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Kristen S.

02/12/2020 4:12AM in Smashing Into 2020 with Syd Journey!
I was participating in two games. Each time I weighed in it updated my weight in both games. I submitted my final weigh in last night, but it only updated for one game. Thus, I didn’t “win” in this game, even though I met my goal. This upsetting to me because it means a huge dollar loss for me despite my “win.” Is there a way to update this with my final weight from the first game since they ended on the same day & my weight is officially documented?

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It's probably too late at this point since the weigh-in window closed, but you can always email dietbet. Always make sure that you check the box for both games or weigh out for both.

Colleen M.

This happened to me. I was in 1 game and weighed in at my target weight and it said I was disqualified so I emailed them Nd they fixed the mistake. Maybe email.?

Heidi n Chris Powell

01/24/2020 6:33AM in Transform with Chris & Heidi Powell in 2020

Yay! It’s the weekend! A lot of people go out to eat or attend parties or get togethers on the weekend, and it can be tricky to stay on plan when you’re eating away from the comfort (and carefully purchased foods) of your own kitchen. The best way to not let these meals totally derail your goals is to plan ahead! Many restaurants have their nutrition info online, and even if they don’t, with a few tips, you can leave that restaurant or event with your nutrition plan totally on track. Here are a few posts from the blog with some awesome tips and options for navigating that tricky eating-away-from-home nutrition maze:

Heidi-Approved (& Macro-Friendly) Fast Food Picks
5 Ways to Practice Mindful Eating
Holiday Survival Guide: How to Maintain Your Weight During the Holidays
Prep, Plan, and Party: 4 Tips for Diet Success At Every Event
Healthy Choices on Board

And today, we’re giving away a blender bottle AND a resistance band! To enter, leave a comment below telling us your best tip for eating out and/or for off-plan-food-filled social gatherings. We’ll be taking notes! 😉

Let’s crush this weekend!

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Jill R.

I always put half of order in to go box, then no matter how good it tastes I won’t stuff myself.

Stefanie V.

Bring a dish to the party you can enjoy and eat a nutritious filling meal before you go. Drinking seltzer water also helps curb temptations.
At restaurants, I make a plan before I go, but also allow myself some grace to enjoy a meal out without guilt. So I'll usually get something I love and lighten it up. For example if it's a pasta dish, I'll ask of the sauces can be served over veggies or if it's a wrap/sandwich, I'll order a side salad and turn it into a salad by ditching the bun/wrap.
Steamed veggies over fries, and again, seltzer water (aka club soda from the bar) with a lime.