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06/26/2019 7:40PM in Fatgirlfedup's Start of Summer Slim Down
  • 264lbs - 178lbs.

Meghan , Pauline R. and like this photo.

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Corie L.

Awesome! Congrats!!

Melissa K

06/21/2019 9:54AM in Fatgirlfedup's Start of Summer Slim Down
  • Healthy breakfast on vacation to finish this diet bet strong!

Smurf , Christy K. and like this photo.

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That looks so good

Melissa K

It was so good. I love Avocado and the balsamic vinaigrette drizzled on top made it feel like a sweet treat!!


06/21/2019 8:19AM in Fatgirlfedup's Start of Summer Slim Down
NSV: I’m going to be vulnerable with you all here: I struggle with disordered eating. I have not binged in 56 days!!! My binges are usually triggered by a period of really restrictive eating (i.e. dieting) so I’ve taken a different approach this time and tried to let myself eat more intuitively. Weight loss is a good long term goal, and fortunately the scale has been budging in the right direction, but mostly I’m just so proud of myself for facing my demons instead of letting the disorder control my life.

Rachel R. , Christy K. and like this comment.

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Amazing progress


So happy for you!

Lori H.

06/21/2019 6:39AM in Fatgirlfedup's Start of Summer Slim Down - via iPhone
HELP ME! I need advice. I have lost 46-50 lbs since June of last year. Since December of last year I’ve fluctuated from 168-175. Up and down over and over. I cannot seem to get any farther down. Yesterday, 172. Was on track completely and 174 today. I have tried less calories, more calories. More water, less water. Same excercise, different excercise. Longer excercise, shorter excercise. Different food choices. The only thing that keeps me hanging in are these dietbets. I have to pay into them, knowing I probably will not win. However they keep me on from going completely off the rails in frustration. I don’t know what to do. I have lost a total of 106 lbs and have a fair amount of loose skin. Could this be the problem? I also take several medications. I’ve lost my weight by counting calories and excercise, the last 50 anyway. I’m only 5’4”. I’d like to get to 150-160. Oh and I’m 52 years old. I have had an ablation so I really don’t have periods, but I have been having hot flashes for 3 years now. Help me keep from giving up, please????

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Determined Pips

Try intermittent fasting if you haven't already... it will work wonders!

Lori H.

I do track foods in food diary app. I also have tried IF- 16/8. I’ve not tried a 24 hour fast though. Thanks for the support everyone. I guess at least I’m maintaining in a certain range. If I let go, I know how fast I can put it back on. Ugh! Thought about seeing if my doctor could recommend me to see nutritionist. Heck, I don’t know.

Carolina H.

06/18/2019 3:08PM in Fatgirlfedup's Start of Summer Slim Down
  • Anyone have those days where you get hangry and for the most unhealthy food? That is me today! My drive home was an hour and a half and I was getting so hungry and annoyed. I got home and was ill at this point, all I wanted was a cheeseburger. I decided to stick with my goals and made a veggie burger with some shredded cheese, a tiny bit of mayo and some pickles and put it in a tortilla shell. Of course it wasn’t the same but I’m glad I decided to do that instead of binging and going way over my calories.

    My eating habits have definitely changed for the better, but it’s a long process and I still crave junk food a lot. It’s definitely a journey that I will have to keep learning and trying my hardest at.

SophieB , Bernadette W. and like this photo.

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Yum!! If I’m out I’ll get a burger from a fast food joint with no bun. It’s totally a thing. :)

Sally A.

Looks yummy :yum: you did great by not stopping at the drive thru.


06/18/2019 7:38AM in Fatgirlfedup's Start of Summer Slim Down
So close and the scale won't budge!

Nikki , Cyn and like this comment.

Lesley R.

You’ve got this!

Kelly A.

You can do it! Drink lots of water and count your calories, if your not all ready!

Sonia G.

06/18/2019 6:32AM in Fatgirlfedup's Start of Summer Slim Down
  • i’m nervous to even post this because i know i eat a lot more than a lot of people on here (i personally follow my tdee and because of my size my maintenance calories are high) but i wanted to share this picture of MOST of the food i ate yesterday. i’m really proud of myself for staying on track and getting enough protein and that’s my goal for the rest of the week. in addition to the food pictured i had a lot of coffee (with milk), a slice of toast with pb&j, and my evening snack of popcorn and a bit of chocolate (i’m going to need a therapist to get rid of this habit lol). the food PICTURED is 2300 calories and 136g of protein. overall i got 187g of protein and my calories were in the 3000s. staying on track with eating my meal prepped food and not snacking much during my 12 hour shift are both huge wins for me! i’ll be eating essentially the same thing today but with a different meal for supper

Andi K. , Nikki and like this photo.

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Sonia G.

thanks stainsofpeach and congratulations on the weight loss! my starting weight was 395 and i can’t weight to get down to 300


You can totally do it! Just take it one day at a time and... well, don't forget how good it feels to feel proud of yourself. That's when I stumbled every time.


06/14/2019 6:55AM in Fatgirlfedup's Start of Summer Slim Down
  • Ok now let me keep going and not stop here...

Kaylea Y. , Gabby and like this photo.

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Allison B.

You are soooo close to being in the 200s! Awesome job!

Mina R.

Wow! Way to go girl!

Katrina D.

06/14/2019 5:54AM in Fatgirlfedup's Start of Summer Slim Down
Keto or Whole 30? Thoughts?

Kaylea Y. , Cyn and like this comment.

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I did Whole 30 in 2017 and it really opened my eyes. I think it is designed help you eat clean for 30 days (we did 45) and gradually add back things to see if you have any "reactions" to them.

Now, I just try to eat as clean as possible and avoid processed food (chips and wine are my weakness). However, I have found success with this way of eating and I think I can do it for the rest of my life. I eat potatoes from time to time.. and eat and occasional piece of bread or have dessert. I just cannot see me maintaining a very restrictive lifestyle for the rest of my life. I have lost 50 pounds in 6 months and feel great... all I really do is count calories and eat as clean as possible :)


I’ve done different things and I always go back to keto once you get the hang of it it’s like second nature and there is sooooo many keto friendly stuff now a days it’s crazy you can still have Keto breads and muffins and they have dessert to :)

Cheyenne M.

06/13/2019 9:20PM in Fatgirlfedup's Start of Summer Slim Down
Oh, woah I hadn't gotten the update til now... This is very different. I thought I had opened an accidentally downloaded new app lol

Kaylea Y. , SophieB and like this comment.

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Betsy D.

Judith, the decimal point is there, it's just hanging out on the lower left.


I like it a lot better!
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