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03/18/2019 8:33PM in FATGIRLFEDUP'S MARCHING INTO YOUR BEST SELF - via android
Looking to get an activity tracker. Don't know much about any of them. My workouts are videos I do at home. Is there one that would be good for that type of workout? Thanks!!!

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Thank you!!:heartbeat:

Carissa C.

Another vote for the Fitbit Versa! :heart:

Michelle W.

02/27/2019 4:59AM in Fatgirlfedup's February Fight Back - via android

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Colette S.




Elise O.

02/19/2019 2:02PM in Fatgirlfedup's February Fight Back - via android
I started the dietbet and immediately went off the food wagon big time and started binge eating. I weigh more than my initial weigh in right now. I'm a stress eater and it's been a stressful week +. I need to get back on the right food wagon. I've been eating carbs sweets and cheese and not enough protein and veggies. Need to figure out how to turn it off. Once I start eating I cant stop. Been awful with water intake too. Ughhh. My brain knows what it needs to do but my will power is gone. Going to make more of my healthy soup which I ate last week but then added all the bad stuff after. I'm tired and worn down also which isn't helping. Just needed to vent I know you all have been through this too.

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I've totally been there! But the best part is you're willing to start getting on track again. Good luck you still have time to get to ur goal weight!


This is me too. Don't have junk food in the house if possible. Drinking hot tea has helped me when I feel like ia m going to binge. It is tough! I think just not having it around will help alot.


02/15/2019 4:57AM in Fatgirlfedup's February Fight Back - via android
I haven't submitted my initial weigh in yet. Feeling embarrassed because I already gained back nearly all the pounds I lost last game. 😓

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Karina P.

Don’t be embarrassed! Submit that weight so you can get back on track. Don’t waste anymore time!


Thanks for the encouragement!
Okay going to get on the scale


02/12/2019 7:20PM in Fatgirlfedup's February Fight Back - via android
I had an embarrassing slip yesterday. I ordered food. Waaaaaaaaaay too much. 3 pizzas, one Zucchini-stuffed chicken breast covered in cheese dish, 3 different desserts.

I recovered from it by not eating it, but I feel SO STUPID. I wasted a lot of money and food by doing that. It really depresses me that my mind was so weak. Not sure how to get over this, so I try sharing it with you guys.


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Thank you all for your kind comments! I feel much better now. I'll do as Amber said: take this as a pretty valuable lesson.

Kristal B.

Uggh been there eating an entire box of cereal (I'm a sweets person) in one sitting dont beat yourself up you didn't eat it. i try now when I'm feeling cravings to picture how I will feel after binging ( terrible and sick) and distract myself

Kelsey S.

02/12/2019 7:03PM in Fatgirlfedup's February Fight Back - via iPhone
Welp today has been one of those days where I took just an inch and then ended up going a mile in the wrong direction! Tomorrow’s a new day though, holding onto that!

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Angela Giff


Kelsey S.

We got this :muscle:


01/25/2019 5:36PM in Fatgirlfedup's Year of Transformation Kickoff - via android
  • Airfryer GIVEAWAY! Okay guys I'm obsessed with this kitchen appliance so I want to give one away! Tonight I made BBQ chicken on a skillet and fries in my airfryer. Such a game changer! To win leave below your favorite healthy swap by 8pm Saturday Jan 26th! All winners chosen at the end of our game!

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My favorite healthy swap is cauliflower rice!

Amanda G

Cauliflower mash!!


01/25/2019 4:37PM in Fatgirlfedup's Year of Transformation Kickoff - via iPhone
I’m embarrassed to even write this because I’ve been doing so well up until now, but I went on a work trip this week and completely fell off the wagon. Fell hard. Ate complete and total garbage. Pigged out at every meal. Didn’t even track my food. I’m so disappointed in myself and there’s that little voice inside my head that’s saying, “Of course you messed up. You always do. This time won’t be different. You can’t do this.” I’m genuinely scared to get home and get on the scale. I know tomorrow is another day to start new, but it’s hard to keep my head in the game after this. Anyone else have a major slip up?

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Oh heck yeah, I ate like I was getting ready to hibernate back in october (and in December too)! My self control was thrown out the window and what was one cheat meal turned into about 2 weeks of bad choices! I made myself get on the scale and assesed the damage. I know it will suck but you gotta do it! What helped me get back on track was setting one small attainable goal. I love planners so I wrote my goal in there. Each day I marketed off a day and made notes. You totally got this!

Andrea B.

This literally just happened to me this week too. Stay accountable. I didn't want to acknowledge what I ate but it helped to make a pact with myself to do better. I had 4 days in a row with no exercise and eating like crap. I made a list of what I ate and said I enjoyed this much so I can take 4 days to eat better. I exercised and ate better and undid the damage in 3 days. Everyday is a chance to do better. Don't give up!


01/18/2019 2:21PM in Fatgirlfedup's Year of Transformation Kickoff - via android
I am having trouble getting on track. The christmas break threw me off. I did great in November and December and lost 20 pounds. I have another 30 to go. I guess I have learned that I can't indulge at all because once I do I can't get back on track. It doesn't help that my son who has autism will unfortunately only eat junk food, so it is always in our house. I really want to go this!

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Agree 100%. Hard to go back


I agree. I never have “just one” or just a taste. I have realized it is actually easier to totally prohibit those foods. Took a long time to get to the point where I wasn’t lying to myself.


01/18/2019 1:56PM in Instant Loss New Year, New You! - via android
I just can't get back on track...the break at Christmas threw me off. I do a good job for a day or so but then I eat something I shouldn't and just keep on that downward spiral. I always have junk food in my house because I have a child with autism and that is all he will eat unfortunately. I know I can do this because between November and December I lost 20 pounds. I guess I have learned I just can't eat any junk food or it's so hard to get back on track! I want to do this so bad!!

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Jeannie S.

Have you tried IF? It really helps me, because I love sugar and when I use this method I’m able to sneak some in without too much consequence. :wink:

Harmony P.

I love the idea in the instant loss cookbook to pick one night a week for a treat.
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