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My Weight Loss Program: 80 Day Obsession

My Diet Plan: Portion Fix

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Antoinette T.

03/13/2019 3:12PM in YES-vember Transformer - Win an Apple Watch Series 4 - via android
Hey guys, I've seen the posts of hitting a plateau or feeling like they suck. It will be okay. This is a journey to committ to a healthier you. There's going to be ups and downs. I missed round 3 and beat myself up for a bit, but I got back up to keep on track to make the round 4 goal. I succeeded but this journey isn't over. You need to keep your head up and not quit on yourself. We got this! Let's make round 5 a progressive one.

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Diane P.


Kaeli M.

03/11/2019 3:53PM in YES-vember Transformer - Win an Apple Watch Series 4
Guys....my life sucks right now....I'm just stuck in wallowing. I've even gained weight this whole time. I'm a legit mess.
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Jeffrey C.

Trying is all you can do. Life is full of ups and downs. There is light in the end that sometimes we just cannot see at first. I am my own worst enemy.

Diane P.

What we tell ourselves matters. Is there anything you can learn from what is going on? I have had my most success when I am appreciative of my body and such. You got this.:thumbsup:

alana k.

01/30/2019 11:15AM in Sweat for the Bet with Autumn Calabrese - via iPhone
I can’t find the word of the day anywhere to submit my final weigh in, how do I do this? Don’t want to miss the deadline!

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Ginny H.

I had the same issue. It's a little confusing at the end.

Diane P.

When you click on weigh in you will see the weigh in word.

Dawn S.

01/30/2019 9:58AM in Sweat for the Bet with Autumn Calabrese - via iPhone
  • 3rd time is a charm!!! First win!!

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Diane P.


Abby B.

4th Times the charm for me! congrats to us both!

Michelle K.

01/10/2019 12:35PM in Sweat for the Bet with Autumn Calabrese - via android
  • Pre workout meal: eggs, cauliflower, and oats with water. 80DO and timed nutrition have really transfomed my mentality toward my meals. I have grown to love veggies with my breakfast... All kinds.. when before, I MAY have had cucumbers in the morning, but that's pretty much it.
    And my kids' breakfast.. I love how my family's nutrition has changed as well! Setting them up for health and success EARLY!

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Melinda W.

I love veggies with eggs for breakfast!!

Michelle K.

So delicious!!

Autumn C.

01/10/2019 12:26PM in Sweat for the Bet with Autumn Calabrese - via iPhone
Are you eating your veggies? This is important for health & weightless. Veggies will fill you up without packing on the pounds. They are loaded with phytonutrients and vitamins, they also contain fiber that keeps you regular. Regularity is super important, if you’re not going to the bathroom your holding toxic waste in your body. That will keep you from losing weight. So get those veggies in. You can eat them raw, sautés them, steam them, bake them, grill them or even use an air fryer. I love to sautés mine with a tsp of olive oil, onion powder, minced garlic and a dash of salt & pepper 😋

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Debbie B.

  • I like to sautee colorful bell peppers and onions in a little coconut oil (for creaminess) and top my scrambled eggs or omelet with them.

merril b.

Both of those meals above look delicious.. thanks for the share!


01/10/2019 11:06AM in Sweat for the Bet with Autumn Calabrese - via iPhone
I did it !!!!
The owner of my work bought us lunch, pizza and calzones ... I stuck to my spaghetti squash, portabella mushrooms and garlic onion chicken had salad she bought but kept to my plan. VICTORY !!!!!

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Diane P.

That's great!!!

aleidra s.


Kasey D.

01/10/2019 11:04AM in Sweat for the Bet with Autumn Calabrese - via iPhone
  • Here is my personal treadmill. She never lets me skip a day! A little run and day 78 of 80 day today. I usually have a smoothie for breakfast but I ate “real” food this AM, a hearty salmon salad for lunch and I am going see what happens if I have a smoothie for dinner! Hopefully I won’t starve to death 😉.

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Jenn F.

What a sweet face!

Diane P.

I am on day 78 too!!


01/10/2019 10:43AM in Sweat for the Bet with Autumn Calabrese - via android
  • Current situation: Pizza was ordered for lunch at work today, and my office is where it's sitting, directly behind me. And I just have to say, I'm so proud of myself for not taking any! Stuck with my healthy lunch that I posted earlier! (Saying no to pizza and chicken wings is hard, I LOVE all cheeses!)

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Jenn F.

Pizza is my all time favorite food!!! Not sure if I’d have the willpower! Way to go!

Diane P.

Great job!! That's fantastic!


01/06/2019 8:22AM in Sweat for the Bet with Autumn Calabrese - via iPhone
One thing I’ve learned with doing Autumns for the past 4 years is that she teaches having fun, loving your workouts, loving your food, moderation, and portions. It really is the key to success. If you abstain yourself from all yummy foods and only eat raw foods and never have any kind of yummy treats or good meals.. you will fail.

These programs work best when you pick a workout program you enjoy/have fun doing. Look up fun and yummy recipes. Replacing the greasy unhealthy processed foods with delicious replacements like a Turkey Burger with sweet potato fries. Whole grain shrimp tacos, etc. Making that a permanent lifestyle with portions. Will have you dropping weight and staying there because you are doing this for you!! And your permanet healthy habits and mindset.

Don’t do some program because you have to lose weight. Or eat raw veggies because you have to lose weight. And then go back to eating like crap a month later. Autumn teaches healthy fun food replacement, having fun working out, and a balanced happy healthy life!

Sorry for this book hehe. I feel so passionately about this and we have to stop the “diet/restricting” train. It shouldn’t be a punishment. It’s a new lifestyle for good!! :) look up Autumns cookbook and go online! Find a Beachbody program that makes you want to do it daily. And LOVE your body & progress! 2019 lets do this!

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Autumn C.

Love this post and love hearing that I helped you on your journey!!!

Diane P.

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