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01/26/2021 12:53PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 46 #BackOnTrack
  • My boyfriend has never heard of breakfast pizza... so of course I had to make one. Look at all that cheesey and meaty goodness.
    Please tell me I'm not the only one who is all about breakfast pizzas.

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Holly Lynn

We have a coffee place here that serves breakfast pizza. They run out fast though, so I’ve never actually had it. :sweat_smile:

Wendy L.

I am just like your boyfriend- I have never even heard of this!! Wow. Just wow.


01/26/2021 9:46AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 46 #BackOnTrack
  • #toiletselfietuesday
    Gotta love that scrolling angle. XD

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Mn M.

Love your top


01/25/2021 7:36PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 46 #BackOnTrack
  • #bbm

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01/21/2021 10:53AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 46 #BackOnTrack
  • #tattoothursday
    Not the best pic and not my best tattoo but it's been the one on my mind a lot lately.
    This is my guiding light. Whenever I'm questioning things in life or making decisions I look at her for guidance, to remember to make choices best for me and my family.

    Also, if you know who she is, you freaking rock!

Roni M. , SpoiledRabbit and like this photo.


01/21/2021 10:26AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 46 #BackOnTrack
  • #TT with a side of #RealFattyTalk

    The tattoo is a poorly done memorial for my nephew. I was an angry 20 year old who thought this might help. Lol

    I do a poor job letting other people see the vulnerable sides of me. I wanted to share this with y’all because so many people here are transparent and I want to keep it real. I have had a spot in my skin that has grown pretty aggressively since last year so I was encouraged to have it looked at. (Pretty rough family history with skin cancer including losing my uncle to it)
    Last week I went to the specialist for a biopsy and have since learned that it is cancer. It sounds worse than it is, and they think it was caught early enough to be cut out. I go next week for that knife work. I could use all the prayers and good vibes you could spare. It’s been a pretty tough season.

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Cancer is a son of a bitch. My mom has had a couple skin cancer spots removed. Luckily she has always stayed on top of it bc her mother passed from melanoma, so they always remove it without issue. Praying and sending good vibes immediately!


You better get well! Glad it’s caught in time.


01/21/2021 1:06AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 46 #BackOnTrack
  • I'm not supposed to take photos at work. They frown on exposing our secrets ;)
    So here's me post work, 1am. Been home for an hour and I finally got into my jammies and took out my little space buns and now have this crazy hair look going on.

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And we can brush each other’s hair

Mn M.

I like it Smalls!


01/20/2021 3:23AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 46 #BackOnTrack
  • I'm late to the game so here is my #tst and #dbui
    I call it shittin and beerin

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Woohoo! Champion

Danielle S.



01/11/2021 11:22AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 46 #BackOnTrack
  • I decided this #barebellymonday I would flaunt it all, no holding back. So have a good look at my buttcrack belly, may she soon be smaller. :)

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Atta girl! :heart:


Loving this!


01/08/2021 7:18PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 46 #BackOnTrack
  • This showed up last night on the radio. Made me laugh. #fridsyfunnies

SpoiledRabbit , Wendy L. and like this photo.


They are missing a ‘w’ between the o & n.

Katie Mae

01/06/2021 1:48PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 46 #BackOnTrack
  • Hey y’all! I’m Kate, kk, mama depending on who’s talking to me. I currently live in middle Tn & now that I’ve got a kiddo & lots of acreage probably will until I die. But have lived all over the south & even abroad when i was younger & had no responsibilities. I love to travel & every year go somewhere new & exciting

    I LOVE to read but always hate starting a new book for fear I won’t like it. But when I do I’ve been known to stay up all night reading, blow off adulting & totally ignore my family to finish. I finished ‘the storyteller’ by Jodi Picoult in 3 days while visiting my parents & sisters family at Christmas

    If I lived in Sesame Street I’d definitely be neighbors w Oscar the grouch. We have very similar personalities. I hate being fakely nice, I’d rather just ignore you

    I’ve been in the shame games off & on from close to the beginning. I do really well for a few months then start to slack & gain back the weight I lost. I’ve lost & regained the same 40ish pounds SO many times but am really hoping to figure out how to keep it off this time since I want to be a better example for my kiddo

    I HATE celery & get nauseous just knowing it could possibly be in something I might eat. But otherwise I’m not picky at all & will eat anything if it’s brought to me while watching tv in bed, which is part of why I’m so fat.

    Picture below is at a local state park. I am petrified of heights & had to cross this bridge on a trail I was doing. I spent a good 10 mins trying to calm my nerves & assure myself I would be ok by stepping onto it & then documented my success for my kiddo

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Mn M.

I’ve probably told you my brother is in Clarksville.
Great picture!

Danielle S.

I’d be scared on that bridge, too!
Also, celery is only good when it’s cooked at part of the Cajun trinity (celery, bell pepper, & onion) to start a roux for something yummy.
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