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Jessica M.

08/05/2020 9:05AM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
I don’t think I’ll make my goal but this DietBet has taught me consistency. I’ve started working out daily and really paying attention to what I eat. I feel stronger and healthier!

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Sola O.

Don’t proclaim that you still have till Tuesday. You can do it. Take it one day at a time. You will be surprised what you are capable of


07/28/2020 9:44PM in Fatgirlfedup's Summer Slim Down
Enjoy my $30 addition to the pot. I sat at a plateau all month despite my healthy habits! Oh well, I'm gonna keep this health train moving!

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Please don’t be discouraged. I bet you’ll find a sudden drop will happen. Also what about mixing things up a bit? I find I plateau sometimes even if I’m in calorie deficit if I’m eating the same and doing the same exercises for a long time. Maybe have a “cheat day” or try different exercise and keep going - see what happens? xxx

Sola O.

It happens I have sat at the same weight for 5 months straight before.

Jojo N.

07/19/2020 7:39AM in Fatgirlfedup's Summer Slim Down
My weight is staying the same no matter what I’m doing. Anyone else having this problem right now?

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Johanna G.

I am having issues too my weight doesn’t budge.

Rebecca S.

Measure and weigh everything


07/18/2020 4:05PM in Fatgirlfedup's Summer Slim Down
  • GIVEAWAY for two Amazon $50 giftcards! To enter leave below your favorite healthy item to buy online or in store below by 5PM eastern Sunday July 19th, good luck! All winners chosen at the end of our game!

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Abel G.

Green apples, hands down.


Have the winners of this been announced yet? I didn't enter but I have seen others asking


07/08/2020 11:30PM in Fatgirlfedup's Summer Slim Down
Ive been losing (and gaining back) the same 1-2 lbs for months. Frustrated...i kill myself running and working out for no results. I talked to trainer at gym and he set me up a different workout and banned me from my treadmill today hoping changing up my workout will kick my weight loss back into gear.

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Sola O.

Take a full break. This happens to me a lot. I loss inches and it won’t show on the scale. Just take a break. Something light and that’s it.


Thanks everyone, i actually gained another lb after my new workout with trainer... but i was sooo sore every muscle hurt so im hoping that's the reason for the gain. And yes, i track calories in mfp and points in ww and this weight won't come off... im not giving up but im frustrated. My muscles are so sore maybe once they calm down they'll burn some freaking

Jennifer S.

06/27/2020 6:27PM in Fatgirlfedup's Summer Slim Down
What is your motivation for losing weight? I don’t know what mine is.

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Julie G C

I want my body to look like how I feel like inside.. dunno if I make much sense !! Haha. And it will be great to be able to find clothes in any store

Rose P.

@Julie G C YES!! Me too! I want to become the very best version of myself through and through mind, body, soul, and strength as well!


06/27/2020 3:40PM in Fatgirlfedup's Summer Slim Down
I’ve been gaining and losing the same 3 lbs for 2 months now. Hoping this helps motivate me to push forward and stop gaining! Good luck everyone!

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Mandy M.

Me too!!!

Rose P.

Oh I definitely know that feeling! Praying you break through that annoying little yo yo!
Sola O. accepted the challenge.
06/21/2020 6:31PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
The pot is now $6,755