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Sally A.

11/22/2020 6:32AM in Lose 4% in 8 Weeks
Since the weather has gotten cold all I want to eat is comfort foods, grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup, Mac and cheese, beef stew it’s really hard to get excited to eat lettuce salads.

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Gregory O.

Hi, Sally, have you tried any low calorie alternatives where possible? For example, I love Kraft Fat Free Cheddar Cheese. It has 9 g of Protein and 45 Calories per 1/4 cup (1 serving). So, I often eat two servings at a time and still end up with 1/2 the calories of one serving of regular cheese. Also, nature’s own makes a very nice honey wheat bread with only 40 calories per slice. Spray the outside of your bread with some olive oil cooking spray (don’t hold it down too long, throw in your FF cheese, add a slice of fresh tomato or other healthy accoutrement and you might find that you can enjoy what you love without the guilt. :smiley:

By the way, you can make all kinds of healthy cheeses quesadillas if you like those. I haven’t tried a Mac and cheese alternative, but I feel like fat free cheeses, fair life skim milk and maybe a fat free cream cheese have potential for you if you can find a palatable low cal pasta substitute. Pasta is calorie dense. So, that’s a taller order. I love meat sauce but we use spaghetti squash and zucchini noodles as the base. I don’t they would work with cheese sauce though.

Have some fun experimenting in the kitchen and good luck!

Sally A.

Love your info and suggestions, I’ll definitely try the lighter cheeses. I forgot about using Laughing cow cheese instead of cream cheese too. Thanks for your help. :smiley:

Claire L.

08/30/2020 11:21AM in The WayBetter Transformer - $1000 in Wellness Prizes!
Woohoo! 8 days of living out of my van, hiking 10+ miles a day and I didn't break my food plan, even though I was in gas stations every day! I have a very fond attachment to gas stations snacks during long drives (those giant Kit Kats and Chex Mix buddies!

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Claire L.

I discovered that the cantaloupe at Love's truck stops is actually really fresh and delicious. Only food I bought at a gas station on the whole trip. Go me!

Liz B.

Well done.