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Cynthia E.

08/05/2019 4:20AM in Instant Loss DietBet
  • On the left is where I started. The right is today on my final weigh in. I lost 15.8. The cravings are gone and I feel so much better.

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Lori V.

Wonderful!! Good for you :grinning:



Nancy B.

08/04/2019 8:03AM in Instant Loss DietBet
  • I have tears of happiness & tears of sorrow. Half way thru this, my husband died. I am so sad, but I continued this journey. I must get my knee replacements done soon, this really helped. Congratulations to everyone and thank you Brittany.

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Andrea B.

So sorry for your loss ... I lost my mom a little over a month ago. It’s so hard to remember to take care of yourself when you’re grieving, but having the diet bet to focus on helped me. Prayers for you and your family and best of luck with your knee replacements. God bless!!

Cathy D.

This is so bittersweet. May your husband rest in peace. Happy for your strength throughout this challenging period in your life!
Audrey has weighed in at 172 pounds, up 0.4 pounds
08/02/2019 6:05PM in Instant Loss DietBet

now at 3% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 5,160 pounds! Average is 3.6 pounds.

Kelly M.

07/15/2019 5:10PM in Summer time slim and trim
I keep getting an error when I try and weigh in. Anyone else?

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Kelly M.

Thank you Ayng!! That worked!!


I had the same problem! Ayng I just did what you suggested and it worked!!! Thanks so much!! I was getting worried!!!


07/09/2019 3:42PM in Instant Loss DietBet
Brittany I appreciate you so much and you are helping me. You just saved me with another easy last minute dinner over here. But I am struggling. I started doing your diet bets last fall and did great until Christmas...all the treats. I have been struggling to get back on track but I always go back to binging! I was doing so good, but if I have just a little I always go off the rails. I just can't get it together again! I try to keep it out of the house but I have a child with autism who will only basically eat carbs. Then I binge and get depressed and my whole family feels it. Any suggestions? Thank you💓 You are a great inspiration!!💓😊

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Daisy W

06/27/2019 6:45AM in Summer Strong Slim Down with Ilana Muhlstein
I’m definitely addicted to sugar. I need to develop more self control. I think it’s when I’m board that I start thinking about sugar. Then I look for whatever I can find that has sugar. 😩😩😩😩

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Caroline H.

I find when I get that sugar in me it’s sets off a beast inside!!! I rather not have a “low calorie snack “
Like halo top because it just unleashes the beast! I try to have if I must must a piece of dark dark chocolate which I don’t love but it’s so bitter I don’t want more. Otherwise I just have a more full meal

We know research shows that sugar acts like cousine on the brain!

Daisy W

This are awesome suggestions— thank you all !!

Kim W.

06/22/2019 11:46AM in Summer Strong Slim Down with Ilana Muhlstein
Where can I find some of the recipes for some of the meals that are being shown - thank you

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I get a lot off instantloss.com