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06/24/2019 9:51AM in Summatime Fine w/ Franny
  • Morning team, happy Monday and day 1 of the next 4 weeks! I hope you are excited and ready to follow through with your commitment to your health and meeting your 4% goal!
    One thing I recommend every game is to take your goal and break it up into 4 smaller goals. For example this game I need to lose 7.7 lbs. so ideally I need to lose about 2 lbs. a week to make goal. This is a mental strategy that helps me rather than seeing 8 lbs. over 4 weeks I look at it as 2 lbs. a week. It still can be overwhelming don't get me wrong but trust me it is possible I have played and won many games so I know first hand!

    For some of you this maybe your first game you might have 12-14 lbs. to lose, maybe even more as long as you keep yourself in a calorie deficit & move your body you will get there. You need to make sure you are BURNING MORE CALORIES THAN YOU ARE CONSUMING! That is not my opinion that is the science of weight loss. No matter how hard you work if you are not eating correctly you will not meet your goal. If this is your first game and you don't know where to start I would suggest doing your research on calorie deficits - there are so many sources online and ways to learn please check out YouTube Ill even post a link to make it easier!

    Changing small habits like making a water goal for yourself everyday is also important. Water helps us flush away bloat and toxins (not fat) but it does help the scale in the beginning! Start walking on your work breaks and lunches if you have time. Any extra movement you can get in will add up and help get you to your goal!

    Through this entire game feel free to ask questions or email me isfrannyfityet@hotmail.com anytime and I will do my best to help and guide you from my own experience though my weightloss!

    Here is our Monday workout challenge please feel free to participate and modify if needed! These are optional comment below if you complete it so you can be entered into a giveaway!

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Hannah M.

Done! 6:33

Lexi M.


Rusha B.

06/13/2019 9:07AM in Summer slim w/ ISFRANNYFITYET
I have gained weight during this game. I will lose unless I can lose the weight these last few days. lol I am upset with myself but I will win again next round. Depression has a way of keeping you down. I will fight to win again. Keep pushing and if you fall get right back up. I know I am!

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Bethany M.

Depression is so real! Glad that you are still picking yourself back up Rusha!!


Same here. The CA heat has kept me from doing anything and it really depresses me. Hang in there, we'll get it next time!
Amy has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 1 pound
06/01/2019 6:05PM in Summer slim w/ ISFRANNYFITYET

Total weight lost is now 1,286 pounds! Average is 2.2 pounds.

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Amy has weighed in at xxx pounds
05/25/2019 6:05PM in Summer slim w/ ISFRANNYFITYET

Total weight lost is now 678 pounds! Average is 1.2 pounds.

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05/20/2019 10:44AM in Summer slim w/ ISFRANNYFITYET - via iPhone
  • Week 1 Workout 1
    10 rounds for time - complete 10 air squats followed by 10 kettlebell swings. Total you will be doing 100 squats and 100 kettlebell swings.

    Time yourself, take rest AS NEEDED between each round but try and keep moving!

    You choose the weight of your kettlebell I will be using a 35# KB. Air squats mean no weight, just abody weight movement.

    This post will be up until Wednesday morning when the next challenge will be posted! Come back to the comments and enter your time so I know you completed it! This thread is how you will be entered into the giveaways :)

    Please note these challenges are OPTIONAL and should be done only if your fitness level allows, usually all challenges I post are modifiable. If you dont know how to do either of these movements please visit my IG page I have quite a few videos doing kettlebell swings and airsquats!  

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Juan P.

Completed!!! Did this workout last night with my girlfriend and I can tell you it was not easy. First time working with the kettlebells so not sure if my form was good. When I finished I felt accomplished!!!


9 minutes! First workout in a week, I’ve been hit with some kind of summer flu :weary:
If it wasn’t for this dietbet I think I would be in a bad place, nutrition-wise....hoping to get back on track :muscle:


05/16/2019 8:44AM in Summer slim w/ ISFRANNYFITYET - via android
Hi Everyone! This is round two (back to back). I won May (BARELY by a pound) so I'm gonna be on my sh*t this time! Franny is awesome and last time we got fun workouts! Get ready for some hands-ON leadership, she is the BEST!!!

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Congrats on winning the last round!!
I’m so excited to be in this diet bet with everyone, it sounds like a good one! Like Toria said about the host never interacting with people, I’ve done a few and only once was the host putting out workouts or motivation and challenges. It makes all the difference!!! Without that people just stop interacting :(


Thanks Amy for the kind words! Glad you're back for another game with us!