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Felicia K.

about 16 hours ago in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet

    I know the DietBet is coming to an end but DONT let yourself fizzle out! Remember this DietBet was to help give you a kickstart. Not a start and end. I encourage you to keep up with the healthy habits you’ve developed and come back to my next game even farther along in your journey!!!!

    This journey is HARD. The hardest. But the only way you won’t succeed is if you give up. Where could you be a year from today if you just kept going. Despite the INEVITABLE “slip ups” or days you skip your workout. Think big picture. 365 days. How many more days are you going to let go by?

    My next DietBet will be in January. The start of a new year. After such a horrible year, I think it’ll be a much needed refresher. But don’t let the rest of this year go by just “waiting until the new year” Think of how much progress you can make in just a few months!

    Set yourself up for success with meal planning, planning your workouts, self care, and constantly reminding yourself that no matter what are DONE quitting

    Comment below 2 healthy habits you want to keep consistent with! I will choose 2 people to each win $50 PayPal cash!

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My 2 healthy habits would have to be eating right and keep working out. A body in motion stays in motion.

Alyssa M.

#1 and most important is to continue to love myself and realize I can control everything

#2 continue finding new ways to add veggies and fruits to my diet ( if you know me youd know from childhood into my early 20s the only things I ate were banana and corn , not even lettuce !)

#3 continus getting my water intake, makes me feel better throughout the day then when I dont drink it (even though I have to go pee every 5 seconds)

Siobhan O.

10/22/2020 9:27AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
Anyone else worried they won’t reach goal in time? No matter what I do I can’t bust through this plateau! 😭

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Autumn O.

Same. Oh my gosh. So hard

Meghan A.


Kayla L.

10/22/2020 9:22AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
I need help. I know I have this problem but I don’t know how to fix it. It’s portion control on my “treats”. I can’t have one donut, I have to have 2 or 3. It’s kind of an all or nothing mentality on my “good foods” that I love. I don’t know how to get over this and it’s messing me up. 😭😩

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Alyssa M.

I'm not sure if this could work for you. But higher point items I cut into little pieces and eat a little throughout the whole day when feeling snacky.

Theresa D.

Im reading a 'habit' book that suggests Pairing the thing you do with something else. 'Everytime i eat a donut i do 10 burpees first' or something like that. :wink:

Rebecca L.

10/22/2020 6:26AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
Daily weighing is really disappointing some days - I feel like I’m doing everything right but the scale has been either stuck or this morning I’m up a pound

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Same.. I have been losing two up 4 losing 4 up 6 it’s been a real tough one

Rebecca L.

It’s just frustrating because the goal of this dietbet is based on the scale and I dropped the first portion so quickly but now it’s getting towards the close and it’s moving the opposite direction of what I need to “win”

Felicia K.

10/21/2020 8:51AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
  • We are getting closer to the end and it’s so crazy to me how fast this went!!!!! Remember EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU should be so dang proud of yourself.

    As we are getting closer to the end I want you to keep your “why” in mind. Why are you doing this? What drives you? I want to hear everyone’s “why”

    Post here in the comments (or make a separate post) what your “WHY” is. WHY do you want to lose the weight/get healthy? What drives you? My why is always my babies. Losing weight has allowed me to be the absolute best, most active mom that I can be. And that means the world. I wanted to be healthy, but I also wanted to be happy. Keep your why close by. Whenever you feel discouraged always think of WHY you started in the first place.

    I will be picking 2 people to each win $50 PayPal cash 💘

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Kevin M.

  • Second 40oz of these, plus six cups of coffee, an espresso and the night is young.

Julia M.

  • I missed this yesterday but I’m still going to post. This is my why....Me. I know that sounds cheesy, but I want to be the best I can possibly be. I want to carry children someday, I want to live a long life, and most of all I want to be happy. For the last couple years I got comfortable in my relationship and didn’t care anymore. I’m starting to love myself again and be more confident. I’m doing this for me. I am my why.

Shambray G.

10/20/2020 10:44AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
It's exciting as my shirts gets looser! BUT I was a little frustrated that I can't go down in sizes. Being taller means that EVERYTHING turns into a crop top if it's smaller than an XL😂. Glad my pants are fitting better though.

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Brenna H.

I was just thinking it's so frustrating that I've lost over 20lbs but I haven't really gone down in clothing sizes but I see so many people lose ~10lbs and they fit a a whole new size....

Shambray G.

The struggle is real my sista!

Felicia K.

10/20/2020 10:08AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
  • Yesterday’s giveaway winners:

    Mz Jumpoff
    Julia M

    Please email me at Feliciafitnesshealth@aol. com


    I LOVEEEEE seeing everyone’s transformations. So motivating and inspiring 😭 I am so dang proud of every single one of you

    Sometimes (especially when first starting or when stuck at a certain weight) we can get discouraged not seeing a physical transformation. Which is why focusing on NON SCALE VICTORIES can help keep us going!

    How are your clothes fitting? Can you go longer on the treadmill? Your Fitbit band is fitting more loose. SO MANY. This was my favorite. Being able to wrap my towel around my body. But when I FIRST started , having to pull my pants constantly was annoying but such a good non scale victory for me!

    Comment below a non scale victory you’ve had on your journey!💗

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Ashley T.

Went down a size in dresses!

Alyson B.

One of my NSV’s has been saying YES to participating in events with my friends and family instead of saying no for fear of how people would think I looked. I spent almost 20 years saying NO to everything. Every time I say YES and show up to ANYTHING it’s a NSV!!

Shambray G.

10/18/2020 10:33AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
It's the last little bit before this game is over! I'm excited and sad. I'm loving Felicia's posts and all the recipes and inspiration. What is everyone planning on doing after to keep it up once the game ends?

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I’m thinking about joining a transformer challenge :flushed: I feel crazy lol

Shambray G.

She really is amazing! I've had one other host who is great but she doesn't do a lot either. Maybe I'll Do that transformer with you!?

Tyra D.

10/18/2020 1:53AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
  • As a reward to myself for completing this DietBet I will be taking myself to try out our city’s Adventure Tower. I will play again and each time I win I will go back to the adventure tower and get stronger and better at completing it. That way if I DietBet and I work on my physical skills it’s a win win...

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Josephine T.

This looks so fun!!

Shambray G.

I love this! I think I need to copy you!


10/18/2020 12:33AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
  • I thought I’d share this with everyone...😍SO good! It tastes like chocolate banana cream pie. Mine came out to 8pts💚, but you can adjust it accordingly.
    Jello SF Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Pudding
    Frozen banana
    Whipped cream
    Chopped nuts

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Shambray G.

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