I had lesions in my liver, which through scans they said are benign. I’m 99% sure they are from taking hormonal BC. Thank you for posting this, I think reading her book is going to make a huge impact on my life.

Veronica T.

05/30/2019 9:38AM in Self Care = Self Love with Cristinadown100 - via iPhone
So I believe I shared on Monday how I had gone on vacation and gained weight. I’ve been on my healthy eating these past 2-3 days and have dropped back down 6lbs. Sometimes the bloat is real but don’t let that discourage you! Our bodies fluctuate on the daily, just keep doing your healthy thing!

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This happened to me over the holiday weekend!


It’s tough to stay the course when things go south...but getting back in gear is the right thing and will pay off. Great for you that you are back in the right direction! Awesome!
Veronica T. has weighed in at 238.4 pounds, up 3.6 pounds
05/28/2019 6:05PM in Self Care = Self Love with Cristinadown100

now at 0% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 733 pounds! Average is 2.1 pounds.

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Veronica T.

05/28/2019 12:19PM in Self Care = Self Love with Cristinadown100 - via iPhone
  • Just came back from a 4 day vacation in Mexico. Food intake was not the best (read “I ate all the tacos and drank lots of beer” ) but, we walked everywhere and sweat a lot during the trip. Weighed myself yesterday and managed to get back up to starting weight. I’m hoping it’s mostly water weight but, we shall see in the next couple days!

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You can do it! ; )


A lot of it is bloat! Dont sweat it. You're doing awesome and a little vacation is necessary sometimes!


05/28/2019 7:30AM in Self Care = Self Love with Cristinadown100
  • We are officially two weeks in and halfway through the challenge. Wanted to hear from you all how it's been going? Are you on track to hit your goal? What's been your biggest challenge/obstacle?

    I know you might be starting fresh today after a possibly carefree weekend, so sharing this quote as a reminder to keep going.

    Also, wanted to share this YouTube channel I love that has a lot of easy, real-time at home workouts that anyone can do. If you like following along with videos, this might be a great source for you!

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Jordana R.

I’m doing good...only 1.9lbs to go and this goal is in the bag


I hit my goal already :) BUT I'm a bit worried bc I will be surrounded by temptation the weekend before final weigh in :o

mols inspire


    I've never done this one before but I feel like it's so so so so important. Some people THINK they have a plan but it's not written down and they can't get clarity on it.

    It's so important to have a game plan and have it written somewhere, so i challenge you guys EXACTLY the plan you have to win this game.

    I want diet details,
    Workout details
    Motivation details,
    Schedule details,
    meal pretty details.

    I want to know how you're going to do it and whats going to make you stick to it! THE MORE DETAIL THE BETTER!

    Winner will be announced on MONDAY!!! You have until Sunday night!

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Hannah T.

Accountability and motivation: tracking cals/water/steps and workouts on Fitbit; Instagram and DietBet to collab with others on our journeys!
Workouts: 6-7 days a week. Monday: lower body focus. Tuesday: upper body focus. Wednesday: core focus. Thursday: cardio. Friday: HIIT. Saturday: hot yoga or cardio. Sunday: rest day or any workout!
Diet: I am flexible with my dieting. As long as I am in a calorie deficit, I’m happy! Tracked on my Fitbit.

Betty L.

I know I missed the deadline but I didn’t want to go skip this because then I would be cheating myself out of the plan since I wouldn’t have anything to hold me accountable.

•I will be eating 3meals/day with 2 protein snacks in between. Meals will consist of protein, veggies, healthy carb, and fruit. I’d like to eventually get to the point where I’m eating 100%clean in the future but for now this is where I’d like to start so I don’t overwhelm myself.

•I’m going to workout at least 30min/day for 5 days a week (M-cardio, T-arm focus, W-legs, Th-cardio, F-full body workout).

•I’m going to post daily on here for accountability and to stay motivated. Also plan on doing at least 30min. of PD daily as well.

•Meal prep will take place on Sunday and Thursday so that I don’t have an excuse to not eat healthy.

Stacia S.

05/13/2019 8:04PM in MOLSINSPIRES - THE LAST CHANCE FOR SUMMER - via iPhone
What is everyone’s instagram account? Would love to follow some amazing people to help motivate me!!

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Veronica T.


Sarah M.

@vimandveggies is my weight loss/wellness account :heart:


05/13/2019 7:59AM in Self Care = Self Love with Cristinadown100 - via android
Good Morning Group!! Happy first day of Dietbet! So pumped to be back and hosting again and getting myself on track as well. Happy Belated Mothers Day to all the moms! Hope you had an amazing day and indulged a bit because we're getting to work today!

I ALWAYS like to start Dietbets with a little introduction so we can all connect and maybe find people near us for support! So comment below with the following and say hi:
- Name
- Location
- What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I'll start! Cristina, Miami, FL. Definitely being a mom to my wild two year old is what I'm most proud of!

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Jannet P.

Hi my name is Jannet, I’m from a small town outside of Dallas, TX. My biggest accomplishment is probably becoming a positive person, I use to be a negative Nancy & my attitude and soul was just ridiculously nasty. The everyday doing was terrible for me & I patiently took steps to help me be a more positive and happy person.

Iris V.

Super late to the party, but my name is Iris. I’m 29 years old, from Texas ! Super proud to be a momma to 3 kiddos. Ages 10, 3 and 1. So happy to be here, love following you Cristina !