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Jacki A.

12/09/2018 7:32AM in FeliciaFitnessHealth DietBet
I had a horrible day yesterday. I’m on WW and my week restarted yesterday, and I’m already -32 in my weeklies. I don’t know what to do to fix this week (if it’s even possible) and I don’t know how I let this happen 😖

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Move on and start fresh today, you got this!

Sarah S.

Be mindful of what you’re eating and get up close and personal with all the 0pt options! I rarely dip into my weeklies. It’s a new day, you can do this!
Eb E. accepted the challenge.
12/05/2018 8:26AM in Healthy for the Holidays with @haley_j_smith
The pot is now $5,790

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10/18/2018 10:50AM in FLexing into fall with Jessica!! - via iPhone
Hi everyone.
Yesterday I had received the worst news that I never imaged receiving. For the past 3 months I have had painful lymph nodes in my armpit that would flare up on and off and i had gotten a biopsy on it. The first which was needle, came back as just inflamed. THANK GOD my primary doctor sent me to an actual surgeon to see more into it. I got another biop where they took some of it. Unfortunately the results came back as Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This is not going to be easy 1 bit but I am determined to stay healthy and beat this. I am only 22 and I have already accomplished so much and I’m not letting cancer get the best of me.
Please what ever road block get in your way, Don’t ever stop. focus on what’s in front of you or what could be and always think positive 💗

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Norma L.

Stay strong. We are very proud of your positive attitude which is the best defense. keep it up. We will keep praying. :heart:

Gloria S.

Stay strong