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Favorite Health Food: seafood

Favorite Sinful Food: all fast food and sweets

My Preferred Method of Exercise: cardio or hiit

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

DietBet Winnings: $1,277.63

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Mel accepted the challenge.
05/27/2021 9:13AM in Summer kickoff w/ Franny
The pot is now $2,030

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Anna D.

05/27/2021 7:50AM in Summer kickoff w/ Franny
  • Rise and shine!

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Anna D.

Thanks Mel! I’m going to also pronounce it like that, I went into GNC and I didn’t know the pronunciation


You’re welcome :blush:

Francesca W

05/13/2021 10:45AM in Countdown to summer w/ IsFrannyFitYet
Guys, I need to lose two pounds in 10 days. Can I do it?! What’s your solution to losing two pounds in 10 days? Any tips? I’m so nervous I’ll fail this DietBet.

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Amber W.

You can do it. Just focus on your water intake, sleeping well and exercise. You’ve got this!!

Francesca W

Thank you, Amber!

Emily R.

05/13/2021 8:04AM in Countdown to summer w/ IsFrannyFitYet
Does anybody else ever want to just fight their scale?
I can gain a pound or more overnight easy peasy, but I never lose a whole pound overnight 😅

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I drink minimum 1 gallon so 128oz+ I’ve always been a big water drinker. So my body holds onto some of that throughout the day and I look bloated so it’s not that great. Example I’ll wake up weighing 139 my weight will go up anywhere to 144-146 during the day and usually go to bed weighing 143-144 and wake up to pee like 3x a night and by the morning back to 139

Emily R.

Amazing! Thanks for the water inspo, sounds like I maybe haven’t been pushing water as hard as I could have


05/12/2021 10:34PM in Countdown to summer w/ IsFrannyFitYet
Went to the gym for the first time in about 3 years!! Huge NSV for me today :)

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Thanks ladies and yes felt awesome!


Proud of you Mel!!!

Kylee W.

04/26/2021 5:36AM in Countdown to summer w/ IsFrannyFitYet
Hey! I’m Kylee, I’m from Montana and I’m a pilot! My day job consists of either teaching from my desk or sitting in an airplane teaching students how to fly, so pretty sedentary. My goal other than to lose the 4% body weight is to also just have a more active day in general. I hope to walk more, eat a little better, and stick to my goals!

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How cool! My little boy wants to be a pilot so he has me just as fascinated with wouldnt believe how many different airplanes I know about because of him (mostly war planes b17, p40 Warhawk, etc) lol

Candice O.

04/23/2021 1:05PM in Countdown to summer w/ IsFrannyFitYet
Is it ok if I weigh in on Monday morning? I will be gone all weekend.

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Audrey W.

Yes! But the sooner you weigh in the better. I believe you have up until 2 weeks in to weigh in.


Yes totally ok to weigh in on Monday


04/23/2021 8:36AM in Countdown to summer w/ IsFrannyFitYet
I was a part of Franny’s Dietbet last month and was 3lbs away from my goal. This month’s ends around my birthday so here’s to shredding hard these next four weeks!! 👏

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You can do it! This DietBet ends on my husband’s bday and I know he’s going to want to celebrate so I’ll be celebrating too if I win lol

Sarah W.

You can do it!!

Rebeca G.

04/23/2021 8:00AM in Countdown to summer w/ IsFrannyFitYet
The weight in photos where do we enter this information and also the weight in word is it something we make up or is it given to us ?

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Once you’re able to start submitting your weigh in (which will be at midnight) there will be a place to click where it says submit official weigh in. Should be at the very top where the countdown is right now. And they give you the word once you click there and start the weigh in process.


It’s given to you you’ll get an email tomorrow telling you that you can weigh in. From there you’ll see the instructions on the app

JazzyCee C.

04/23/2021 7:50AM in Countdown to summer w/ IsFrannyFitYet
Hello Again! When is the last day to weigh in?

I just finished the last diet bet and went out to eat.... sodium from restaurant food blows me up!

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I’m not sure if youre asking about initial weigh in or when it end but I can answer have to 2 weeks once the game begins to weigh in so technically until the beginning of May. And weigh out needs to be May 24 12am- May 25th 11:59pm

JazzyCee C.

Ok thanks. I was talking about the initial weigh in
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