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Sara F.

01/16/2021 4:14AM in Fatgirlfedup's 2021 Resolution Jumpstart
Y’all, this has NOT been the best Diet Bet for me... started off on a super high note - the first days included a promotion and my 30th birthday! But then, my grandmother passed away, and yesterday my supervisor at work tested positive for covid. Between all that, I have not been on my best behavior the last 2 weeks - drinking celebratory wine and eating grief comfort meals.

I’m about to just throw in the towel and call it a loss and start fresh next month. 😭😭

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Christine S.

Don’t give up just take it one day at a time


Don’t throw in the towel. Even if you don’t win the game, it’s not a loss. Just keep trekking along and try to be a healthier you than you were when you started.

Karen Z.

01/14/2021 4:44PM in Fatgirlfedup's 2021 Resolution Jumpstart
  • I’ve been really depressed since losing my beloved kitty on Tuesday. He was only 13 and he died in my arms. I have eaten well today, but yesterday and Tuesday not nearly enough. I haven’t been able to motivate myself to get out of bed or off of the couch to exercise. I wish that I could get over this grief. Sorry for the pity party, I’m just hurting. I’m attaching a pic of my beautiful boy.

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April M.

Sorry for your loss!
Don’t deny the grief, or beat yourself up because of feeling as you do. It will help to talk about it and share the memories you have of him. You sound like a wonderful fur momma. He was lucky to have spent his life with you. :two_hearts::two_hearts:

Kimberly C.

He’s gorgeous. I’m so sorry for the loss. Our pets are so important. Hang in there. Allow yourself time to grieve and know that when you’re ready, you will get back to it.


01/08/2021 7:50AM in Fatgirlfedup's 2021 Resolution Jumpstart
  • Left was my first pic of the competition and right was last night. Anyone see a difference? I’m down a little bit but I feel bigger! Ugh!

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Melissa C.

Same clothes and give it more than a few days :)


Thanks everyone! This is my 2nd time losing weight. First time I lost from 350->211. I usually take better progress pics but I’m working erratic hours haha.