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01/16/2020 7:19PM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
Thank you to each and every one of you for joining my game and my tribe! I hope you're enjoying it so far and crushing your goals. As I mentioned, for this game, I'm donating $1 per person that signs up. Thanks to all of you, that's $6,301 currently so I need your help! The top 5 charities you all identified are: 1) ASPCA 2) Australian Red Cross 2) St. Jude Children's Research Hospital 4) American Cancer Society & 5) Ronald McDonald House. 

Which one should we choose? Write your vote in the comments section (only one vote per person please) and we'll pick the one with the most votes. Submit your votes by the end of the day on Sunday January 19 at midnight est and I'll announce shortly! Thanks everyone! Together, we can make a difference and happy we all can help others together!

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Ronald McDonald house

Vibeke A.

2 Australian Red Cross
Sola O. has weighed in at 215.8 pounds, down 2 pounds
01/18/2020 6:05PM in The Body Edit

now at 100% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 1,137 pounds! Average is 3.1 pounds.

Kim W.

01/18/2020 10:05AM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
Hello! Wondering if anyone has a dessert or "sweet treat" recipe they would like to share. My birthday is Tuesday but I don't want to get off track. Thank you!!

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Tatyana P.

It’s my birthday on Tuesday too! :grinning: I’m planning to have a real cake, but cut down the size until it fits in my calorie budget. I might also reduce my other meals to make room for the birthday treat :)

Sola O.

Warm quest cookies in the microwave for 1 minutes, top with a scoop of halo top vanilla ice cream

Amanda G.

01/16/2020 4:17PM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
Feeling very discouraged 😤 I have a concussion and can’t work our for a couple weeks. Any advice for staying on track ?

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Jocelyn A.

Clean eating! You got this.

Sola O.

Aww sorry
Focus on your meal that’s the most important part

Crystal H.

01/16/2020 12:46PM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
Hi guys, so I've lost 8 lbs so far since we started and I have not gone off my diet, but I notice I'm feeling weepy and snappy too and I'm not PMS-ing. Does anyone have advice on how I can improve my emotions during this process? Has anyone else experienced this? Im taking supplements like vitamin D, Cal/Mag and fish oil.

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I noticed I felt better when I upped my protein intake and did some more strengthening exercises rather than just do cardio. It seemed like I ended up feeling fuller longer with less crashes w/ the protein and then less fatigued and more energized as I got stronger. Good luck! Keep pushing through, I promise it’ll be worth it

Sola O.

Try potassium too
Lots of water
Trust me you are eating enough your body is just use to u eating too much.
What about electrolyte
I use electrolyte everyday so try that
You are doing great

Kimberly F.

01/16/2020 10:51AM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
Has anyone tried hypnosis for weight loss? Does it work? They keep advertising for Mark Patrick seminar in the area, wondering if it's worth a try?

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Stormie D.

I see a hypnotherapist currently. I have my 4th session next week. It has been a slow process but it does help. They teach you the tools of meditation and getting yourself into a trance state to prevent yourself from binging, over eating, etc.


I did weight loss hypnosis sound tracks for years, it was nice to fall asleep to, but didn’t do much for me as far as dropping the lbs is concerned.


01/16/2020 10:49AM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
  • Feeling discouraged. Haven’t lost any weight, and have been pretty faithfully tracking and exercising and drinking water. Might have to just be patient, but it’s hard to not see the scale move.

    Here’s my lunch though, it was super yummy!

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Sola O.

Hi jaimi
Try to up your veggies in take and lower protein to 4 oz if you can
Try to only eat complex carbs like rice once a day morning would be better. You are doing amazing try to track your out pug though it helps

Jane S.

Once I faithfully tracked and ate well but lost nothing - I was doing weight watchers at the time - the coach advised I do a cheat meal - it helped - I started to lose after that

Annie H.

01/16/2020 10:19AM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
Feeling both encouraged and discouraged today. I have only dropped 3 lbs (and I mostly suspect that is because I weighed initially after a pretty hefty binge that week from ringing in the new year, because it pretty much dropped within 2 days). So essentially I haven’t really lost any weight. However!!! I have been working out 6 out of 7 days of the week (give myself a Sunday or a Saturday as a rest day) and I’m noticing my stomach becoming flatter/tighter and my arms, back, and legs becoming more toned. I can only assume my body is holding onto water for muscle repair, which is frustrating as it doesn’t reflect on my weight. Anyone know when I can expect to see a whoosh? Or any progress on the scale itself, really.

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Nicky R.

I’m in the same boat too! Trying to remind myself I’m building muscle because I’m weightlifting - my body is sore so I know I’m working hard. That’s awesome you can see physical results!!!


Got the same problem. I only started back at the gym. And I have noticed that the first week or two in the gym I dont lose much weight. So it could be the muscle repair


01/16/2020 9:51AM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
  • GIVING AWAY A $50 GIFTCARD FOR CHOCZERO! Choczero is one of my favorite healthier chocolate alternatives and a healthier version of chocolate that I really enjoy! To enter to win leave your favorite healthier treat below by Thursday January 16 at 11pm. As always all wiinners will be selected at the end of our game!

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Jess C.

Enlightened Keto collection ice cream bars (especially the marshmallow and pb, yum!!)

Taylor M.


Allison G.

01/14/2020 4:21PM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
Anyone ever had sweet cottage cheese? I’m still not sure about it TBH, but I’m not sure about cottage cheese in general.

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Sola O.

I hate cottage cheese

Hokie 4 Life

I love it with Trader Joe’s “everything but the bagel” seasoning blend!
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